FSX Best Frame Rates P Sec EVER !!! MUST SEE !! Max 294 FPS !!!!!

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Cmax: Look at this: 26:20 If you think that this looks like 60fps, let alone 20fps, then you seriously need to seek psychiatric help son....sigh

Anthony Saponaro: you can not fly like this ? I just did a frame rate test using my i7 5960 X Frame rates really do not mean as much as smooth operation. Number mean absolutely nothing, in flight sim or any other application you do not want any lag This lag would bother the hell out of me. In my video I was using 3 out of 8 cores and she was so smooth 

TheCodingProject: 1 frame per second

Rayhan Kareem: How do you get the fps red bar at the top left corner? Can you tell me how you got it there thanks. :)

791Ollie: smooth??? how do you call this smooth.

Epicness: It's better to have a stable 30fps with maximum performance than an unstable 200 with bad graphics and fake HD. 

Marcio Esteves: 294/100

guitargamery: 294?? well in the end i can see a very very laggy video brother, no offense just a comment, cheers

ChromeRide: who cares you got 5000 fps, its skipping like crazy.. wtf

TheMatii25: No tenes que retraer los flaps apenas despegas, eso está mal. Y la velocidad de rotación de un 737 es de 130, eso depende de el peso, pero tu lo has echo en 170 knots.

Belkin jezuz: are u using window 98 ? this crap is laggin as hell no offence bro ,but u make my day 

mustafa altaweel: I think you must let us see pmdg 737ngx?????fps

InsideMassive: Nice nice nice... well let me know how mutch you got.. even make an video response ;) good info is always welcome.. but ill think with 5 solid drivers and 300 GB you will be good.. but 3 GB RAM if that ws what you mean you have to less. on my 6 GB RAM its still crappy haha XD FSX Uses your CPU the most not your Grafic Card.. But Give it an try and let us know ;)

harrygoozee: I have 1 addon which is the Airbus X Extended.

Ezracoolie: are you from the netherlands?

Vasco2305: the max I have got was around 150 fps

FMGfootballmadgamer: WOW minus 294 FPS

InsideMassive: I got only 30 Max atm. but thats cause i am flying the PMDG NGX and got a lot of addons like texture and such up and running

InsideMassive: @InsideMassive Card name: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Chip type: ATI display adapter (0x6899) DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz) Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6899&SUBSYS_0B001002&REV_00 Display Memory: 3823 MB Dedicated Memory: 1012 MB Shared Memory: 2811 MB

InsideMassive: It go's back and up.. ^^ and yea i got like 294... but maximum 40 stabel is enough

InsideMassive: @tizer7724 specs what ? if that was an question then i need more info to awnser it ;)

InsideMassive: hey buddy.. i will explain to you what the FPS actualy means.. FPS = Frames Per Second.. the best explination is... like 40 years ago. when they had crappy cameras. in the old days when they wanted to make an movie thay actualy made a crap load of pictures.. but the put these pictures after each other and play them on an high rate you get an movie.. thats the same with the games of these days.. every moving obstackle you see in fsx and other game..

Onat Önder: My friend playing mw3 and he's frame rate 630 ^^

jordan4541: i have intel(r)hd graphics but also i hear that nvidia is also the best for playing fsx. so i am not sure which is better.

InsideMassive: @InsideMassive Time of this report: 1/8/2012, 00:59:55 Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506) Language: Dutch (Regional Setting: Dutch) System Manufacturer: Acer System Model: Aspire G7711 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.7GHz Memory: 6144MB RAM Available OS Memory: 6134MB RAM

BlackOfMystery: people in the cabin say "hey pilot! what are you doing?! why we stop here?!"

GideonsPilotLife: i really wish i got this!!! aggh sucks

InsideMassive: not actualy.. i have set most of it on high.. my grafic card is almost 2 years old now .. thats true.. but i stll play Max payne 3, crissis 2, COD and battle field. even arma 2 and 3 and operation flash point. on the highest grafics they have.. no problem at all.. crisis and Max P are even on the Extreme setting.. so no it aint true what your saying.. you only need to be sure all your desktop grafics you PC normaly uses are turn off. and you need to chance something in your bios.

Mamas Antoniou: I ve done it i got about - 3-4 fps more and also fsx doesn't crash anymore

gerry7man555: You are going nowhere with a Intel HD maybe FSX with all minimal =P

InsideMassive: @tizer7724 realy idk buddy

InsideMassive: Fps meter can't be broken it isnt an peace of external hardware. and the fps at 33:50 is over 130. but jumbs back and up cause of the outside vieuw you idiot. About the eyes., If something is recorded in 130 fps we see it in 130 fps only the eyes will make his own pictures and 130 fps of the game wil be captured in 30 fps for the eyes. But the fps is for the game. the higher yoru fps the smoother your game runs. has nothing to do with the eyes it self.. Do your home work..

Jonathan Wright: What a load of Bollocks, the Human eye detects 25fps max, everything above that is a waste. Try flying on line with that setup and you will get less than 10

InsideMassive: haha hey buddy.. yeah i dont recommand playing FSX on an flaptop ;) an desktop would be better.. and if your are looking anyway i serieusly recommand an PC with min 4 cores.. an quatcore or better yet... the hexacore ( up to 12 prosessors ) it cost an little bit but i can be 100% sure your gonna have an great time playing FSX.. Just remember that FSX almost doesnt uses your Grafic card./. but it does for over 80% of your CPU.. hope i helped.. and good luck Cpt.Altitude Inside Massive

InsideMassive: Maby you need some glasses. As you can see i am well above the 100 fps. i got some drops for like half a sec to 20 fps. but please remind also i got 2 capture devices running to record that cost a lot of fps. 1 for sound, 1 for voice and an grafic recorder. sooo.. again buy some glasses or so..

InsideMassive: haha ja zekers.. ben nog wel aan me accent aan het werken haha XD wil het meer op zijn amerikaans hebben. :) maar klopt vooral bij deze video hoor je het kei goed ja ^^ Amerikaanse meiden vinden nederlanders die engels spreken geweldig.. Dus snel flink oefenen whahah lmao

FsGemini773: I literarily get 4 fps on my computer. Time to get a desktop.

GideonsPilotLife: i dont get all this confuzing stuff!!!, is the fps just for like replays and using the fraps recording.

Mamas Antoniou: Hi i just saw your video hope this works thanks!

InsideMassive: if you want my oppinion.. i dont recommand an nvidia Grafic card.. why.. maby they are better for FSX... maby.. idk i dont have one.. but what i do know of nvidia is that it crashes an awefull lot.. and nvidia is not so good for a lot of other games.. the best grafic cards are the latest series of the AMD / ATI.. and the latest series of GForce.. nvidia is moslty an part that takes place in both of them.. my grafic card is AMD / ATI but i have also stuff from nvidia on it..

Rudolf Aigner: Come on, are you kidding me with this low quality graphic. This could have been shown in 15 seconds need not 40 minutes.

InsideMassive: hey buddy,, i looked it up for you... it is with the Z but dont forget to hit and hold the SHIFT also.. so for getting your FPS meter at the top.. hit and hold SHIFT then hit Z 2 times.. i am saying it also in the beginning of the vids hihi :) your welcome

Brandon Harper: Do it with 100% AI Traffic and Addon scenery's such as FSDT , Flightbeam or FlyTampa along with GEX , REX and others and i will be impressed . Otherwise LAME!

InsideMassive: thanks buddy

Altoliva: i have 1-10 fps average. somebody help!

Jeremy Newman: Very high frame rates, yes, but very jerky graphics.

InsideMassive: Follow the Links of that topic i posted in the discription. and belief me,, doesnt matter what kinda PC you got. it will always improve an bit.

InsideMassive: true you can get FSX for free... its all over the internet.. i aint gonna tell were you can download it cause i cant as an youtube partner.. but what i can tell is you need to look out.. most of the FSX downloadeble software has Mallware or Spywere behind it.. and there are an few viruscaners that cand find them or Mall / spyware at all.. so what i can say is watch out for what you download. and if you got the right i will say have an great time playing FSX :)

InsideMassive: @onatsera very nice... well he can add some nice addons on that ;)

Shamir Kevin: Lousy fps

FSX best Frame rates P sec EVER !!! MUST SEE !! Max 294 FPS !!!!! 2.5 out of 5

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FSX best Frame rates P sec EVER !!! MUST SEE !! Max 294 FPS !!!!!