Sony Vaio Fit 15 Wi-Fi Issues

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Ross: Had this issue for over a year now and just began to accept it. However this worked for me:

1)Press the Windows Logo + X key combination, and then on the menu click Device Manager.
2)In the Device Manager window, double-click Network adapters to expand the selection.
3)Under Network adapters, double-click the Broadcom wireless adapter.
4)In the Broadcom wireless adapter Properties window, click the Advanced tab.
5)On the Advanced tab, in the Property section, click to select Bandwidth Capability.
6)With Bandwidth Capability selected, in the Value section, change the value from 11b/g:20MHz to 11b/g:20MHz/40MHz.

Went from 1/5 bars of wifi to 4 and 5 on multiple wifi's.

Ashley Stites: In the beginning of this video your thumb looks deformed like your an alien.. dude wtf!!

woelfli93: hey guys!
I hade some simlilar problems. and I could solve it by chaning the channel of my wireless. I live in a apartment-building so there are severale wireless-spots with the same frequenzy. maybe it can help :)

Rebecca Allyson: Its been 2 weeks and seems to be working for me!
 - Right click on start menu and go to device manager...
 - Find where it says network card, click to open the list.
 - Go to the one that is your wireless network adapter
 - Right click, and then click on properties..
 - In properties go to the power management tab.
 - Uncheck " allow computer to turn off this device to save power"

Thumbs up, to save other peoples computers :)

Carol Sheppard: I am not a whiz by any means, but I had a Microsoft debugging network adapter, which I disabled.  It now works like a charm (get it?  Charm..Never mind)

Art Vandelay: Well, my mother bought a Vaio FIT 15 one week ago. Of course she had that problem and came to me that I solve it. It was really crazy, Wifi simply didn't work if the laptop wasn't in the same room as the router. And even when it was in the same room with the router the connection was very unstable. I bought then a Wifi-USB Adapter (a really small one, so it doesn't really disturb in everyday useage) and turned the on board Wifi Adapter off. Now it works perfect. Of course that's not what you expect if you buy such a machine, but it's a cheap and effective solution.

Jo Roosen: I replaced the BroadCom with the intel centrino advanced-n 6235 and updated the drivers. Easy replacement, cheap and works perfectly! (There is NOTHING wrong with the placement of the antenna's! )

Another thing to check: the OneDrive application was CONSTANTLY syncing A LOT of data to the cloud...stop this service! ;)

Mario Gadala-Maria: maybe usefull to sony vaoi users having these problem:    I found the video of a guy who had the same problem with his sony vaio and he solved the problem doing the next steps:  Go to wifi properties,  click on your connection,  then go to configurations,  then go to power management or power economy and then eliminate the selected option and restart the pc,  try it and your problem should be fixed for ever.  Thank you,  I hope I was helpful to you.  The problem starts because these option says that it authorizes the machine to connect and disconnect the wifi to save power on the battery. I really hope these solves your problem. 

Mario Gadala-Maria: HI  I had the same problems with mine,  I have the fit 14 and the wifi was very bad,  a mean very very bad,  it started to get worst when I updated to 8.1,  Now I installed the W7 and it  works like a charm,  all the problems disappeared,  I am very happy.

lynn teeter: I think sony should give us a new one the wifi sucks so bad I get so damn pissed off because of this I love the computer its just the wifi sony needs to get there ass in high gear and fix this issue now

TJAM: they stop selling this computer on the SONY website now, the only one i found anywhere is a refurbished one on the currys website. 

Jessica Jeanfelix: When I tilt the screen forward I get a WAY better signal... really weird...

Biscuitfreek: Couldn't you just put the Ethernet cable in?

jonathan poulain: Bonjour,
j'ai deux Vaio Fit et avaient tous les deux le même problème.
j'ai modifié les paramètres de la carte wifi BCM43142 dans le gestionnaire des périphériques.
dans les propriétés de la carte , veuillez désactiver l'autorisation de mettre la carte en veille.
dans les paramètres avancés, j'ai également modifié :
- consomation électrique minimale = désactivé
-mode ibbs : j'ai ouvert pour toutes les sortes de réseau wifi
- technologie Xpress = activé
mes deux portables ne se déconnectent plus à présent.

Patrick J: Is it the same on fit 14e?

Satoshi Baba: my vaio fit got fixed by following these procedures,4990,74253,85577/c/65,67/kw/43725
and the battery life isnt bad as others are saying. its fair enough for a high school student like me

buttercup: the wifi sucks. i extremely disappointed by this laptop. but still you can replace the wifi card. and also the battery life even more suck.

ben stephens: Would you recommend this laptop for School? Is the Wi-Fi a real major issue for school?

I have no idea: im scared.....

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Sony Vaio Fit 15 Wi-Fi issues 5 out of 5

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Sony Vaio Fit 15 Wi-Fi issues