Minecraft - Comes Alive Mod

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Mario Gulluscio: non melo da fai schifooooo

Lopsided Life: This mod is kinda screwed up..Your kids will pretty much be your slaves..

FlixxMC: what version is this

Sueli Vincoletto: ...

Claus: Will I still have my steve skin

Syed Gamer4Life: Cool mod! However, once my wife was acting crazy for no reason that she literally purposely ran on the fire and lost health until she only had 12. Then she started to act normal again.

naufalgamings YT: lol

krlonyx K: if you disable the mod, turns out you've married a villager

Jay Garrick: you don't need to use that seed

Cool Wolf Girl: how you get that? a mod? tell me NOW

Kingdomall: finally! i couldn't find the correct website for it from other videos. tysm!

Awesome4Life: is there a way to spawn them instead of finding them in the village?

Purplepatchkid Plays: i would try this mod but it doesnt never loads when it sayss "loading" when i switch it to a file so no use trying for me to get a mod. or ever switch the files of it

Penguin Games: Man back when Dave was a good youtuber.

OrinXone: I only get glitches when i point my mouse on a person "(

Teteu_adrod Xero: oriveo

Teteu_adrod Xero: legau

WeRbananas: will children go to the same house as your wife at night?

Jerome Campbell: just get forge for whatever version minecraft u want to mod and instsll the client

Theresa Griffin: i

Minecraft - Comes Alive Mod 5 out of 5

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Minecraft - Comes Alive Mod