Easy Camouflage - Nail Art

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Forgetmeena03: I love your spiral ring in this video!

QueenChas: U cheated!! Lol no stamping for the camo! And here I thought that was just a really messy zebra stamp...Pay attention world, u can learn from YouTube! Thanks for this idea, very creative and the design was almost perfect. If only the lines on the plate were cut a little thicker, it woulda looked like a Polish sticker. Subbed to u rite away

Julia Chiera: That's cool

soguesswhat11: I suppose you could, why not? It's worth a try if you want to add more. Go for it! :)

soguesswhat11: Try going to Mash's website directly. I believe they ship internationally.

Indira Mesquita: looove this plates....i live in portugal, do u know were i can buy them???xoxo

soguesswhat11: aww, that makes me sad. I wish all of the plates were available everwhere... but I thought if you order from Mash directly you can get them sent to you. You may want to check it out.

soguesswhat11: There are many polishes that work well. My favorites are the creme and metallic colors from Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. Creme colors in fast dry formulas seem to work best. Some of it is trial and error. There are some Pure Ice colors that work well too.

teachmetostyle: because of you I have fallen in love with stamping. I ordered the bundle monster cant wait for it to arrive. However can you tell me the best polishes to use to stamp and topcoat. Konad coule be expensive I will purchase if I have too but prefer not too. What about sinful colors. What do you suggest? keep the tut coming I love them

soguesswhat11: hee hee, thanks!

soguesswhat11: Thank you!

soguesswhat11: heehee, I signed up for you. I'm glad you found me. :)

LiLyMoOnCaKeSxo: Awesome! :-D

Tara Cornell: Oh yes I think Instagram would welcome you, joyously! Lol ;)

soguesswhat11: I'm on Pinterest at least. Maybe Instagram would be another good addition? :)

Tara Cornell: You should get Instagram :)

soguesswhat11: possibly Shany SH22, Maybe BornPrettystore or Konad plate m69 might be decent alternatives. I haven't tried them for this yet, of course, but that's a place to start if you're not planning on getting these Mash plates.

soguesswhat11: I just buy cheap ones from like WalMart or something, like the box of 100 Kiss nails or something like that.

soguesswhat11: Oh you'll be way happier using the lighter first. It makes a huge difference.

soguesswhat11: Muchas gracias! Puedo mas o menos porque mi esposo es un Mexicano y necesito a aprender, pero muchas veces nececito la ayuda de google por mis palabras (pero esta vez, no! jajaja)

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Easy Camouflage - Nail Art 5 out of 5

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Easy Camouflage - Nail Art