Canon 430EX II Highspeed Sync

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Gr8Believer: It would've been nicer if you actually showed us what the result looks like. You just showed us 1 menu item.

Diego UC: how do you use high speed sync with a off camera flash? it depends on flash, or i need wireless triggers ? (i own a canon ex430 exii) and a Canon 70D

Sang Valte: I personally use the Yongnuo transmitters. They're not the best, but they are cheap and they work well for me so far. Just google "yongnuo wireless transmitter"

Analfabet123456789: What receivers / transmitters would i need for the 430ex II to shoot at high speed off camera ?

Scott Williams: Thanks! The flash is wedged between the cushions built onto my ottoman.

ingramjones23: What would be a good trigger to get (brand & model?) that will allow wireless hi speed sync?

David Martyr: Cheers man.Exactly what I was looking for. Is the flash wedged between two cushions? :D

Youssef Abdelmalek: Does the high speed sync work in wireless mode? Thanks

MeNyouNuss: it does not.. your gonna need a trigger to do it not the one built in

Name Password: Excellent, just the simple info I needed before my 430EX II arrives.

Viktor Szemzo: You didnt help a freak!
Canon 430EX II Highspeed sync 3.6 out of 5

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Canon 430EX II Highspeed sync