Playing A 78 Rpm Record On A Cheap BSR Turntable

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punkrockpub: I'd restore this stereo back to it's original condition!!! This is an audio gem!!! LOVE IT!!!

Bobby Brady: BSR was popular in the 1970s...with low end manufacturers, not with consumers.  They were horrible.  The turntables ran at inaccurate speeds, you could hear the sloppily engineered and fitted gears clicking through the change cycle creating quite a commotion and the plastic platters without mats did a great job of scratching your records and transferring noise.  Thank goodness for Magnavox who stuck with Collaro until the bitter end, and Zenith who stayed with VM (at least on their more expensive units) until VM folded.

eric foster: My BSR is 34 years old and plays as good as if it where new.  I have the tracking weight just above having it skip and all 150 of my records look like brand new.  I also clean the stylus with a plastic model paint brush at each use to prevent skipping and to make it last longer.  If you take a little care to them their not half bad.  I also had one before this one , a 50's model I sold (doh!) that was even better.

Marvin K: Sorry burntvalve, but BSRs were junk. Pioneer, Dual, that genre were the way to go if you actually care about your records.

IVORIESMAN: Junky old BSR...? - not in the UK fella!!

TransportationSpecialties: No, BSR turntables of this vintage are NOT junk. As with most turntable manufacturers, they usually make at least several different models varying in features. The nicer the nice, the higher the price. If you think that your BSR is junk, the ones that are currently used in the retro phonographs, like Crosley, are junk and the cheapest piece of sh*t turntables out there. These are made in Asia under license from BSR.

MichaelHansenFUN: you can get a new needle at radio shack

Sebi's Random Tech: I have a Garrard BSR turntable from the 70's with 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds. After I cleaned it up it worked really well.

MichaelHansenFUN: yes it does and it may work to a point...

MichaelHansenFUN: GREAT MUSIC!!!

MichaelHansenFUN: you may want to go to radio shack and get a new needle...

force311999: @ioxxd90 thats what I have and it has some of the more "pro" options like a tracking weight and anti skate it had a shure cart. in it and it was a McDonald 500

force311999: @sauerkraut145 these have dc motors in them so a reostate would work but they are junk made in china I have to turntables I saved from them they are cheaply made. go find a old stereo and restore it

force311999: @burntvalve86 most of them are quit good they seam to be the only ones that don't get the stall out problem with age they were always reliable I don't know why everyone hates them so much XD


Josh Richmond: I have used BSR turntables on and off all my life. No, they not fancy, but spend 20 minutes cleaning and lubing them and $7 on a new stylus, and they are reliable as hell. Definitely much better than modern Crosley type trash. Most have a screw to adjust the tracking weight or you can modify the tension spring under the arm. I use my Garrad TT that has a decent magnetic cartridge for transferring records to MP3 or CD and my BSR stuff just for casual listening.

Noah Covert: Looks like it has a cassette deck too.

Steven Majors: @burntvalve86 BSR are and were some of the best ever. IF you can find a BSR McDonald record/player u are getting one of the most reliable record players of all time.

Eclectik tronik: @awesible39 apply some heat to the central bearing with a hairdryer, this will ooosen it. unclip and lift off the platter,. clean off old hard grease and relube. check the motor spins whren you slide the switch to start, also the rubber drive wheel is not shiny on its edge, if so unclip and rub it with fine sandpaper or en emery board, clean and refit, You should be 'all set'!

farr64: @burntvalve86 Hello ..BSR record decks are the most reliable deck you can buy and basically indestructible .. they only damage records if they are set up correctly or been abused..quality deepened upon model and manufacturer ..yours sounds great even though the cabinet is a bit worn and missing a few parts...great video thanks for sending..

Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable 5 out of 5

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Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable
Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable
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Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable