Playing A 78 Rpm Record On A Cheap BSR Turntable

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punkrockpub: I'd restore this stereo back to it's original condition!!! This is an audio gem!!! LOVE IT!!!

Bobby Brady: BSR was popular in the 1970s...with low end manufacturers, not with consumers. They were horrible. The turntables ran at inaccurate speeds, you could hear the sloppily engineered and fitted gears clicking through the change cycle creating quite a commotion and the plastic platters without mats did a great job of scratching your records and transferring noise. Thank goodness for Magnavox who stuck with Collaro until the bitter end, and Zenith who stayed with VM (at least on their more expensive units) until VM folded.

eric foster: My BSR is 34 years old and plays as good as if it where new. I have the tracking weight just above having it skip and all 150 of my records look like brand new. I also clean the stylus with a plastic model paint brush at each use to prevent skipping and to make it last longer. If you take a little care to them their not half bad. I also had one before this one , a 50's model I sold (doh!) that was even better.

raymondleeleggs: I like to watch recors spin!

Maxxarcade: That system had a lot of problems, so I took the TT and some other stuff off and stripped the rest for parts.

BrooklynMouseReturns: I don't care about BSR, but the GE record changer on my GE Wildcat is way better than BSR and Garrard.

agfamatic91: i have a good turntable but it has only 33 and 45 rpm speeds but i also have a cheap philips record player that i use for playing 78 rpm records but i dosent sound very good

MichaelHansenFUN: you can get a new needle at radio shack

Maxxarcade: Are you using a 78 needle? Most of them had a lever to flip the needle over to 78. The size is different from an LP needle.

Kyle Roberts: BSR changers are pretty good changers! Stacking vinyl is a good experience! Watch out though, 'cos BSRs track at around 5 grams which doesn't do your records any good at all! And make sure you have the stylus flipped to the right sides for the right records... Ky

Ross Tvdoctor: BSR= Bull crap Recordplayer....yeah, ok, they're great if you can remove all the cheap "glu-grease" from them (I've had the center post so siezed up I had to carefully heat the center with a soldering gun to get the platter off! Same goes with the cycle gear underneath the platter!) & re-lube with teflon lube....they're still all plastic, tho! Thier old (50's & early 60's) changers were decent, but I agree that these ones are usually trash

SebisGameReviews: I have a Garrard BSR turntable from the 70's with 33, 45, and 78 RPM speeds. After I cleaned it up it worked really well.

debiani3866: OMG that record cover is go "g" rated :O

agfamatic91: dos the cassette player work?

force311999: @burntvalve86 most of them are quit good they seam to be the only ones that don't get the stall out problem with age they were always reliable I don't know why everyone hates them so much XD

farr64: @burntvalve86 Hello ..BSR record decks are the most reliable deck you can buy and basically indestructible .. they only damage records if they are set up correctly or been abused..quality deepened upon model and manufacturer ..yours sounds great even though the cabinet is a bit worn and missing a few parts...great video thanks for sending..

MichaelHansenFUN: GREAT MUSIC!!!

force311999: @ioxxd90 thats what I have and it has some of the more "pro" options like a tracking weight and anti skate it had a shure cart. in it and it was a McDonald 500

UnchainTheNight1: i have something like this with an identical bsr turntable on it, only it's a realistic. i'm going to throw it away

DeLorean4: Terrible machine... my BSR can't do anything right. The turntable surface goes up and down at every revolution, the audio hardly comes out of the right side, the thing spins too fast and you can constantly hear ambient noises through the tone arm. Oh... and the double sided ceramic needle... utter rubbish. My communist-made wind-up grammophone does a better job of spinning than the BSR.

canada001111111: You are funny!

glennmillerfan: I Have A Similar Turntable To YoursI Noticed That After I Played A M- 78 rpm Copy Of "Only You" By The Platters On It, There Was Deep Groove Wear On The Record, So Did These Turntables Usually Wear Out 78rpm Records?

Nivicoman: In 1978 I got an Emerson table top stereo with BSR turntable exactly like this one. Ok sound, a couple of years later I heard someone's component system with the same turntable as a stand alone and it sounded way better. I don't know if it had a better cartridge as it looked identical to this one. The ceramic cartridge in my 1970 JVC Nivico 4TR-990 stereo console sounds way better than modern ceramics.

Viznel137: Its funny!My mom had GAITE PARIENNE and said i played it constantly!Shes right

glennmillerfan: I Als Noticed That my 1952 Webcor And My 1963 Magnavox Play 78s Without Much Surface Noise Or Skip Beacuse The Tonearms Are Heavier.

raymondleeleggs: I have a similar pioneer receiver that had the BSR TT on top which was broken, I threw the TT away and kept the receiver, seince the reciver underneath is good, the turntable sucked eggs. Mine doesent have a cassette deck and I am happy it doesent it would be crap anyway.

Eclectik tronik: @awesible39 apply some heat to the central bearing with a hairdryer, this will ooosen it. unclip and lift off the platter,. clean off old hard grease and relube. check the motor spins whren you slide the switch to start, also the rubber drive wheel is not shiny on its edge, if so unclip and rub it with fine sandpaper or en emery board, clean and refit, You should be 'all set'!

Steven Majors: @burntvalve86 BSR are and were some of the best ever. IF you can find a BSR McDonald record/player u are getting one of the most reliable record players of all time.

Trance88: Any idea if there's a speed adjustment on a BSR? I can't find one anywhere! It too plays too fast on all speeds.

sauerkraut145: Is there a way to adjust a turntable that seems to turn too fast? This is just a unit we bought at Target for $59.00 a few years ago -one of those old time looking record players.. Both the 33 rpms and the 45 rpms sound like they are going too fast.

adpretty: You are wise for your years!!! :P

Maxxarcade: Ya, I don't put anything good on it. I'll have to put my gauge on there and see what the tracking force is on that particular model.

AllAmericanFiveRadio: Couldn't go wrong. Great buy!

thatmuse76: I think 78 rpm is the only useful speed on the old BSR units. Those were usually pretty bad, although I did use a BSR with a metal platter on my fathers old Centrex by Pioneer compact that had a good ADC magnetic cart on it and it worked fine. The majority of the units though had a plastic platter which really did not work too well with the rubber idler. They were fast, they were warbly sounding even in the best lubed condition.

CassetteMaster: Nice stereo system! Does the cassette work? And also did you get the door back in place properly?

Maxxarcade: Yep, I had it flipped to 78. I grew up with these type of turntables, unfortunately...


extremehockeyfan: that was funny when you turned the turntable off and the record slowed down XD

IVORIESMAN: Junky old BSR...? - not in the UK fella!!

Maxxarcade: I actually have a Garrard Zero-One that I need to see about fixing up. This BSR might end up in the Magnavox console until I get a 3 speed Magnavox changer for it. Either that or I'll leave the original TT in there and use the AUX input for an external tuntable.

wilkes85: I had a BSR changer a long time ago, it was my first record player! I loved it. The sound quality wasn't really that bad either. The platter on mine was siezed up too. I just took it off, greased it up, and it worked great after that. And I loved to take it apart and put it back together. Then I got a REAL turntable, and the quality blew me away!! I always liked BSRs, until recently when I bought a portable record player with a Garrard changer on it. Garrard can kick BSR's ass!

damusician: one thing i hate about bsrs is that they play slightly fast than normal. i like garrards, vm, webcors, rcas, and magnavox/collaros, but i do love older bsr changers. i hope the tape deck worx so u can record 78s onto cassette.

CoolDudeClem: Are you using the 78 needle/stylus to play it? A 78 can damage a regular needle. It looks like it has a needle that can be flipped, usually there's a 78 needle on one side and a microgroove needle on the other.

Brandotuomikoski: I just bought this record player from nebraska furniture mart on the fact that it plays all 3 speeds!

aldiakaroofus: Believe it or not, I had nothing else than a BSR changer to play my records on until the age of 18!!!

Marco Melanson: BSR's use an AC motor whose axis could've swollen over time. To adjust the speed, you have to file down the axis on each of the three or four gears individually until you get the right speed, then clean up the bearing under the center spindle from filing debris.

MichaelHansenFUN: you may want to go to radio shack and get a new needle...

Kyle Roberts: Agreed... All people needed to do was fork out a bit and get a decent one, and these silver metal and plastic devils would never have entered the scene. I'm 16 and I love my vinyl! ;-) Ky

Andrew Piras: Hey I have this same turntable on a similar set up, just got it at goodwill for 3 bucks but when i turn on the turntable it doesnt turn, im assuming its a motor problem but was wondering if u knew where I could get parts to fix mine up? any help would be greatly aprreciated

moscowandy: cool love it

Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable 4.3 out of 5

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Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable
Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable
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Playing a 78 rpm record on a cheap BSR turntable