Homemade 3 Wheel Go-Cart (T-REX Car) 4 Speed Transmission

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Shadowrcmegatech: Chassis geometry is not the best. Other than that it is great.

Shadowrcmegatech: Is that young the giant or cage the elephant in the background?

SunsetWingman: That V Belt clutch is so simple its awesome

Everton Burrell: I am totally impressed with your mechanical creativity.

JD Felda: Where did you get the transmission??

Bassem Ahmad: What job does he have

lokisgodhi: Five hundred pounds of scrap metal flying in loose formation. Looks like terrible fun. Have the cops started parking a cruiser outside your house 24/7 yet? You really should have an engine in it that allows you to out run them

Jim Rowlings: i'd go with 8 or 10 hp engine

ducks Garage: Some good ideas, some good engineering, but a lot of bad practice. Looks like a blast, hope you don't kill yourself

Tacical Gray: How does one build and design these types of things I want to but have no idea where or how to start

Bear Artorius: In some states you can register a vehicle like that as a motorcycle. I bet that thing would turn better than 90 miles per gallon and fun as well. I actually have a similar design that I have started. I'm using a 35hp 340cc air cooled snowmobile motor so I plan on using a two speed transmission with reverse connected to the belt drive CVT that the snowmobile already has. I'm hoping my two seat tandem design will have a 90mph top speed and average 65 miles per gallon. I'm also going for a ww2/post apocalyptic mix for looks. So naturally I love your machine. 

Shawn Stafford: Cool bike

Jonathan Crandall: Could you do a tutorial on how you made the transmission. I am thinking of building my own go cart and i would like to have a decent transmission.

Balachandran Saminathan: that was cool, but Y not useing super bike engine 

Tony Smith: Man! You're construction materials are so excellently basic! Right down to the angle iron. You're engineering is exquisite. What a problem solver! A friend an I are thinking of building two similar vehicles for ourselves and are very inspired.

Lil Doggy: really cool engineering in that machine

blosom2315: I feel like he should have a leather helmet some goggles and a scarf

John Riggs: Noice! I nominate you for membership in the Mad Max Society. If there isn't one there should be.

Everyone Relax: 50mph...shooo...

mutley245: To many people these day wouldn't do what you did without a seatbelt or helmet I am so glad to see you show faith in your creation. And I would rather be seen driving your contraption than some production model any day. When I was a kid we used to weld two automatic scooters together and race them. they worked suprisingly well. No youtube back then. So hats off to a potentially great engineer!!!

never4getthis: Put some panels on that and you will get to 120 kph

mnementh56: Why not get it plated as a motor cycle with permanently affixed side car?

melvin bar: how to reverse your bike?coud you give me an idea?can you send me our plan..

crazycarl696969: the 4 speed is badass

voltron63: outstanding work...

Nick Kluger: what transmission is that?

StarPuss www.ToxicRedNeck.Com: Nice setup!

David Abraham: nice job

Traxxasaddict17: Amazing, man! Just the motivation I need to start my own!

Hrm Agenda: your leg seems to be under a guillotine when u drive that thing!!!!

Marcos Orlando de Oliveira Ferreira: De quanto foi o custo ?

Tony Flaherty: nice ride!!!!

Aled Davies: must of took alot of time

James Larke: I believe you would call that a "jack shaft".

Marcos Orlando de Oliveira Ferreira: Excelente iniciativa, parabéns

עמי-חי הדר: מי מכיר מטחכת אגריה עובדת

James Cooper: your my best friend 

oliscor: nice work my friend!!!

THOMAS D: It's So funny ! You are a engineer .. I like the designs and the motors ! Good job ;)

denjen010: can you do another driving video but the camera mounted under the steering wheel pointed at you?

Terry Crisman: I was wondering about the transmission,what's it from....

VegardMinde: This guy is a genius!

Larken McRorie: Bro let me know when I can get this off your hands!

Owen McColl: That's really pretty awesome

Michael Garafalo: You could use a cable shifter to straighten out the shifting.

OffRoadADDICT: meh....

Nativeborn2285: id like more information about the transmission that you used for your build.

nozmoking1: Wow - you need to find a wrecked KZ1000 and scavenge the engine/gearbox to replace the lawn mower engine. But it's a cool bit of backyard engineering!

0vilge0: very good, I like the clutch mechanism, it is a perfect idea on a vehicle such small as this

smokierspy: That thing I bad freaking ass lol I want one .. Nice build 

Homemade 3 Wheel Go-Cart (T-REX Car) 4 speed transmission 4.8 out of 5

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Homemade 3 Wheel Go-Cart (T-REX Car) 4 speed transmission
Homemade 3 Wheel Go-Cart (T-REX Car) 4 speed transmission
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Homemade 3 Wheel Go-Cart (T-REX Car) 4 speed transmission