How To Winchester Dissassemble And Clean

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Harris Skinner: Spartan 765 THANK YOU very much. keep up the Great work.

Harris Skinner: Thank you for showing how to get the pump slide action off thank you.

Las Vegas Nights: about to buy products to clean "ol faithful" tooπŸ˜… thanks for advise, I'm thinking about adding pistol grip to my shottie πŸ‘βœŒπŸ’£

Kyle Sail: Thanks for this! Mine was a freaking mess! The rags were coming out pure black. I guess the last guy that owned it never cleaned it before selling it to me. Oh well, thanks again!

Tony I.: Good Video, should always hit the safety point. As dumb as it is, it is important. Ensure your gun is with out ammo

os120colt: can anyone tell me why i cant get my trigger pin out? actions back, safetys on, it just wont come out. any suggestions?

RoadStarWorks: Never dip your bore brush into your solvent bottle, always apply the solvent to the brush!

Gordon Stevenson: Take the screw out of the bolt plate and the bolt just slides out the same as on a 1300 action.Β  No pulling, bending of the action bars.
You should look at both the 1200 and 1300 bolts and you'll notice the newer 1300 bolt plate is a press fit without the screw.Β  The screw is what is holding you back from removing it out the front.

Robert Matthews: The problem you'll most likely have is the spent shell getting hung up when ejecting. I've heard there are some shells out there that will eject while others wont. Not sure why... Saw this same question while talking about a model 12 16 gauge. I'd be skeptical of it working but hey,, who knows, it might.. I'd love to hear back from you if you try it.

Bradley Jp: Yes. The chamber is part of the barrel.

L1NG4N: If my 1200 is chambered for 2 3/4 and i buy a 3inch barrel can i fire 3inch through it?

Shrimp_Tacos: do u turkey hunt with this gun? if so what shot have you gotten good patterns with this gun? i recently got one since turkey season is coming up i wanted to pattern my gun but didnt want to go out and buy a ton of ammo, thanks and great vid!

Devin Haas: I'm gunna pick one up this weekend? How much they worth?

Estradapeter: thanks for making this video it helped me out a lot my shotgun is now flawless. thanks again!

Chris McMillen: thanks this is the ranger 120 model. i got one too

Tyler: hey what model

rockinhil: awesome video brother, im having a hard time finding new or used forend stock, the original one was broken when it was given to me, i think thats why it was given to me. do you have any recommendations?

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how to winchester dissassemble and clean 5 out of 5

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how to winchester dissassemble and clean