Growing Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Murray Hallam's Practical Aquaponics.: No. Only rotting vegetables matter

John Carlson: We have fruit trees & a vegetable garden. Can the fly's get into my fruit & vegetables & eat them? 


ghayath2011: How interesting 

MidlifeCrises: Thank you for posting. I have two large home-built worm compost bins. A few weeks ago I emptied my pantry of all expired canned goods, most went into the compost and I buried it all in dirt. I have bzillions of worms, so when I turned the compost today I expected to see a huge boom in the worm population. I turned over the first shovel full and was HORRIFIED to find hundreds and hundreds of these nasty looking things! I'm so glad they are not bad for the compost. Now I need chickens!

TonyKaku: I can't wait for the video release!

uBeR1337gUy: All that build-up and we don't get to see the fish eat them!

paulluna45: Will this work in northern USA? Im in Indiana and dont know if we have soldier flies.

adfasffs: what a great video. these grubs are such basic food source for rodents, lizards, chickens, fish and monkey pet keepers!

odin422: Excellent

werner segveld: how do you prevent the "normal" flies laying their eggs?

SensualCoconuts07: are they different from the flies that cause flystrikes and myasis ?

johnnyfisalive: all u have to do is buy the bugs put them in a container with food and they will reproduce? or do they have to mature to flies and then reproduce?

stAbbmeiful0vesme: that gotta smell bad

shoopdeedoop: Sounds tasty if you like to eat them...LOL But if you want to feed to the fish it is probably best to avoid animal fat, so plant based oil like soy etc, would probably work. I think a solar dehydrator would be a better option though, less energy and cost.

yizo247: that chicken looks just like the one i have at home!

Jerod Elder: can't wait to get one of the smaller versions for my backyard!

kyle sharkey: will animal matter work for other larvae

Ladybugz1975: I have been looking online to see if North Carolina has BSF. But I can't find any info on where they are. I wanted to breed them as feeders for our CWD. Great video and very informative!

IRONxMortlock: So how many larvae can you produce? Enough to satisfy the requirements of 3-5KL tank? Can enough be bread to make the system sustainable?

brownwidow1: dang chikens thoose are ment for da fishys to eat but they still cute

Talal Aladwani: does this apply for domestic fly?

BlackSoldierFly: Great video Murray, very interesting operation you have there. I have a comment that I hope will be helpful about the protein and fat content of the BSF larvae. The figures quoted in the video are 42% protein/30% fat which I believe is the analysis for dried BSF larva, not the fresh larvae. On his website Dr. Sheppard (Phoenix worms) lists the protein of fresh larvae at 17.3% and the fat content as 9.3%. Maybe you could add an annotation correcting this in your video. Thanks, Jerry

Ryosuke1208: Why the freak do i see freaking larvas and BSF in my freaking room? How the freak did they got in there? I don't seem to find any freaking answet on the internet (Sorry for the bad language)

aznguy11111: :l

Teddybearcop48: What can I use for bait or feed? To draw the black soldier flies to my trap. I cannot get pumpkins this time of year. Thank you..

Brian-Todd Streeper: @BlackSoldierFly It's almost too good tobe true...they compost/ harvest themselves, provide great feed for fish or chicken, AND they repel other pests!!!

Teddybearcop48: How warm does it need to be for them to grow outside? Thank You!

James Howard: Always a good video with Murray! Can somebody please direct me to where I can purchase some BSFL?

Oliver Ong: organic hens, not really adorable more like soo delicious. :)

Oliver Ong: this video is only part of a dvd that i just saw. checkout "Aquaponics Made Easy" nice video learned a lot from it :)

realberserker: There's no need for eggs. BSF are prolific breeders and they're widespread in nature. If you put out food scraps, they will colonize them. I just started a BioPod next to a worm composter (so the BSF were already attracted to the area), and it had larvae in it within the week.

GreenLearning: My home made bio pod produced about 60 pounds of larva in a summer. Its a little bigger than his, but not much.

aznguy11111: i'll be honest here. i've heard so many good things about these flies. there has to be ONE flaw that it has that affects humans one way or the other

tebam11: if you harvest all the larvae how do you keep adult flies to lay the eggs?

johnnyfisalive: where can u buy these bugs to grow for feeding?

Missy Rabbit: can this setup be combined with worms for vermicompost?

dx80cruiser: Hi, Can you tell me how many grubs you allow to hatch into flies to reseed the biopod, or do you just let the natural population of BSF to populate your biopod. Im in Aus as well and havent really seen many BSF around .How do you allow the grubs to hatch out?Just leave them in the collection tray to hatch and allow them to fly up the drop tube to lay eggs?

janelle heaton: does it stink ?

wanderer1031: maggots michael, you're eating maggots. How do they taste? pffftttt!!! (laughter)...its only rice michael...ha ha ha.

GPC™: Love the chickens!

BlackSoldierFly: @QuickFoxnl Studies have shown that when BSF larvae dominate a waste pile they repel other fly species. This is probably the effect of pheromones or info-chemicals that tell other flies that that particular waste is not a good egg laying site. "BSF reduce manure accumulations 42-56% and give 94-100% house fly control through larval competition and by repelling ovipositing house flies (Bradley and Sheppard 1984)"

johnlvs2run: Is a discarded freezer being used for the fish?

BlackSoldierFly: One more comment about what appear to be houseflies around the BioPod. In an established and balanced BSF unit you won't see more than an occasional house fly in, or even on the unit. The number of non-BSF flies visible in this video is not the norm in my experience. I've processed a kilo or more of fish scraps/day with only one or two house flies present. My guess is that this unit was fairly new when the video was made and since that time the presence of house flies has been greatly reduced.

dwiggs77: i always wondered what the hell those were in my compost pile .

Noz7777: I have a biopod at home now and some relatively small silver perch. How big do the fish need to be before they can eat the mature soldier fly larvae (brown and 2cm long)

BlackSoldierFly: BSF are found around the world. They are more plentiful in warmer, wetter climates, but in the U.S. they are found as far north as Washington state and Connecticut. Most of my data is from the U.S., but you can see a map of BSF sightings around the world by searching "BSF mapping project".

MrJamesconn: where did you get that bin you had the flys in?

Growing Black Soldier Fly Larvae 4.9 out of 5

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Growing Black Soldier Fly Larvae