Cheap Foam Wing Cutter

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americus Adecerous: Thank you....

Rejnar Storm: i use a pc powersuplay to. in the computer it works well, but at soon i connect 5 or 12v to my cuttingline it shot down. i can then restart but it just cut down again. help is needed. do you have any

FlyinSunnyCoast: does the Amp of the 12v matter?

Chris Stolle: I'm also using a computer ATX power supply but when I attach the alligator clips, it shorts out the ATX power supply. Any advise?

Rick STRETCH Scroggins: First off I want to say very informative video and well done...ty for your video ! I just have a few questions for you andpets55 (1). Can I use the "G" string, (second string from the bottom), off of a guitar, it is nichrome as well I believe...? (2). How many watts is your computer power supply or does it matter ? (3). Does it matter how long and what gage the power supply leads are, (the ones with the alligator clips)...? and (4). What amperage works best..?

Tahir Saleem: Dear when I switch on the PSU to nichrome wire psu shut , how to resolve this

steven escolar: can i just connect the alligator clips to a blade?

JOHN A. FURTADO JR.: Thank you for the upload. You have done what the majority the majority have failed to do. I have spent over 4 hours trying to get this answer. I code, I built 2 cars, one motorcycle, I maintain networks with over 4 thousand users I build models in CAD. I built and fly an ultralight. Im not saying it to brag.I mention it to help with the following comparison. like anything else, an individual can find a network of people that are interested in the same study or activity. The people who are interested in the electrical side of this craft aren't even on the scale when it comes to low self esteem ,they are arrogant and the most useless group I have ever encountered. I've read dozens of posts with people asking simple questions that never get answered. instead of an answers you get pages worth of replies from people trying to one up each other as if its an accomplishment. Then there is all the, how to build a hotwire videos that are equally useless because they dont cover the power supply. Its not just me ,take a look at forums and youtube and you will see negative comments everywhere about the same thing. Its a wire and power supply,not magic or Quantum Mechanics .Thanks again

Birds, Flight, Random Projects: Brilliant video tutorial, thanks!

Michael Abel: Great inexpensive DIY cutter. I imagine guitar wire would work well for this. E string maybe. Never thought of using an old PC power supply - great idea. I'd love to see a tabletop cutter using the power supply

frogola orsnake: i heard in a blog that the longer the wire the more voltage you need and moving slowly is the best way to cut. i think you could may by make one with a battery and dimmer switch, getting the temp. right is most important.

sthwestb: Hell that didn't look safe at all... I saw it started getting bright reddish orange,
nice way to burn up your wire and possibly start a fire.   = 0  \

rtcapo 61: Around 2.07 you start talking about connecting the power to the Green and black wire to get the power to turn on.
When I plugged my power supply in, the fan started spinning and a green light was on.
I didn't get to short out the green/black wire set up.
Does that mean there is power going to the unit and wires to the bow?
I haven't hooked up the bow yet...I pulled the powersupply during lunch at work. My IT guy said grab one.

Also...does it matter what gauge the wire is? I found some Nichrome 60 stock online...but they have different gauge sizes.

Thanks for a great toot! I wish I had a science teacher like you when I was in school!

Ochipwa Greenspider: YOU DA MAN!
Thank you.

canada BC: hi, i have tried to make it, but wire didnot get hot. my NICHROME wire is 32gauge.  just like a hair.and the output is +12v--750mA. where is i am wrong ?

Joed Pearl Dichosa: NICE TUTORIAL..:)

vince38curious2: An alterative to nichrome wire is 0.8mm stainless steel mig welding wire..

Soonmush: Thank you from your advice! I got now my own hotwire cutter, similar like yours <3

startazz: I used the same sort of thing to power my RC battery charger but i used the 12v rail and it worked really well,that was a good few years back but now i've got a proper PSU for all my battery charges. 

andpet55: The nichrome wire is 18 gauge

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cheap foam wing cutter 5 out of 5

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cheap foam wing cutter
cheap foam wing cutter
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Product review: Cheap foam cutter
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DIY: hot-wire foam cutter for making RC planes
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cheap foam wing cutter