How To Wear Your Baby Using A Ring Sling, Zolo, Maya Wrap

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Michelle Zuniga: Your video was or us very helpful

Jenna Hyatt: Great video.  Thanks for the safety tips- especially about the rings for the sling and fabric choices! 


Órla McEvoy: Thank you for this great video. It is very clear and very infornative . Orla and saoirse (7 weeks)

hscannon1: Very good information. Thank you!

Shelley Scotka: If moms have trouble using slings/wraps, seek out mother's groups,La Leche League or Attachment Parenting meetings, or find a doula in your area. They are happy to help you figure it out!

5nallycomplete: Thank you so much..very informative. I appreciate it.

MOTS411: I like that you took lots of time to explain each step, but the baby's positioning isn't correct. The seated position she should look like she would if she were in a bumbo. Her knees should be up higher than her butt, so if you pull on the bottom rail you can make a seat/pocket, then pull the top rail and middle snug until she can't wiggle/sway.

Strange Mart: thank you, very informative

juju nyb: The baby's legs should not be puts too much pressure on the spine. In traditional cultures, they will always put the baby in a position where the legs are above the hips.

dragontower22: @nancap289 try tying it tighter so tight you think the baby will be uncomfortable. He won't the fabric stretches. My baby is 8mo and 25lbs I find when I tie it too loose then he feels like he is not supported.

Ascension Is Now: You do a wonderful job of explaining this. Thank you.

SurvivingLove: great video and what an awesome nursery:) Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge/expertise!!

aikoart: There are some stores that carry different slings. My best advice would be to make your own or buy used to save money. This way you could try them all with minimal expense. As far as nursing, I would suggest the moby. My baby does NOT like her head covered at all so we only succeeded when she would let me. My best bet has been to have both wraps based on need. For example, while I'm shopping, I prefer the ring sling. When doing things where I am more active, I prefer the moby.

Dahnah2008: the same here.... she starts crying, only if she's asleep i can carry her in the sling. she's 1 month old now, I use the cradle position. any help. pls?

aikoart: How old is he?

Caroline Miranda: Everytime I put my baby on the sling he starts crying, as if he doesnt enjoy it or I am doing it wrong ...

aikoart: What can I do to help?

Caroline Miranda: Oh You make it look so easy .... I can't make it work :(((

Hardulf: Really great video, by far the most accesible and helpful that I've seen! Perfect thanks!

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How to wear your baby using a ring sling, Zolo, Maya wrap 5 out of 5

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How to wear your baby using a ring sling, Zolo, Maya wrap