Is ZNZ A Scam? Watch This BEFORE You Join

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thenewstar2007: you are so cute, marry me

Kurtis B.: Ponzi scheme is ponzi.


Doro Jessy: Is ZNZ international?

Zachariah Lloyd: Contrary to what is stated in this video, you can NOT meet the requirements for ZNZOne with a single "FREE OFFER"....
Each offer is only a portion of a credit, and the only one that met the full credit requirement was a $10 offer, and the free offers are only a percentage of a credit, and you need to sign up for a few of them to meet the requirements for even the first step. So be ready to spend money to get started, so there is NOTHING FREE involved!!

JamBaby88: how do i make u my sponsor?

JamBaby88: i wanna try this 

James White: Look at, look at the BBB. If you look around the net hard enough you will find smoke and where there is smoke, need I say more?

James White: The company offers to pay money to consumers that sign up for free trials through their website for various products prior to participating the BBB encourages you to watch the video at the following link on free trail offers:

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning contract issues. Consumers allege what they agree to with the company is not what they receive from the company. Additionally, consumers allege having difficulty communicating with the company.

- See more at:

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kevin murdock: it is a scam because their telling people its free and its not keep it real because your promoting a lie as well.

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spikearoniandcheese: i just joined znz 2 weeks ago but have not made any money yet b/c im having a hard time marketing the site so i just singed up with a classifed internet co. that listed my ad on over 500,000 sites. We;ll see if that works ! Thats the hardest part.....getting your znz website out there -- need that in order to get people to sign up. fingers crossed !!

Tanner Leeson: You should change the title of the video to ZNZ SCAM?? NOOOPPEE!! LOL , Thanks again Steve!! 

notimeoffyet: Love this ZNZ One system!! 

mlkfrevr: Best sponsor out there for ZNZ bar none 

grantrich40: Thanks Steve!! I got my first referral today!! 

Drew Wilson: Still don't like the idea of having to use my credit card.... 

zack tanner: ZNZ One . Not a SCAM!!! 

timothy lazner: Nice video. I like how you prove it pays with your paypal proof! Thanks 

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Is ZNZ a Scam? Watch this BEFORE you Join