Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion For The Ruger Old Army Revolver -

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Deepak Kumar raj 212: Deepak Kumar raj

steelgila: What a brilliant modification for the Old Army. Looks faster than the Remington cylinder switch out. What a power house 44(or 45?).

Der Alte: Good-looking old style gun. Looks extremely fun to shoot.

THOR KILL: I would like to load the gun with the cylinder in it . I want to see a cylinder that accepts cartridges without requiring romoval of the cylinder.

alan levy: R.I.P ..R.O.A (1972/2008)

Brett Duffy: I am limited to antique firearms due to an incident in New Jersey over a BB gun

If I do a conversion cylinder would that make it a modern firearm or would I have to stick with black powder

sean cochran: would this work on a armi San Marco 1858

Jack Wayne: Is there a video showing the installation of a speed latch or a cylinder quick release latch for the 1858 Remington New Army Revolver and how it's used?

Jack Wayne: What is a Speed latch for the 1858 Remington and a Remington Cylinder Pin Quick Release? Are they the one in same and how does it function?

THE OGRE ADAM: does anyone know if this works for a 1858 Remington new army?

cadzie renrut: Does anyone know if Belt Mountain is actually still in business?  Their website is still up.  Sent in an order a few weeks back but no reply and they never cashed my check.  Called the number a few times, most times you don't get an answering machine.  The one time I did, I left a message but no call back.  Looks like a great product and I was really looking forward to it.  Really a shame.

papawx3: Personally, on the music, I prefer "I'm a good old Rebel" to this yankee song. Video was great though, very informative.

Chase Kelly: I gotta question for you, I recently shot my ROA a couple weeks ago for the first time. It was clean and ready to go. However I noticed a delay with most of the shots. I used 3 different kinds of caps throughout the shoot, and none of them seemed to show any superior performance. It wasn't a long delay at all, but it was certainly noticeable. In fact I'd say 1 in 5 times it didn't ignite at all! I was surprised that such a modern pistol would do this. I was loading just under a .45 colt casing of Pyrodex P propellant and a .457 round ball topped with all purpose grease, the caps used were, and older and a newer can of 100 FC UMC Remingtons, and CCI magnum caps. All no. 11. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this normal? Also a few caps never popped. Again I don't recall which ones were more consistent than the others.

dkeith45: Cool braids. My GF braids mine a bit like that on warm days but mine's only about half as long as yours. : ) My profile pic is old. Gotta pretty long full beard atm.

Cool vid. I used to have one of these old army's but never liked that the cylinder was so tough to remove. Nice to see there is a way around that now.

Kaido Ojamaa: Mr. Quinn,
That was an interesting video and some nice shooting. I wish they could have made a one piece unit with the loading lever, in that way the Remington design is superior to the Ruger.. Never the less the Old Army is a fantastic Piece, I've had one since 1984 and designed some very effective Conical Bullets for it as well as other Percussion Revolvers for hunting purposes for Big Game and they really work making those Percussion Revolvers into Magnums, In several tests we achieved 41 Magnum power out of the Old Army with Triple Seven P3 F Powder and my 240 and 255 grain Universal Bullets. The Old Army can really perform and if you would like some of my Universal Bullets to see for yourself, feel free to contact me. Kaido Ojamaa.

pinkiewerewolf: I would love to get a couple ROAs and this conversion for them. I also wish Ruger would make them again.

tnhl77: does any one make this for the 1851 navy model?

1717jbs: Shooting without safety glasses! That's smart.

ra777: How much does the cylinder pin and the lock pin cost ? good video btw -

Courtney Titus: Which percussion caps works best for you with the ROA?

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Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion for the Ruger Old Army Revolver - 5 out of 5

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Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion for the Ruger Old Army Revolver -