Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion For The Ruger Old Army Revolver -

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tnhl77: does any one make this for the 1851 navy model?

1717jbs: Shooting without safety glasses! That's smart.

ra777wow: How much does the cylinder pin and the lock pin cost ? good video btw -

Courtney Titus: Which percussion caps works best for you with the ROA?

Charles Isaacks: I think you can buy black powder guns without a background check-as you can see the conversion cylinder pops rite in-purty cool-huh'

MrGreat50cal: Great vids sir, you are the definition of american. 

mds19238: It looks like the pendulum has swung way too far in this persons decision to use the particular name he has chosen. A recent & rare visit to the mall produced a young man with the words FU, spelled out in large all-cap letters on the front of his tee-shirt...seems that all moral values are lost on some folks. Regarding your last statement; you were much more civil than I want to be. Maybe he'll get a brain & change his name.

Dangf150: Great vids. I really like the variety of vids that you put on your channel.

Soullessnut: it's not worth arguing with someone so much about their first amendment rights if you ask me, no matter how offensive they may be to certain people.

constructiontech1970: That is a fine looking revolver Jeff!!

kwacker45: old is sometimes best :-) simply pretty pretty firearm, made even better

Gunblastdotcom: I love Single Actions, but they'll be coming after AKs first.

Brian Smith: This invention makes it too easy to reload. Way too easy. I think California will make these illegal soon.

Gunblastdotcom: Gunbroker-dot-com and Gunsamerica-dot-com. Jeff

1580042: Thats a bEAUtiful gun

Marcel Klein: ooooooo i liked that one. :)

Haloskeeper1: Nice Review!

Mountain Storm: I've got a similar cylinder for my il Pietta Remington 1858 and it works great.

DustyGamma: Thought of getting the pin hole of the cylinder beveled? I'm betting a 35 degree bevel would speed things up! I'm sure the gunsmiths you know would know best; maybe the base pin could be safely tapered instead, I wouldn't know.

Roger Pemberton: Damn...Jeff's becoming a cyborg with that camera in place of his right eye......;)

fee1776: The pistol, music and your beard goes together well. LOL. Good briefing.

Floridainfidel: Wow a really nice looking tool. I like that...........

nexus1g: You've nothing invested in your channel, just create a new account. Bu thanks for apologizing for it.

Gunblastdotcom: You can find most anything Ruger at the Ruger Forum. rugerforum-dot-com. Jeff

Hellhound 1055: Did you have to alter the base revolver, or is it just drop in and go?

G36Jeff: 2nd and i love them more.keep em coming lol.

jnewton1621: That is a great group for one hand at 15 yds!

ChazOneZeroSeven: i'm pretty much infatuated by this thing and if it's under 1500 then i want one some time in the next year.

ukwarrior89: 3:03 "Git off my lawn"

YOYOBOY666999: Nice gun, love the simplicity. Thanks 4 the vid.

rbenterprises100: Real nice gun Jeff !!

ChazOneZeroSeven: the ruger old army is freaking awesome how much do they cost?

wade day: you're beard is badass

1guyin10: Oh noooo. You've kilt the paperman..... again! ...and got him good I might add. Nice shootin'!

Gunblastdotcom: The only problem with that method is that when slid forward to remove the cylinder, the Ruger loading assembly tends to disassemble itself. Jeff

nexus1g: It was much more civil than I wanted to be too, but they say you catch more flies with honey.

TheAlexagius: i know this would sell well in the uk as cap and ball are the only legal revolvers

Hellhound 1055: Thanks, I appreciate the fast response. Keep making amazing videos.

MrZapparin: beautiful

svarthek: What would be a good place to purchase an old army that is already converted for cartridges and quick change cylinders?

Jedi Majic: That is really cool !

nexus1g: It's their first amendment right that Congress shall pass no law regarding their freedom of speech. My not liking what they have to say or what they name themselves is not relevant to the terms of the first amendment. Please, if you're going to live in this country, take a single day and learn the document on which this country is based.

nexus1g: You did, in fact, infer it by stating my stating dislike for their name was arguing with them about their first amendment right. I pointed out that everything said within these last few posts had nothing to do with the first amendment. The best case scenario for you is that the entirety of your post was completely pointless and irrelevant. I said it in a much nicer fashion previously, but if you really want to go down that road with whom is clearly your intellectual superior, we can.

OilThe Gun: Thank you for the review.

Pheasant815: Nice look at this revolver and accessories.

gat569: Loved this tune the first time I heard it. But it's especially good with this video/cap and ball revolver.

Ross Seymour: I'm not sure I understand Jeff. You didn't use the loading assembly in your video. I wasn't including it in my application either.

glnelson1956: Ruger's mistake dropping the ROA.. Extremely versatile gun. Mike Beliveau, writer for COMBAT HANDGUNS and GUNS OF THE OLD WEST, recently posted video tests of the ROA firing a custom 255gr RNFP conical made for C & B revolvers . Using only 25grs of Hodgdon 777 3Fg, a 7.5" ROA made 920fps with the 255gr RNFP, & punched the big slug thru 11 one-gal water jugs, 5.5 FEET of water penetration. With conversion cylinders, the ROA can also shoot 45 Colt, 45 S&W,&45 ACP. Darn capable & useful gun!

nexus1g: No doubt an ignorant idiot like you would.

spankythegreek: Really enjoying your videos, thank you Jeff!

Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion for the Ruger Old Army Revolver - 4.9 out of 5

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Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion for the Ruger Old Army Revolver -
Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion for the Ruger Old Army Revolver -
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Belt Mountain Quick-Change Cylinder Conversion for the Ruger Old Army Revolver -