Caesar IV - Condate Riedonum

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ilya93xd: OMG, really Great Job!

MsTechBoy: i make good cityies but rome are asking for many resources and its hard

Verb2B: grand ages rome is better

WwSoulwW: Look freakas boring.. Caesar 3 was the best game ever. This just looks like a better graphic, more easymode version of the 3d.. The charm about caesar 3 was more or less all the buildings.. Just a question, the only thing i missed in the 3d game was the ability to invade and take control of other citys. Is it possible in version IV?

skateplayaboy: its a bit like anno

julijan999: nice town

IGoAFilms: Nice city man way better than all mine lol

Cosmin Poieana: STALKER song at the end.

Rafael Acosta: Beautiful city!!! DonĀ“t take this the wrong way... but, I assume you didn't cheat right?? It is SO difficult to get an economy going right in this game. I know every basic thing, I know you have to sell and collect, but I always end up cheating for Denarii or space is not enough. I noticed you place houses in the middle and businesses around them. Will try that! Nice video Lokinya!!!!!!!!!!!

dave997: nice, i like the detail work around the villas, good job

fthis123456: there is no question about it, this game has bad programming.

555henrico: @Rafoam Not to be rude but this game is playabe without cheating. You must remeber these are roman cities. people didn't have cars during those days. so the idea is to keep things as close as posible to the houses. You should build the industry your going to get the most money for first in the game so you have something to sell and sustain your cities growth. I've completed the game without cheating once.

MsTechBoy: are those insulas at 3:45 or domus ???

davidsmith4life: rate up ifu think that city could take any atack

jimmyrotella: caesar IV should be in Latin.

Jason Ludeman: How do you beat the first goals in campaign? i got them up but nothing happens

Nils Meijer: @jimmyrotella actually there is a little bit of latin in this game, for example : insula and equites are latin words

PatrykZ94: @MsTechBoy Make more jupiters buildings so rome will not be angry if you dont give them something they ask you for.

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Caesar IV - Condate Riedonum 4.8 out of 5

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Caesar IV - Condate Riedonum