#48: Basics Of Lissajous Patterns On An Oscilloscope

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Being Bad: Very Neat and Clear...... Thank you for sharing

Enho Kuo: Good!

LestonDr: I finely understand! Thank you!

nuderedfinger: This video helped me sooooooo much!!!!! I always wondered what the Lissajous phase scopes in my music DAWs meant, and now I finally figured it out thanks to you!!! I know now that it maps stereo phase only, and that a mono signal is simply a vertical line, because both X and Y cancel each other out diagonally to create a vertical line in the middle. A horizontal line is silence. And a diagonal line is a mono signal coming out of only one output between two total. So, one speaker playing, one not, but both being graphed out in the phase scope as X and Y.

Jaakko Oksa: Can you do this with modern digital scopes?

MrOmnos: Is that non integeral frequency also the cause of pass band ripple in Chebyshev filters?

Electrical And Electronics Engineering: #EEE

Mp4ct: Great video

HennyPennyPooPoo: thank you, I was performing a Michelson interferometer quadrature experiment and I wasn't sure what the signal on the ocilloscope meant. your video was very helpful

deepak chaudhary: a nice and self explanatory,thanks for this.

737flyguy: How do you adjust phase?

sumit raj: I have a doubt here...
To have a constant lissajous pattern, frequency ratio(X/Y) should be integer OR frequency difference(X-Y) should be integer??

sumit raj: A nice tutorial.... it would have taken hours to read by book.... thanks a lot.

arun singh mehra: sir could you please tell me for clockwise rotation which input signal should be leading...

Bill Moran: Thus might make a fun way to visually zero beat two signals like WWV perhaps.

Yogendra Gupta: could you elaborate how you are changing the phase between the waves?

ernavk: Excellent tutorial! Just got an XY scope and was only getting "static" (in phase) patterns. You achieved animation by varying one channel's frequency slightly. Can't wait to try it out!

Bill Moran: As a teen, I had the use of a very well equipped electronics lab in the high school ham radio club. I learned about these figures through experiments with signal generators and oscilloscopes. I learned about phase angles etc this way. I have used these concepts all my adult life as an electric utility engineer.

Iain Mackenzie: great movie. as a teacher of physics, I enjoyed your style, clarity and down-to earth approach. great for students. thanks


Ali Akgün: how can i draw a star(i mean lissajous pattern) ?

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#48: Basics of Lissajous Patterns on an Oscilloscope 5 out of 5

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#48: Basics of Lissajous Patterns on an Oscilloscope