#48: Basics Of Lissajous Patterns On An Oscilloscope

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deepak chaudhary: a nice and self explanatory,thanks for this.

737flyguy: How do you adjust phase?

sumit raj: I have a doubt here...
To have a constant lissajous pattern, frequency ratio(X/Y) should be integer OR frequency difference(X-Y) should be integer??

sumit raj: A nice tutorial.... it would have taken hours to read by book.... thanks a lot.

arun singh mehra: sir could you please tell me for clockwise rotation which input signal should be leading...

Bill Moran: Thus might make a fun way to visually zero beat two signals like WWV perhaps.

Yogendra Gupta: could you elaborate how you are changing the phase between the waves?

eth: Excellent tutorial! Just got an XY scope and was only getting "static" (in phase) patterns. You achieved animation by varying one channel's frequency slightly. Can't wait to try it out!

Bill Moran: As a teen, I had the use of a very well equipped electronics lab in the high school ham radio club. I learned about these figures through experiments with signal generators and oscilloscopes. I learned about phase angles etc this way. I have used these concepts all my adult life as an electric utility engineer.

Iain Mackenzie: great movie. as a teacher of physics, I enjoyed your style, clarity and down-to earth approach. great for students. thanks


Said Ragib: how can i draw a star(i mean lissajous pattern) ?

Humberto: Great video my friend, you have a new subscriber. thank you so much for you explication, I would to make this practice, please tell me did you change the frequency of the 2 channels , for example the channel one is 1 hz and the second channel is 1 Khz??
Thank you for your help.

Andre Gopee: I understand the concept but can you show me how you connect the probes? what i mean is the ground and the positive.

lingcod91: Great video. This indeed proves: a picture is worth a thousand words. Finally enabled an understanding of Lissajous patterns . . . and how to pronounce them.
And no English accents that so many 'bloks' refuse to give up. Before anyone fires hate mail at me, I've spend a lot of time and study comparing their's vs. mine. I love England, but they lost in this category.

Apollo Navas: Excellent video, great sound, very well explained, you Sir are a great instructor. Thank you.

Melomania: I was interested in buying an oscilloscope to play music through and your videos have been absolutely knowledge jam packed! Ive learned so much watching your just 10 minute videos. But I was wondering, If I wanted to plug a guitar running through an amp to an oscilloscope how would I go about doing that, or lets say a synthesizer through one. Also how would you make it into a to wobble around. I could show you some videos for example of what Im interested in doing. Anyways, amazing videos man and I appreciate them!

RODALCO2007: Excellent demo, you got a new subscriber. I tried to do this at high school many years ago but forgotten how to.

lucasblass: excellent video! thanks a lot!

Don Moore: Great exercise. I troubled through the math of a sequence of L-figures back in the 80's, and enjoyed coming to an understanding of what was going on. I wish I had this equipment at the time to validate my work.

#48: Basics of Lissajous Patterns on an Oscilloscope 5 out of 5

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#48: Basics of Lissajous Patterns on an Oscilloscope