How To Clean A Crawfish.

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thomas89826: i love this video! i just caught a few crawfish to eat and this was very helpful!

TZ3z: If u wanna eat em cooked simply plop em in sum boilin water til they is dark red and then pull out the tail and thumbs!

KussowsOutdoors: u eat them raw!

theboss31423: aw, dude! your missing the best part!! you have to take the upper half and suck the brains out! :D yummmmm try it next time! you wont be disapointed!

amartinez97: I cna think of a few more ways to kill them but i would rather deal with lubsters >:) i have crewl ways of killing them before i cook them hehehehe

amartinez97: Is it a good idea to eat hteh whole body of the crawl fish?

amartinez97: These damn aliens will be killed and eaten !

liles65: lol i was just kidding!!!!!!!

GODZILLAANDSOUNDWAVE: They are alien invading bounty hunters sent by the evil lord Xenu!!!

BikerTrashWolf: *gasp* no that would be barbaric! how it works is you take sack fulls of them and dunk them into boiling water, which then makes them dead. And hopefully delicious if you get the seasoning right.

amnaimranh: were those crawfish alive when u riped them in half

Thedeadmatrix: if you do thanks cause my pancakes never turn out right

BikerTrashWolf: Hmmm... Interesting Idea!

BikerTrashWolf: I have had no time to build any gundams so no new gundam videos for a while I am afraid :(

PhoenixWrightObject: There's a shrimp that has a punch as powerful as a .22 caliber gun. Youtube "Worlds Strongest Punch" or Wikipedia "Mantis Shrimp". Its really interesting.

DorianGray221: I have to agree, Josh, that last theory is absolutely insane. No one in their right mind would think that's even worth entertaining. "Descendants of a prehistoric race of aquatic creatures that evolved a primitive to survive in both water and on land..." Come on! :)

Thedeadmatrix: I requet next vid how to make pancakes

Jon Scott: i eat everything if it's shrimp or crawfish i eat the shell the meat everything don't waste it

Joey245: This confirms my theory. You have lost your mind. I will be sending men in white lab coats to your dwelling shortly. They will escourt you to the nearest possible asylum. DO NOT TRY TO RESIST. lol, don't feel too bad. JTMitchell87 has gone nuts too...

Giga Beetle: i requested this whith my mind :P hehe, little bit random subject? i belive in alien species!! druged crawfish? lol best vid evar probly! lol!

How to clean a crawfish. 5 out of 5

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How to clean a crawfish.