Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter

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mark t: how well did the clean function work after that? what would you say is the most difficult thing to use the clean cycle on?

Garry Burgess: nice! I'm looking forward to getting my vitamix so that I don't have to eat peanut butter with their hydrogenation from the food factories.

cheryl monteiro: I love my Vitamix 750. As Henry said he uses his Vitamix 3-4 times a day. I use my Vitamix about four times a day I'm becoming creative. The best investment I ever made.

Oey Stefanie: can u make peanut powder with wet blade container?

smilyface3364: One of the first things I made with my vitamix (the exact same model) was almond butter. All I got was very course meal that was kind of turning into butter and the blade didn't seem to be doing anything else other than that. What could I do to make a smoother almond butter? I put 2 cups of almonds into the container. Did I not put enough in?

badjujuwan: Your videos never fail to amaze.

tuberfying: Appreciate you explaining the difference between the different models. Just looking at Vitamix website it is hard to tell.

VT808: Love your videos 

jerry berry: Quick question, i saw you make sunflower seed butter in the s30. I have the 750 but using the 64 oa container to make peanut butter and ice cream makes too much and I dont want to save it.  Can I do these tasks with the 750 using the 32 oz container?

Eric the Great: Henry, I noticed you are using a wet blade container to do the peanut butter, is the wet container more of a general purpose container/blade or is it worth buying the dry container if you are on a budget? I am about to purchase my first Vitamix, just trying to do some pre purchase research. Thanks

JustAConservativeNerd: I have this exact blender and have had mixed success with sometimes the peanut butter being too grainy. Your method seems to work better so I will try it. Thanks for posting.

Mrs.Gordon2016: i feel my throat closing up jus looking at it but im def going to try this with

canadian01978: can you put the jar in the dish washer to clean it?

David Coleman: I am being told that I need to buy a dry mix container to make peanut butter.  When I watch your video it looks like you are using the container that came with the 750 which is a wet mix container.  what am I missing.  

Al D: very nice :)

Red Gemini Arts: oops. Croc Leather. LOL

Red Gemini Arts: I know the iPhone 6 Plus is big so, I decided to get a real lady like case, it's PINK croc letter and PINK suede inside. I want to be able to watch YOUR videos and read my iBooks so I don't have to carry my iPad around all the time. I was going to get the iPad mini but, now I don't have to. Finally, Apple saved me some money. I'm not getting my phone until after my case arrives. I can't walk around with my iPhone 6 plus without a case. I can't wait for the case to come. I can't wait to make a video. LOL

I just want to show my friends the self cleaning cycle. LOL

Red Gemini Arts: You're most welcome. Yes, those cases are AMAZING. Make sure to sign up for their mailing list, they give you $10 off your first order. Also, like them on Facebook and they give you $5 off. Hey, got to get your hustle on. LOL

I love their cases. I got the one with the stand. I put one of my favorite quotes inside the case.

Things that matter most
must never be at the mercy
of things that matter least.

I don't know where the quote is from, I have it as a stamp. I put it on most of my art. I'm glad you liked the site, I hope you don't spend too much. LOL

Red Gemini Arts: Me Awesome? Why? You're the one doing all the work!! I think you are so AWESOME! You deliver much needed and wanted information in a relatable format. You ALWAYS answer our questions and you don't make me / us feel dumb for asking. No, you are the totally AWESOME one.

Thanks for the response.

I didn't get my iPhone 6 Plus yet, I'm waiting until next month. I need my case first and I just ordered it today. It takes about 25 days for delivery, it's AMAZING! If you didn't get your case yet and you don't mind spending another small fortune check out this site -

Story Leather

The cases are custom and they are AMAZING!!!!!

Customize one for yourself and then send the bill to Vitamix!! LOL

Red Gemini Arts: I made peanut butter and it was GREAT! How do I make it somewhat chunky? I saw that you crunched up a few but, do you mix in after you make the peanut butter?

I can't say how much I love my Vitamix. I can't wait to get my new iPhone so I can make a video to show my friends.

I'm going to call you Mr. Vitamix! You're the expert and the go to man for everything Vitamix. I think they should hire you to work for them. You can sell this machine like no other.

Thanks again for all of your videos. I want to see you make Ice Cream.

Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter 5 out of 5

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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter
Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter
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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter