Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter

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Viviane B: I'm hooked on your channel! I got the 780 this weekend! I loooove it.

theking1212100: Thanks

Jasmine K.: I made almond butter with 2 cups to 3 cups almonds and 1/4 cup coconut oil and a drizzle of honey in my vitamix omg amazingggg

Jasmine K.: Love that you did crunchy

Tifinywalker: Verrry nice.... I wish I had watch your video first I added oil and black strap molasses 😒

Valerie Lui: I used mine to grind veggies for a stir fry 🌹

LAURA ZIMMERMAN: Hey, San Francisco Henry! So glad to have found you! Have been researching blenders, as I've changed my diet to a vegan one, and need a good blender now, and after watching your comparison videos, I have decided to go with a Vitamix, as I have a weak dominant arm, and would have trouble removing the tight lid from the Breville Boss. You have such a wonderful way about you! Now that I'm "subscribed", I am looking forward to more of your great videos! Go, 9ers!

Manish Kumar Pandey: I recently purchased Vitamix A3500. Very excited to try the peanut butter and almond butter. One question: Did you use roasted unsalted peanuts or raw peanuts?

TalTheBest: i wish i had money to buy vitamix.. i bought ninja and it takes forever to make peanut butter..

Francis Roussel: Did you use a food processor to make the crunchy part? I have a vitamix and it can't make such even crunch.

saadamiens: can you please try to make praline or hazelnut paste

Gibran Hunt: Great video. Just ordered a vitamix 750. Will definitely give this recipe a try. Keep up the good work man.

Sarah W: hi henry, just wondering if you can advise what the minimum cups of peanuts is you can use, for it to still be effective an smooth consistency? i.e 1-2ppl batch.

Cypheye: Hey Henry I just bought a vitamix and I'm excited to use it.

My question is how difficult was it to clean the machine after you made this peanut butter?

Hector Romero: henry do a video making coconut butter in the vitamix 750

linda nerney: Did you get the spatula from Vitamix?

donaldu: why on earth does it cosy so much more in Europe? robbers!

mark t: how well did the clean function work after that? what would you say is the most difficult thing to use the clean cycle on?

Garry Burgess: nice! I'm looking forward to getting my vitamix so that I don't have to eat peanut butter with their hydrogenation from the food factories.

cheryl monteiro: I love my Vitamix 750. As Henry said he uses his Vitamix 3-4 times a day. I use my Vitamix about four times a day I'm becoming creative. The best investment I ever made.

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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter 5 out of 5

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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter
Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter
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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter