Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter

What do you think about this video?

saadamiens: can you please try to make praline or hazelnut paste

Gibran Hunt: Great video. Just ordered a vitamix 750. Will definitely give this recipe a try. Keep up the good work man.

Sarah W: hi henry, just wondering if you can advise what the minimum cups of peanuts is you can use, for it to still be effective an smooth consistency? i.e 1-2ppl batch.

Cypheye: Hey Henry I just bought a vitamix and I'm excited to use it.

My question is how difficult was it to clean the machine after you made this peanut butter?

Hector Romero: henry do a video making coconut butter in the vitamix 750

linda nerney: Did you get the spatula from Vitamix?

PLUTREA: why on earth does it cosy so much more in Europe? robbers!

Lil Red - Devil: Finally bit the bullet and bought a Vitamix. Got the 750 Heritage edition. Making Peanut Butter first and have made some ice cubes from 2% chocolate milk and going to attempt to make ice cream. Hope it goes well. I really enjoy your videos that I have watched thus far.

mark t: how well did the clean function work after that? what would you say is the most difficult thing to use the clean cycle on?

Garry Burgess: nice! I'm looking forward to getting my vitamix so that I don't have to eat peanut butter with their hydrogenation from the food factories.

cheryl monteiro: I love my Vitamix 750. As Henry said he uses his Vitamix 3-4 times a day. I use my Vitamix about four times a day I'm becoming creative. The best investment I ever made.

Oey Stefanie: can u make peanut powder with wet blade container?

smilyface3364: One of the first things I made with my vitamix (the exact same model) was almond butter. All I got was very course meal that was kind of turning into butter and the blade didn't seem to be doing anything else other than that. What could I do to make a smoother almond butter? I put 2 cups of almonds into the container. Did I not put enough in?

badjujuwan: Your videos never fail to amaze.

RetireeChi: Appreciate you explaining the difference between the different models. Just looking at Vitamix website it is hard to tell.

VT808: Love your videos

jerry berry: Quick question, i saw you make sunflower seed butter in the s30. I have the 750 but using the 64 oa container to make peanut butter and ice cream makes too much and I dont want to save it.  Can I do these tasks with the 750 using the 32 oz container?

Eric the Great: Henry, I noticed you are using a wet blade container to do the peanut butter, is the wet container more of a general purpose container/blade or is it worth buying the dry container if you are on a budget? I am about to purchase my first Vitamix, just trying to do some pre purchase research. Thanks

JustAConservativeNerd: I have this exact blender and have had mixed success with sometimes the peanut butter being too grainy. Your method seems to work better so I will try it. Thanks for posting.

Mrs.Gordon2016: i feel my throat closing up jus looking at it but im def going to try this with

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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter 5 out of 5

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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter
Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter
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Making Peanut Butter using the Vitamix 750 at Cook Culture
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Vitamix 750 Peanut Butter