Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!

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Samantha Buck: I may not have these issues but I was still on the edge about this product. Now I feel like maybe it may not be a product for me because in a situation like this, it could cause a small problem to become much larger, not just odor wise but also health wise. I know this had to be mighty uncomfortable for you but just know that you are AMAZING for doing this and have helped many people I am sure! Thanks so much for being a brave and awesome woman!!

Travis Leong: Mine has zero smell until the end. The last two days of my period, when the blood gets darker and it's basically residual blood, it smells...sour. But by then my period is so light, I can just wear a light pad or a pantiliner.

Tiff Tiff: Thanks for posting this!

Cornelia Fulmore: Once menstrual blood is exposed to the air, it will have a foul smell. It happens with pads, tampons and menstrual cups.

Jacqueline Garcia: Thank you it helped with my decision.

Rebecca Johnson: So what would be recommended if even a cup doesn't work? Because I also don't like pads, and tampons get really uncomfortable for me sometimes and I'd like to stop using them as well. Just take turns with the cup and tampons I guess?

charon done: How long did you have it on? That sounds bad.

Ree Williams: Thx for this review. I was thinking about trying this but I am one of those like you that has a sensitive vagina & has daily discharge. Don't listen to the haters. The ones that don't have discharge daily don't have good pu$$y like we do haha 😉

Sydney Allen: everyone has vaginal discharge daily. This is normal. check out lacy green on youtube for more info

Chynna Oliver: i have a quick question: how did you clean the diva cup? did you ever sterilize it in boiling water? I'm simply asking because I just started using the diva cup for the first time this cycle and dont want to bring on a case of BV by using it :/

shawn ploe: Thank you for sharing! I hope no one gives you a bad time over this. This is how we learn from each other! <3


TwistedGlitter: everyone who gets periods should stay and learn about period experiences regardless of age.

Angie Monroe: Yeah I'm thinking that's a personal experience that had nothing to do with the cup. I'd expect you would have those same issues with/without the cup. I hope this video doesn't turn people away from trying it.

chkngrl: The issue isn't the Diva Cup giving her an odor, it is that something pH wise or bacterial is wrong with her body and is producing a smell. By using the cup, the discharge was collected and stayed inside of her longer which most likely led to the increased smell. I have used my cup for over 2 years and never once had an odor, in fact the typical smell associated with commercial tampons and pads wasn't even there. All I did was boil the cup and occasionally use a tiny amount of dawn dish soap to clean it.

LaMeka B: @ThePLAINESTjane.. thank you for your vulnerability and authenticity. I was considering it but maybe I'll do some more research. xoxo

Dyda Arquez: Thank you so much for your honesty! Glad someone is speaking about the contras too...

Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!! 5 out of 5

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!