Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!

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Mica Bella: Thank you for sharing. It takes a lot of bravery. You're an inspiration

Cori D. Coleman: Proud of you. Not so graphic btw

That Creepy Family: I have BV and use a luna cup when i menstrate, i wash it with hot water and antibacterial soap, also the luna cup tells you to do that or boil it. If yall still want to try one and have BV then use the luna cup, it is surgical silicone and is easier to clean. I have seen so many reviews of the diva cups obsorbing odors that i went with the luna, also the holes on the luna are slightly bigger and easier to clean, those holes are supposed to help adhear it to the walls AND allow for proper removal.

saffanat: I was so excited to try the Diva Cup and was really hoping it was the answer to my prayers. Unfortunately it turned into a nightmare for me. I followed all the instructions to the tee and put it in with the seal and was good to go. No leaks, really comfortable, until I went to remove it. It had gone so far up I could not get it out at all. I could get my fingers around the base and tried pinching it to break the seal with no luck and then tried grasping it to pull it down. I couldn’t get a grip on it even after washing the area. I kept trying to bear down, in the shower and it wouldn’t budge. I googled for help and to tried everything. At this point I was a hysterical mess and ready to go to the hospital. Luckily I have the best husband who tried and even he battled and told me there was no way in hell that I would have gotten it out by myself. After a lot of pain and embarrassment he managed to pull it out. Even he could not break the seal by pinching it! He was traumatised. I read the instructions and thought maybe I had put it in to far the first time. Silly me thought it was user error and put it back in so far down that it was sticking out and would be easy to grab. It sealed and I went to bed hoping that all would be good. I was so wrong. It had gone all the way back in again by morning. So after a few hours of doing that all again, my poor husband had to fish it out again. I will never try using this cup again as this was one of the worst experiences of my life. I had been in tears all night and then all morning again. For some women, it just won’t work and when I tried to comment the above on their page, they wouldn't put it up and just ignored it. No refund or even sympathy. Never again!!

cookieinpalmbeach: Ill pass! This might be great for homeless women bc they won't have to buy pads or tampons.

SassyQ87: Thank you for this video. Very informative and good job on being open. Most women won't mention the ugly lol but most of us have experienced bad odor one way or another.

Golshad Darroudi: Bravo for not being shy and u were great in that video by the way

ivy blue: thank you for sharing so helpful my sister from another mother :)))

Google User: I wish she just got straight to the point dang.

Anandalaila Eam: How did I get from makeup tutorials to goth and tongue splitting to this?

Naturally Beautiful: Thanks for Sharing..... I think i might try one

Felecia Harris: Omg!!!!! The same smell issue that I'm experiencing!!!!!! It smelled soooooooooo horrible!!🤢🤢🤢🤢. Like I smelled it and was gagging! It's aweful! I'm going to try boiling it and I'm also going to buy another one so that I'm not just using the same one over and over. I can alternate! Girl I thought it was just me glad to see it's not. Thanks for this!

Pepa Lepa: crap... I relate to all of your symptoms but I really wanted to try this ;____; idk what to do

checkmeouttoot: Thank You.

Courtnee Fox: What you are experiencing is common with menstrual cup users. It basically has to do with your body's reaction to the cleaner or hard water. I was going through this and because I had suffered from TSS I wasn't about to give up so I spoke with my OBGYN. She gave me some suggestions on what to do. City water has chlorine and fluoride in it so these chemicals can make the body produce extra bacteria her solution was a bit tidious but helpful. Either use bottle water or fill up a pitcher and allow it to sit for a few days so the chemicals evaporate or you can just boil it for faster results and set it aside in a clean gallon jug or liter bottle in your bathroom. Bit extra and doesn't help if you're not home but its a step. The other thing she offered for advice is to find a cleanser that was more gentle and natural so that your body isn't freaking out. I went through a lot of cleaners and I found that what worked best for me was white vinegar. It's naturally deodorizes and is a gentle antibacterial. I still clean the cup in boiling water after my cycle and to sterilize it before I put it away I like to rinse it off with a bit of alcohol so that it drys up all the water and leaves no bacteria on it before I store it away. Also for the discoloration of the cup I found that using cooler to room temperature water prevents this from happening.
I hope that anyone who has been through what you and I experienced also sees my comment. I hope you don't give up on the cup and find my suggestions helpful.

CANAL TACAÑOVP: Soy el único que habla español aquí?

Jena Lopez: Thankyou so much for sharing!!!! It takes a lot of bravery and it is something nobody really talks about and so I never thought that my BV might be connected to my diva cup!!! I have been experiencing BV on and off for a few years and could never understand why it kept comig back but I am for sure gonna bring this up to my gyno. Thankyou, you're so great!

Radalecki: Lol, I got the DivaCup add before the vid

Andrea Ellington: I hate Bv.

Rika: For every girl and woman watching this: Do not run away scared, thinking the cups are bad for you.

Silicone does NOT harvest bacteria. Instead, as there is a vacuum, there is no air coming in contact with the blood inside of you, meaning there won't be growth of bacteria.

When you remove your mentrual cup, the blood should not smell at all - it only smells when it was in contact with air, like with tampons, and bacteria developed.

The minute you notice a foul or strange smell using cups, you shouldn't keep using any product, but go to the doctor immediatly!

Your risk of getting ill is much lower using cups, but as you see it can always happen. This is because every body is different and reacts differently.

Please do not judge it without giving it a try!

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!! 5 out of 5

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!