Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!

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Mica Bella: Thank you for sharing. It takes a lot of bravery. You're an inspiration

Cheyne Bristol: I can relate and props for keeping it real lol you're funny too. I've subscribed!

Eva Rincon: Thanks for sharing

Hannah Mia: Thanks for the video. It didn't occur to me that it can make bacterial vaginosis worse etc

Laura brown: I completely feel your pain and respect this post! I've been contemplating a cup for a long time to save money and I've been doing research on material used, reviews, company history, etc.....
so I'll get vulnerable with you, I had bacterial vaginosis for over 7 years during my late high school and all of my college years. It took a couple of years of medication (antibiotics and some others due to discovering I have Thyroid problems that actually contribute to how my body "detoxes" and cleanses or stores) and diet change. I also had frequent UTIs and yeast infections while dealing with BV. I haven't had any issues with any of those (minus 2 bouts with kidney stones) whatsoever for over 12 years.
I hate how tampons constantly need to be changed with each bathroom run and aren't reliable no matter what my flow is like that day. I refuse to use a stronger tampon than needed because of the rise of TSS and how disgustingly tampons are made. With the rise in tampon prices constantly going up, I once again am on the search.
I used to use the softcup disposable ones and they were my TRUE HORROR STORY. The first time I wrote it off as a user malfunction, the 2nd (6months after 1st horror) and 3rd time (3 months after the 2nd) I chopped it up to bad production design. The softcup do seal....way too well to the cervix. I couldn't remove them. I literally couldn't get the 3rd time around out and had to go to er.
There's nothing to grasp the edges once it's sealed to the cervix bc there's still very minor leakage on heavier days plus regular vaginal lubricant and that makes it too slippery to unseal.
I was looking at the diva cup bc its materials are very human body friendly over the long term and the company has a good standing overall. Plus the design seems so much more thought out for when the cup seals to the cervix.
Now my only concern is that if I was previously prone to BV, what's the likelihood that this could be an issue again..... You're video gave me a lot to think of on top of my research. Thanks!

Brittney Robinson: bad odor seems like a deeper problem, i don't think the diva cup had anything to do with it. It could also be your hygiene. Do you wash your hands , are you rinsing it well, boiling it every so often, have you been to the doctor and gotten antibiotics and taken them as prescribed. Your problem to me seems like you have an odor problem and using the diva cup just might not be a good thing for "YOU" i don't think the diva cup is the cause of your odor. Also try detox pearls yoni pearls they are good i used them and i would recommend for odor issues so brave of you to discuss this some ppl are so immature i think we ALL have had a odor before nothing to really be ashamed of :) #LPN

Brandy Taylor Terry: Thank you SO much for your bravery and candor!!!!!! I can't believe anyone would be so tacky as to leave a negative comment on this video… Some people can be so immature. Those of us who are a little more grown-up realize honest women like you are invaluable and can help the rest of us stay healthy and happy. We should be helping each other, ladies; not trying to tear each other down. Thank you, the plainestJane, for trying to help fellow women. I hope you can see that there are plenty of us who are VERY grateful that you're willing to be vulnerable to help us.

Pink love: I swear the more she described the smell over and over I SWEAR I THOUGHT I STARTED TO SMELL OT πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ BTW I have never used it before. Question: when blood goes into it and say you run do you feel the blood like shifting? or hitting your insides?

Tiffany Hally: it takes mad bravery. IUD strings can cause issues too. every girl has an off day based on a failed product

Tina M: so it's a cup, how messy is it when you pull it out? is it full? I'll prolly never try it im just curious

Kimberly Kisinger: thanks for being you and real

RemZi Star: Realest review I seen on This product πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ #subbed

maria carmela: silicone can not carry or grow bacteria

Toni Smith: Humm.. Were you boiling it between each menstrual? Once a month?

kimberly msfo Rucker: vit.c w/rosehips will temp. cure your BV symptoms. Google it.

Good luck

Jacqui Zimmerman: Hey.. anytime someone puts something out there that's real, I say amen. Two thumbs up. Why anyone would be put off about truth, I'll never know. Good for you, and for us, for puttin' that out there.

Denovaification: I appreciate you. I have planed to use colloidal silver spray with my cup to kill bacteria & odor. don't know it it safe to use up there but it better than other chemical aerosol sprays.

Sanne Van genderen: Thanks so much for this Great review! Ive seen more comments saying this but wanted to comment and say it anyway, you were very very brave making this video! I just ordered my first diva cup and started watching reviews (have done extensive research) but still am watching videos, and yours is the first that talked about this type of problem, I'm gonna try it anyway since I've already ordered it, will see what happens and will let you know. I wish you a wonderful happy new year and hope that your second try (when you do) will be less unpleasant, hugs and peace to you!

Nicole Brown: Very admirable! Thank you for sharing!!!! Us women have to help each other out! I would like to suggest that you research Dr. Sebi and his products. One being Estro for us women and multiple vag issues!!!!! There are multiple testimonials on YouTube.

April Isaac: Thank you so much for your honesty, bravery, and the education.

Vet: When I graduated High School, all I wanted to do was kick back and relax without having to do any homework. But I realized I have no money to do anything fun. So I went to a San Francisco Vet School to get trained to make money. But seeing your videos, I am gonna be an internet marketer on the side. Let me know if you have any tips. Thanks.
Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!! 5 out of 5

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!