Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!

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Mica Bella: Thank you for sharing. It takes a lot of bravery. You're an inspiration

Meryl Jefferson: Thank you for sharing your experience. I don’t think I’ll be using this.

Monica Bonds: The cup shouldn't have effected you in this way at all. If anything, it should reduce the amount of bacteria as it isn't being absorbed, but instead is being "caught". There are a lot of tampons that are made with Rayon and other hazardous chemicals. If you must, I'd recommend switching to an organic tampon. Best wishes

gsear135: You can get BV from woman to woman vaginal contact

Material Girl: I do have to correct you on one thing . Bacterial Infection’s can very well be transmitted sexually . If you are with someone whom has multiple partners , or you yourself have multiple partners , it can very well be transferred.

sugarmouse: This made me laugh. "If you are a male exit." I have yet to meet a bloke who is scared about periods. My dad was ok, my ex recently helped our daughter choose her first menstrual cup. My new husband is 71 and has never been squeamish about periods. My male friends are not fussed about it. Maybe I've just been lucky. I have no patience with adult men who are silly about menstruation and the normal body processes for a woman.

Rachel Wells: I'm assuming you boiled it before and after each cycle. And your experience probably showed that you already had a problem and the longer it was untreated (hypothesizing) then of course the worse it will get. Did you end up going to a doctor to see what was going on? For me personally in my experience with the cup it doesn't have a high enough capacity for me on my heavy days. So I recently order the large Luv Ur Body cup which has a capacity of 41-45 ml. Somewhere in that range. Sorry the diva cup ended up not working out for you! At least you tried it and were able to share your positive and negative experiences. :)

Earth's Little Secrets: Girl the same thing here and I cleaned that cup like not tomorrow.

Ricki Moyer: I've been embarrassed my whole life about my odor. With my mom and boyfriend getting upset with it. Maybe it's bacterial vaginosis. I've been checked for all stds stis everything. I'm clean. I'm vegan. I don't eat processed or refined sugar. Just got my diva cup and really happy with it but it has an odor. I'm scared to boil it because I'm worried it'll transfer the smell ☹️

Mrs. Kay: You need to see your gynecologist

Mrs. Kay: Every female has discharge that is normal.

alexandra moore: 3% hydrogen peroxide douching after your period will solve bv

Divine Hag: Just a comment for the comments. If you suspect BV or a consistently reoccurring yeast infection go to a gynecologist and explain your problem in detail. Planned Parenthood gets a bad rep sometimes but they do offer services and information for free or low cost female reproductive care. If you are having intercourse your partner needs to see a doctor to to make sure they are not reinfecting you. You can develop sensitivity to condom material including latex and lubricants. A completely separate medical condition that is not directly related to your female reproductive system could be effecting your vagina. There is only one you to love.<3

Dei'Dra Beard: I have chronic BV. I appreciate this video because no one else is mentioning this. I'm about to use my first menstrual cup (the diva cup) today. I'm trying to stop using tampons because of the BV symptoms. Thanks for posting the full disclosure.

Jessica Hood: I want to thank you for sharing as well. I used to run a women's health forum and I could see a lot of women having troubles with these cups and infection and/or odor. I just started using the Diva Cup yesterday. So far, I am not thrilled about it. I find it awkward and uncomfortable so far. But I am not here to complain about that.

I just wanted to add for others reading that a foul, offensive, or "fishy" odor is almost always an indication of bacterial vaginosis. You did mention that early on and said you weren't sure if you had it. What you describe sounds exactly like that. BV is nearly the only infection that will produce that really bad smell and continue to get worse over time. Yeast infections do not even do that. They produce a mild yeast odor, but nothing like BV.

I also wanted to point out that BV does not cause itching, redness, or irritation. It primarily causes foul odor, increase in discharge, and the discharge can turn more yellow than normal, grey, or green. Normal discharge is usually white, clear, or only slightly yellow. Some women normally have a little discharge and some have a lot. It also changes in color, texture, and amounts as you go through monthly cycles and as you get older. So it is not really the amount of discharge to be concerned about, but more the color and the smell.

A yeast infection could also be a common problem with these cups. For the same reasons that BV could be a problem. The difference with the yeast infection is that it DOES cause itching, redness, and irritation. It can cause a mild to severe smell of yeast. Yeast is what is in bread and can often be smelled when baking bread. So a smell of yeast is not usually unpleasant, but it can be noticeably different. You may have more discharge than usual. It might be a little more yellow than usual. The most common symptom is redness and itching though.

If you have really foul odor, plus redness and itching, it is possible that you have both BV and a yeast infection. It is not uncommon to have both. Both need medication to get rid of it. If a woman suspects they have BV, it needs to get treated right away. It is something that often will not go away on its own. Taking things in and out of the vagina will make either infection worse.

The problem with these menstrual cups is that they are blocking the release of bodily fluids that your body uses to help cleanse and flush out bad bacteria. If you keep it contained in there all day, the bacteria just grown and the problem becomes worse.

The other problem is that the Diva Cup, your hands, your underwear, and anything else that touches your vagina becomes contaminated with the infection. As you said, it is not an STD. It is a bacterial infection that women can get regardless of sexual activity. So with the cups, your hands, and your underwear... you can keep recontaminating yourself over and over if you are not properly cleaning everything.

I used to get BV when I was younger. It was not fun. But I learned a lot between my own experience and running the health forum. Never wear the same underwear for more than one day. If you have a lot of discharge, change them more often. Wipe from front to back when going to the bathroom. Wiping back to front, touching the anal area, or not washing properly can get fecal matter into your vagina and it WILL cause BV. Always wash your vagina first and then your anal area at least once per day. Wear cotton underwear instead of silk, satin, or nylon. Cotton allows airflow and is more absorbent. It will reduce bacteria growth. If you are sexually active, your partner or toys could also be infected and may need cleaned or treated.

As for the cup smelling really bad, it should not, unless you have an infection. The cup should smell like your normal bodily fluids and silicone. Normal vaginal fluids DO have a normal odor. Period blood also has an odor. That odor is not always pleasant, but it should not be overwhelming. I would guess that boiling the cup would eliminate some of the odor. If you have an infection, you absolutely must boil the cup and only use it after the infection is gone vaginally.

I hope this helps someone. :)

honeybee484: I really was thinking about buying a diva cup but hearing about your experience with it I may pass on it. Bacterial vaginosis is very common for many women but it will have your cooch smelling like pure trash can. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

Sandra Sutton: I know I'm just seeing this but you wear this for a while also, and its just the same to me as wearing a pad. You can change a pad a lot quicker and freshen up quicker than pulling this out and dumping blood then washing it. Not for me. What is this made of and please don't be allergic to it. Very informative. Vaginal bleeding has an odor. Thanks for your information.

Shawnee Lucero: Girrrll!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing this video!!! I used my first period cup on my last cycle and experienced the 12-week-old collard green smell of DEATH!!!!!!!!! I have been so embarrassed I asked my boyfriend about the smell and he confirmed I smelt horrible! So here I am at your video, the first video that actually mentions this issue! I will be getting checked for BV tomorrow!   sobs Some of the most embarrassing feelings ever is thinking others can smell you....

the freshest: Thanks for your honesty....plp need the truth good or bad.

Cori D. Coleman: Proud of you. Not so graphic btw

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!! 5 out of 5

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!