Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!

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Tina M: so it's a cup, how messy is it when you pull it out? is it full? I'll prolly never try it im just curious

Kimberly Kisinger: thanks for being you and real

RemZi Star: Realest review I seen on This product 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #subbed

maria carmela “maria madden”: silicone can not carry or grow bacteria

Toni Smith: Humm.. Were you boiling it between each menstrual? Once a month?

kimberly msfo Rucker: vit.c w/rosehips will temp. cure your BV symptoms. Google it.

Good luck

Jacqui Zimmerman: Hey.. anytime someone puts something out there that's real, I say amen. Two thumbs up. Why anyone would be put off about truth, I'll never know. Good for you, and for us, for puttin' that out there.

Denovaification: I appreciate you. I have planed to use colloidal silver spray with my cup to kill bacteria & odor. don't know it it safe to use up there but it better than other chemical aerosol sprays.

Sanne Van genderen: Thanks so much for this Great review! Ive seen more comments saying this but wanted to comment and say it anyway, you were very very brave making this video! I just ordered my first diva cup and started watching reviews (have done extensive research) but still am watching videos, and yours is the first that talked about this type of problem, I'm gonna try it anyway since I've already ordered it, will see what happens and will let you know. I wish you a wonderful happy new year and hope that your second try (when you do) will be less unpleasant, hugs and peace to you!

Nicole Brown: Very admirable! Thank you for sharing!!!! Us women have to help each other out! I would like to suggest that you research Dr. Sebi and his products. One being Estro for us women and multiple vag issues!!!!! There are multiple testimonials on YouTube.

April Isaac: Thank you so much for your honesty, bravery, and the education.

Adrienne Gurge: I am one of those women that get a lot of bacterial and yeast infections too. It is so tricky to deal with. You might have to play with your diet because excess sugar could be the reason. You have to be careful about cleaning yourself. We are not supposed to clean the inside because "good" bacteria keep out the bad. Soap can be bad. But even rinsing in the shower caused me problems. Immediately when I stopped trying to clean in the shower I saw some improvement. So now I clean my area where hair grows with the soap like normal and leave down there alone. Then out of the shower take a cotton ball of vinegar and water and gently clean a bit the outside of the vulva. That has helped cut down on the infections and still clean. I haven't been sexually active in a while and I got less of them. Now I recently found out some lubricants can cause these infections ...especially the ingredient glycerin. I was thinking maybe the parabens too because the chemicals to kill the microorganisms in the product on the shelf might also kill your "good" bacteria and send you out of balance. I don't know but I suspect. So those can cause women to get infections too. I hope this information can help.

Rhyes Anderson: " 12 week old collard greens" I'm dead 😂😂😂

summer davis: Thank you for the update. Good info

Original Pinkbird: Oh & a woman's sense of smell is stronger when she is menstruating, so sometimes being paranoid about our scent, is just that, paranoia. But used pads in the garbage do smell. :/

Original Pinkbird: Back in college I bought a kids antibacterial bar soap (it smelled really good & came in pink or green 😆) & caused bacterial vaginosis. I didn't use it to specifically wash my crotch (gynecologists tell women not to use soap there because it can cause issues) but washing with it, soap rinses off & travels to where you might not want it... TMI.

ThriftyMomMe: I was using my first cup and had no problems. but, I bought a different cup and the first and only time I used it had an odor. I have never used it again. maybe if you choose to try cups again, maybe try the meluna made of tpe or I want to say gladrags is the one made of latex , though I'm not sure. also maybe try a different shape and size. the diva may have some movement that is causing irritation. I'm still looking for my perfect cup , but, so far only one has caused a smell for me. maybe you will have better luck in the future. thank you for sharing your experience.

violinfire24: Thanks for sharing your experience with the Diva Cup. Your honesty is appreciated!!

Meraiah B.: I think I have the symptoms :( But I've never use the diva cup so thx!!! Saved my life!! :)

Cestor Narbonell: Girls are gross! Eww

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!! 5 out of 5

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!