Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!

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DarciaMoonz: sounds like more like an untreated vaginal infection than cup issues. what you didn't mention is bv odor can be more noticeable with things being inserted ie such as after sex. The result could be the same with the cup. The bacteria may be higher up in your vagina and with insertion and removal, they are pulled lower making the odor more noticeable.

Teala Higgins: I know this video is old but... why on earth are people changing their tampon every time you go to the bathroom?? if it's sliding out, it's just not in far enough

Hellkitten: Sorry you went through this. Maybe you were using the wrong thing to clean your cup? You are supposed to boil it for up to 5 minutes after your cycle and before you start the next cycle. Not sure if a Diva cup has anything to do with it either. I bought a Blossom cup. It was my first cup and OMG I LOVEEE it! I've never had a leak, but I did do research before putting it in so maybe that's why. I'm never ever going back to tampons or pads. I actually get excited to use my cup during my period, I know, sounds weird but total truth. lol

Nitika Griffith: you are appreciated for being so candid with your experience.

Kristie Middleton: why don't you get a prescription to get rid of it? I have had bv twice, second time I got a prescription like the day it got weird cause I could tell what was wrong. Anti biotics cleared it up in a day or two both times

Madi Rivera: I don't usually comment, but for everyone who watches this video and gets turned off to the Diva Cup and decides not to try it, please think again! I have had recurring BV and I use the diva cup with no problem! It sounds to me like she currently has BV that she has not taken care of and cured yet and that could be the reason why this is happening. To permanently cure my BV, I had to completely change my diet and lifestyle and believe it or not, i think the diva cup actually helps. I definitely think its worth a shot for anyone who is interested! I do admire her courage for posting this and trying to help, however.

Renee jones: you're a female we have issues and u are real. i salute you

Poison Ivy: it flipped over inside for one woman. Blood gushed out...plus got stuck in her.

lovely122797: So sorry you went through that but you had a problem to begin with I hope you have went to the doctor.

ticawakala: oh girl! you crack me up!! Thanks for the info, I'm not sure how I came to the diva cup, here I was shopping for vitamins, and "poof" I got linked to diva cup. Me being curious started reading and then doing more research. Thanks for the video! you are awesome! Not sure if I'll give it a try... but love your input about this little contraption.

Andrea Henderson: Thanks for the update!

MsJadeValley: Love this! Thanks for keeping it real!

branbuckets: Thank you, thank you for this video. You are brave and I appreciate you putting it all out there. You basically answered every question I've had regarding this cup. Thank you again girl!!!

britt saur: Lol!! I'm looking at cup options because I hate tampons and I hate pads. I also hate birth control because of the side effects. You're truthfulness made funnier because of how REAL it is. We're all human, crap happens, and my god they are such funny stories when you find someone who can relate. I change my tampon every time I pee even if I know urine did not get on my string. It's just disgusting to think it could have and I sure as hell don't want anything to come of it. Hygiene control is substantially worse when I'm on my cycle. I take it out before I have to defacate, I take it out before u shower, and I take it out when I feel like freak it I need a new one. craps expensive for a person like me. Total life points for sharing your experience, from one fellow human to another!

Shuu L.: thank you for this video. i was curious about the diva cup but i also experience similar vaginal "cleansing" so this might not be for me. very appreciative.

Gem Gem: If you had bacteria vaginosis, that would be where the odor was coming from.

Gem Gem: Why did you feel the need to change your tampon every time you used the bathroom?

the1lique: Sweetheart, Im an RN and I can tell you right now that if you have a daily discharge and foul odor at anytime you HAVE to seek a specialist. It may not even be associated with BV or Yeast. It could be cyst or fibroids. Sometimes they have a slow leak and the problem could last for years. Most women never know they have it and you must be tested to know for sure. Both conditions can produce daily discharge and odor. Please get tested. And, thanks for being brave and sharing your story.

Evy Cuyt: Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I was hopefull that this would be more for me but after your review I decided not to use it because I'm easily irritated. Since my last pregnancy my whole household ;) changed and I'm even really sensitive for Always and Alldays. So thanks for your review.

Kel Sweeney: it might not not work for everyone but did hear it works very well for alot

Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!! 5 out of 5

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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!
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Diva Cup Review UPDATE! My Horror Story!!