Olympus Trip - David Bailey - UK Advert

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Heidi Anne Morris: cameras ... *so simple anyone can use them..* ;)

Pamela Hooper: Its a long time since we have seen any old footage of David Bailey. I used to laugh at that old advert. Thanks

TigerWalrus26980: I thought that was Phil Daniels in this ad - now I know I wasn't seeing things!

oc2phish07: David Bailey, Bryan Pringle, Phil Daniels, Michael Elphick, George Cole, Patrick Lichfield, Leonard Rossiter. Days when REAL stars and celebrities produced funny, interesting and informative advertisements and did not mind that they were having fun poked at them in a mild way. You really don't see anything as good as these now.

kiwibiwi: Great stuff - now I have to go find the one with Lorraine Chase :)

jayandthemoustache: Haha, this makes me proud to own an Olympus Trip!

zakbusner: Phil Daniels, FTW

uhegbu: This advert was featured in the 100 Greatest Adverts and who was the man alongside David Bailey? He was in one of the old Carling adverts as a policeman.

Luís Piteira: I've had this camera forever and a day... it's the best thing out there. Cheap too, nowadays.

rifat1984: that`s the guy from quadrophebnia!

j v h: haha love it
Olympus Trip - David Bailey - UK Advert 4.9 out of 5

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Olympus Trip - David Bailey - UK Advert