How To Wire 12 Volt Batteries In Series And Parallel

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InARoundaboutWay: Garbage. For parallel, your diagram suggests connecting the main output leads to one battery's connectors. If you do this, that battery will take most of the charging and discharging and will fail before the less used other ones. The +ve and -ve should be taken from opposite ends of the row of batteries to even out the drain on them. This is because of resistance of the cables. Look it up, but I don't think you will!

Kent Loretta: My son likes using your program too! This is a skill everybody should know! The guides were very easy to follow [Check Details Here==> ]. I wish I would have found this years ago! Thanks!

LutairaNo1: isnt it suppose to spark if you connect red to black during the process. or it only sparks when you commect black and red of a same battery.

Reynault Chevalier: hi. your video was very informative. I have an ebike kit I need to get underway. the hub motor is 3000 watts and it needs 72 volts to reach it's maximum speed of 60 mph. Radio Shack is closing at of stores down and they have 12 volt batteries going for very low prices.
Guide me through if you can on how I can hook them up. take care. I have to purchase six , 12 volt batteries

cesar Lopez: so, wich conection recomend to conect and stored power from solar panels???

Md. Nurul Alam: I have 12v. 3 (A, B & C) batteries. I want to connect in parallel for charging with 12v charger. If i connect A+ & B+ and B- & C-. Now I want to connect charger with Charger + & C+ and Charger - & A-. Is it possible?

Justin Bain: If I am using a second battery for a car stereo system, which way would be the best? Using 2 amps and a capacitor

Uche Nnamdi: I hear you mention any number of batteries. How do you then wire 6 units of 12v to get 48v ?

Alexis Arteaga: quick question could you possible have 2 batteries in perallel and then add one Switched battery into series with the two parallels

Tasty Fish: 6v // 6v//5v . Three same brand same specs batteries in parallel connection with one having a weaker voltage.
Will it work ?.

vegascolors: why would anyone give a negative.....This was the easiest to understand video Ive watched out of 15 other videos.... regarding series and parallel... Thanks for the vid...

Aneel Sinkoo: I have got 12 batteries of 12volt to run my UPS. After some time all batteries recharged but two battries didn't charged that too didnot get sufficent voltage to run my machine. I want to buy two new battery to replace damaged two so is't ok or shall i replace all the batteries please suggest me.
Anil Sinku

jimbola77: Very nice partner!!!

kenty011985: How do you charge them when you make all 3 into 1 big 12v, do you have to charge each one seperate

Arunavha Moholanobis: I have a query, My UPS battery is completely dead.. So I need to change the battery, I am a gamer like to play games all night long if possible... I have gone through many other videos, had thought of using a car battery, which is dangerous so droped the plan...

My question can I buy more than 2 battery, line it up in parallel and attach it to the UPS for a longer duration of backup during Blackout...??

Pls help me .. if you have any ideas... Thank you..

kyle torreon: so which is better, parallel or series?

Movsar A.: Hello,
I have a question. I want to buy 3 4V 4Ah SLA batteries and wire them up in parallel. I know that if i do that i will have 1 12V 12Ah SLA battery. The problem i have is that 1 4V 4Ah battery only gives me 1A of current( initial current) but for my system i need 2-5 A . So i think if i wire 3 of those batteries up , i will get 3 A of initial current. Is this right ?
I would appreciate if someone would help me.
Thank you

Aaron Ols: Is there a way to wire three batteries in a series and parallel configuration, or can that configuration only be done in an even number of batteries?

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How To Wire 12 volt Batteries in Series and Parallel