Condor Parang Review And Chop Test (Unboxing)

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crashdummy40: that thing loos as if it came sharp?!?!?!?!    I have yet to experience that from condor  still my favorite knife company tho love my Hudson

Carthago Delenda Est: I remember when I didn't buy from aranyik

clancy6969: I think you missed a page of that catalog, could you re do the video?

sweetcostarica: Malaysian and English are different languages of course. Each language has different stress points, intonations, pronunciations, and even were the voice comes from (back of mouth, front of the mouth, etc.) Thus if you said a certain word in English it would sound different to a fluent English speaker or vise versa (as in our case). No harm or disrespect meant it's just culture, language, and a different way of doing things that cause this common problem. It's just life lah.

SINESTERSERPENTSIXXX: you can't beat a condor blade for the money ....... but by all means get the sheath with the knife .

Rom Theus: factory edge hardly work...

wayne katana: thanks for the review,ordered one of these 3 wks ago (camel train's a bit slow here in Australia)on the back of your review and a few others,can't wait for it to arrive.i have the condor hudson bay and h/duty kukri already (great big pieces of steel for the money).might make this one my new EDC

dillon wisdom: Good review

outbackgear: Factory edge.

TheKro16: Was the chopping test performed with the factory edge or did you put your own on it?

Earl Dupont: Look at the hilt. The new model's blade goes all the way through the handle. The older one stops about half way through the handle, (Full tang versus partial tang).

tallswede80: is yours distal tapered? where did you hear that the new ones are not distal tapered?

Taylor Wilcox: Ok thanks! This may be a bother but could you send me the link to the exact model you bought, there are many different parangs they have on Amazon, how much was this particular one?

DietBroccoli: Sheaf? What kind of moron are you? It's a sheath.

azzbat2387: top tip when putting any blade into a sheaf dont push forward with the sharp edge better to push foward and in on the blunt side will make your sheaf last alot longer as you wont be slicing your leather enjoy your new tool

outbackgear: The older model has a distal taper. The newer ones don't. Check out Amazon, that is where I bought this one. Also the 2012 parangs all come with a sheath.

Taylor Wilcox: Hey, how can i tell the difference between the old model and new model when ordering, could you perhaps give me the website that you ordered your off of, i am afraid i will order the older, thinner model. Thank you.

outbackgear: tomato, tomahto, who cares? it's one fine machete!

Guyson Ooi Khye Sam: why do they keep calling it a pair-rang? it's called pa (as in papa and mama), rang ( as in rung)

outbackgear: That is correct, for 2012 the sheaths are included with all condor knives. thanks for your comment.

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Condor Parang Review and Chop Test (Unboxing) 5 out of 5

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Condor Parang Review and Chop Test (Unboxing)