ATV CV Boot Replace Tips

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The Reaper: Perfect vid! Helped me out alot this afternoon, Thank You!

Jason kerrman: Trx350d click like hell turning it

Joe Heskett: Excellent video and great explanation.

Luke Holley: great video. thank you so much for posting this.

Danny M: that tip on the new brackets helped me immensely thank you job finished because of this

riv1950: Thanks a lot, good video

redlense4: Great tip on the clamp removal. Thx!

Clearanceman2: If given a choice I'd rather have this style than the ones that are smooth and use the wind up tool. But sometimes you don't have a choice. The other ones work but are trickier.

H Smith: Question!! how do you get out the small clamp??

Xavier Lemos: Great video! I hope I can apply these tips to my car axle.

Ryan D: Thanks for this video. I couldn't figure out how to remove/install those CV joint clamps.

Danny Olvera: great video. thanks for the help. BOOOT!

San Mcnellis: 100 thumbs up. Thanks. In return, I give you a gift. Please Youtube, Rebekah Roth. Alan Sabrosky.mKen O' Keefe. Interesting stuff.Thanks.

R Flores: Great video, I was looking information about to reléase the Wheel side end. thanks a lot.I am your follower.

Charbel: great video. My inner boot on the front axle of a 2009 500 does not have the indent to access the c-clip/ring. Not sure how it is secured in place. any help is appreciated.

Denniya Li: Great info and video!  Exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for your help.

Benjamin .25 junkie: nice video question is there a certain grease to put back in these boots or can I use any synthetic grease??

dinoreah 2: ill give you something to laugh aboot

EvendimataE: freakkkkk I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept searching a video for a Toyota and a cant find one with a clip like that..thats what I have in the inner cv axle of my 1999 camry......I was wondering why the ends of that c clip are bent inward that makes it impossible for me to compress them...even that metal strap, I can not figure out how to take it out so I just forced it.... my game plan for tomorrow is to takeout the outer part and slide the inner boot from there but that means having to open a perfectly good part.....after watching your video, I now can install the boot for the inner part without having to touch the outer part.....there were some other atv boot videos but I never bother to watch them...its 11pm and im so sleepy and decided to click your video....and im so glad I did...thanks you....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :D

SiRobb: An excellent, clear and well explained video.
Thank you.

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ATV CV Boot Replace Tips 5 out of 5

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Pt.1 ATV CV Boot Replacement At D-Ray's Shop
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ATV CV Boot Replace Tips