Candy Crush Saga Level 391 NO BOOSTER

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ying197724: luck

yakanura12: freaking level collect order points 200.000 hard how to bet ?

WingChroniam: really? omg no wonder it seems so hopeless.

Marco Stijnman: The hell is this? On your mobile you only get 60 pts for one candy, but on the pc you get 100 points.. And that's only single candies, not even talking about special candies. Why is this not fixed yet?

Unboxing China: for mobile, the only way is getting wrapped candy and striped candy, destroying at least 2 bombs. Sometimes (not always) you will get a lot of points. I got 110.000 one time I did this.

michelariza87: He did 74000 whe he destroyed all candy of the same color that is to much

Jin Luo: Five of the same color candy formation of colorful sugar plus packing sugar can get high score.

danzer0: go to the computer version. mobile apps have glitches and it becomes impossible to score high

Knobscar: if you do it on your laptop the points are much higher if you do it on your i -phone or android

Alethia McGuire: I can't pass this board for crap

Ursula Wooding: This is the free MediaFire Link to the only working Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Hacks, created by RELOADED, the popular hacking team. Whatever the video is promoting does not work!

TheAien123: Hardest I'm stuck for one month

Jin Luo: WingChroniam misunderstand is to explain how to get high scores: in fact, even the five sugar + packing sugar, can get a high score.

alexander eisma: i completed this level just now after trying hundreds of times...300k + score on mobile phone.

shaun gillan: Ive just conpleted 391,was at it for five days,the nearest was 211k,once,i didnt think this level was beatable on a mobile,but there you go,241k,i was ready to throw the towel in too,so keep at it,and good luck,youll need it,

Kim Serritella: That was only 1 star...

hazel valencia: ..240 000 score.. .need in this game ...

dave luscombe: the guy on this video got lucky, created 3 extra choc balls, got lucky with choc balls and striped, and just barely scraped by with both colours and score....candy crush is more about luck than skill, been on 391 awhile and no luck yet....

jeanskie1000: same with me

Clever Acosta: @shawnananah, this is not true, i have scored over 160k but still cant get enough to beat it... smfh!

D Abey: Pure luck

Jin Luo: Agreed danzer0 commentary.

pimper815: Just found out how to get the high score in a mobile game, at the start make a square toffee with a stripe candy break immediately and ur score will hit just over the 130,000 points then finish collecting the rest of the colours required.

MrDarkstarGundam: excuse me what is the rainbow in candy crush ?

Sinan Ödeş: impossible on android. no matter how much you try, you will not pass this level on mobile.

Vincent Leung: Mobile phone version is impossible to complete Lv 391 even you collected the 3 colors, coz we can't reach the minimum score (240,000)

alexander eisma: never say never.. i did it on android.

misa jones: Nunca llegó con los puntos en mi android @.@ jaja maldito candy xD

rachelldpa: Just update your candy crush..that is what I did bilis tumaas ng score

Grandpatea: I want to see someone finished it on ipad

Nithet Rangsiprakarn: not enough score TT

Jin Luo: Colorful candy + Package candy can get high scores.

eren yeung: dissapointed at level 391, i colleted all the 3 colours of candy, but its always not enough score :(

Marco Stijnman: This is so dumb. I played it on facebook because you guys told me so and I got 400k+ without even trying. I almost feel like this is cheating - and on facebook there's like 5 more special moves you can do. 'Free switch' and stuff. Why isn't the app up to date with the fb version?

clairechen1449: Hi guys is it posible tomfinish this game on ipad?

quanganh nguyen: I play androin. The score i 245666 but i doesn' t collect

Jin Luo: Like the vedio, even the five sugar + packing sugar, you can get a high score.

Jin Luo: You must complete this level on computer/facebook.

Bee Eff: thats right joe bong..i already finish many time..but my score can't get the limit..

shawna skeels: You must complete this level on computer/facebook. Mobile version has a glitch and won't score higher than 120k.

WingChroniam: So if you leave behind a rainbow in the end it gets you enough points? because that was a lot!

Bhabes Grace: Need to play this level in computer!

R Watchinangga: I can't get through this level. I always end up with bombs exploding. Also, there's just too many yellow candy orders in this level! This is a matter of luck!

jhamjfc: I cant get out with this level so hard to get that score i do everything but i cant

John McClure: Agreed, not even close to the 240,000 on the IPAD. It seems to be impossible. The biggest point totals are for the bombs, but there aren't many of those except at the beginning. Are they going to fix the glitch?

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Joe Bong: Why play on hp the score is very low.

yakanura12: difficult level is the mobile version of you collecting all points of order but less annoying

Vannessa Locker: Ridiculous level the score dont reach 1star

michelariza87: I made 180k but it is impossible to get the score is to much

Candy Crush Saga Level 391 NO BOOSTER 4.1 out of 5

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Candy Crush Saga Level 391 NO BOOSTER