Why Springfield XD Sucks!

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tree rat76: The two main things I hate about springfeild amomer is the damed grip safety and the that fact they imported the HS2000 and jacked the price up. At least Glock desgined there own gun

HowzitUSA: It will probably kill you to know how much Chinese and Indian parts your Harley contains...

Nat Nat: mmm, I'm thinking about buying an XD. This didn't give me any downsides other than re-naming and uppricing gripes

Stephen Passovoy: I'm butt hurt

919colorado23: Good info dude! Nice history lesson...

thuglyfe91332: I love how everyone is bashing him for saying the XD is overpriced or that he hates imported items. His point is that some guy is taking advantage of most people not knowing the real Springfield Armory closed its doors by gaining rights to license his weapons as "Springfield Armory". The other point is that they basically slapped "Springfield Armory" on a $300 gun and started charging double for it even though it's essentially the same thing as it was before. Everyone is just butthurt that they just found out they paid double for XD and now knowing that it makes it harder to offset the fact that they own one of the few guns unglier than a Glock.

Team Green Illinois: "illinoise" sigh......

AdamMal2008: The S in Illinois is silent

Victor Andrade: So, why does it suck though?

d4walkaline: It's the same with colt, Remington, Winchester, etc. They are all bought, milked for profit then sold again.

DIRTROAD87: Damn all the xd fanboys are triggered.

Blut Und Ehre: What I love the XD good reliable weapon he must be a Glock owner


Rudy Soto: Thank you for your input, Sir; however, I would've valued input regarding the weapon's reliability, durability, etc. much more.

Jeremy Smith: The XD will run you about 350, the XD(M) is the one that is more. Which they are not the same, the xdm has a number of upgrades on it, including a trigger that anyone that shoots it will tell you is better then a glock or m&p. I prefer striker fired polymer pistols. The xd holds the title. The only one that might be better is the new Sig polymer series that just came out. it sounds to me that you dislike these guns for the wrong reasons. I own the xd 9 and the xd 45 tactical and have never had a problem. I've shot thousands of rounds through them and have never had a fail. Yea flock is a good gun but anyone that has shot both will tell you which one feels better in your hands and shoots better. xd every time

taylor .mitchell: Good point. I will say I am a Smith guy. however... After handling and shooting my xd. that I picked up for 300 lightly used I will say that I find it to be robust and of good quality. overpriced. yes when new. however I feel that it is just as capable as glock or smith

William schoenfeld: all the idiot xd fan boys in here complaining about a tongue piercing but no one is commenting on this dudes facts

joe gonzalez: Dude you hurts my feelings, I WASTED money on a .45 and two 9m Springfields..... LMAO ;.(

jacob diaz: Its capitalism your glock cost 250 for them to make it what did u pay? Its all good. America

Jon McClure: Paid $400 for my XD9 Mod2 SC. Where does this $600 figure come from?

Why Springfield XD Sucks! 5 out of 5

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Why Springfield XD Sucks!