Why Springfield XD Sucks!

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LinuxThief: your review sucks but springfield also sucks.

Samy Dragon: I think u suck

Josh Kane: I've own my xd 9mm 4.0 mod 2 for a year and NOT 1 issue yet it's a spot on target never has it jammed or miss fired don't believe everything you hear I can run threw clip after clip with no malfunction how is that a crapty gun !!!

380stroker: Glock = Austria. XD = Croatia. Beretta = Italy. Ruger, Sig = USA

Doug Smith: I have an xd 45 duty pistol..and I really like it

Tom Ives: All of my colleagues own springfields
I personally own a Springfield 9mm and .45 ACP
Best guns I've ever owned.

JOHN kimble: I have then XDS 9mm 3.3" When I first got the gun I had 2 malfunctions. this was within the first 50 rds. Break in period or packing grease could be blamed but since then I have not had a single malfunction. I go to the range at least once a week and put about 150 rounds each time and I have had the gun for almost 2 years so I have to call BS on this video. These guns are very accurate and reliable. I have a 2 friends that have the XD one with the 9mm and the other with 45 and they also love these guns. Don't listen to XD haters, if you are thinking of buying one shoot one if you can and make your own decision.

shdh shdndu: Ur probably just a stupid african american

Joey Edwards: The gun is used in military combat freaktard.

matthew sustayta: true but i love me xd

arizona tea: They are made in ill in noise?? Never heard of that location

randy464: All said and done I love my XD 9mm mod 2 tactical

`: Xd9 just feels good & fully supported chamber, glock would have required a after market barrel to shoot reloads. However I could see how the higher bore axis & grip safety is a turn off to some.

Claude Musselle: MAC has a different view than you

Stanley Keith: I shot glocks hate the way the feel, own a few m&p they are ok but I love everyone of my Springfield's my xd .45, 9mm my xd mod .45, 9mm and my xdm 5.25 9mm comp.. that S.O.B. gun is one of best shooting guns I have ever shot. ,and I have just bought my second  saint not had one problem with any of them. so you don't like xd good for you anyone that would take a Glock over a xd isn't about how the gun shoots but stuck on a name Glock Australian for brick

Stanley Keith: where is glocks made??? oh yeah not in the USA

Neem Tv ひ: The XD XDS and XD mod 2 are under $600 the only XDs that is over $600 are the XDMs and that because they have match grade parts but glock guys are always in they're feelings about XDs but I bought an XD mod 2 subcompact and its superior to the glock 26 and 19, the glock 26 holds 10 rounds of 9mm with a flush mag the XD mod 2 holds 13 with a flush mag and 16 with the extended mag which beats the 15 rounds from the glock 19 and when you point your XD upward you can see the laughing face laughing at the glock lovers 😂😂😂 XD

JayTee83: I use the XD9 all the time it is a great gun, It feels good and works for me. This sounds like you have a problem with the company not the gun.

Aramis 707: I like hammer fired, CZs, SIG and 1911. XD9 Tactical is my only striker fired handgun and I love it. Good ergonomically, good sight and shoot straight. More than 1,000 rounds and no issue whatsoever. I tried glock but I'm not comfortable with it. My friends love their glocks and They're good with it. I will never say anything bad about that handgun. We are all different. What's good for me might not be as good for anybody else. Practice with what you like and don't worry about what you don't like. (Just my opinion.)

jamal winters: Your a bitch who Doesn't know about guns

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Why Springfield XD Sucks! 5 out of 5

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Why Springfield XD Sucks!