Why Springfield XD Sucks!

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jonathan cruz: Lol wow can't believe I never came across this video. sounds like you dislike the company more than the gun.

$600? where??? Not even in California are they expensive, $460 at Turners ; )

Adam Caldwell: Ok I watched this video and still have yet to hear or see why Springfield Armory and the XD suck.

Sean McDonald: This dudes tongue is pierced. I'm not taking advice about guns from a dude with a tongue ring!!!!

TiborasaurusRex: Funny line:  "This is what Croatia thinks we want, hahahahaha..."

bobbob tomtom: 'Merica

David P: XD9 is a$450.00 gun that feels like a $700.00 one. Smooth robust action, accurate, excellent fit and finish and a pleasure to shoot. They know how to make quality firearms in Croatia also.

Ruben Coronado: well all I can say is I owned a glock 19 Gen 4, g37, and a g23. I have owned them for years. A brick with inexpensive parts. I sold them all. I now have the Springfield xdm. Best gun I have ever owned. parts are much more stronger. just a all round superior gun. But based on your story of facts well I would say most of us gun enthusiasts already knew. Times have changed and guns have evolved. So because the weapon used to be $300 still does not mean that it is not Superior than a glock.

Gunners Mate USN: Ive always used Springfield XDs .. Great guns and not a wallet raper.

Xuucon.com: Awesome Video! Makes you want to research things a little better before you spend your hard earned cash to purchase it! unless you like getting fooled by these companies that get rich off of your ignorance! Great Information Matt!

FliegenKlappen: why people can't own both boggles my mind I keep reading posts that they sold there xd to get a glock or vise versa, just own both its not like they are that expensive, I mean have you guys seen how expensive kimber is. I just bought an xd 45 service 4" and I don't regret it at all. I would have preferred the xdm but I can't get that in Nazi California. And my next purchase will be a glock why? because I don't limit myself to one gun, that's like buying only blue shirts its stupid. They both have
pros and con's.

Jay Goforth: I believe you've got this one wrong. I shopped for a cc 45acp for almost a year and a half. I narrowed down my final choice to two pistols, and began going to the gun range shooting the Glock 30 and XD-45 Mod. 2 on many occasions. I chose the XD-45 Mod. 2, even though I already own Glocks in other calibers. It was an easy choice and I've never looked back. Maybe the older XD's were cheap, but my Croatian made XD Mod. 2 is every bit as good as my Austrian made Glocks!

zbor41: True.

357lockdown: First, I never knew that the original SA went out of business. Thanks for bringing me up to date on that. The reason I was always a big SA fan was the fact that they made cannons for General Washington during the revolution. How much more American could you get than that?I have an XD 45, an SA 1911 loaded, an M1A. They are all kick ass guns in my opinion. They have never jammed on me, they are dead balls accurate, and they stand up to the test of time. Other than the fact that you believe them to be overpriced,  you never said a word about them sucking at performance, accuracy, dependability,  anything that would make them "suck".  From now on,  you might want to make videos using actual facts that can backup whatever claim you're making....just a thought.

bbsouthernsafari: I just got one today for 500. I like the grip, fits me well. Havnt shot it yet.

Anchor: Who pays $600-650 for a xd?? Valid points though

Airgunner Perkins: why brittle PLASTIC parts inside of the slide on the striker assembly? HI POINT doesn't have PLASTIC parts inside the slide,bryco jennings and ravens don't have PLASTIC parts inside of their slides,so why should a $500+ fighting gun have a brittle PLASTIC part inside the slide on the striker assembly? RELEASE THE EXCUSES!!!!!!!

john runner: I got my xd 9 brand new from my local gun store cheaper by 50$ when I compared it to the glock 19 next to it.

Jordin Ward: The glock is no different, yet it's just as expensive, and I bet you love that

Ed Bratt: thank you - this has swayed my paring down of choices to two (one of which is now NOT SArms)

dewalt1799: Sir,
Are comparing a Ruger to the POS XD which is made in Croatia. I love Rugers and I have the new Sr 9 series and P series and they work better than glocks with no malfunctions, eats all ammo and in my opinion are perfect;y designed hand guns. And YES its American made. I have had quite a few firearms so I am certainly not single minded about Rugers. However for the money I think you get a lot of bang for a buck in a Ruger Semi auto.

Just my opinion.

Appreciate your video.

Why Springfield XD Sucks! 5 out of 5

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Why Springfield XD Sucks!