Why Springfield XD Sucks!

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Blut Und Ehre: What I love the XD good reliable weapon he must be a Glock owner


Rudy Soto: Thank you for your input, Sir; however, I would've valued input regarding the weapon's reliability, durability, etc. much more.

Jeremy Smith: The XD will run you about 350, the XD(M) is the one that is more. Which they are not the same, the xdm has a number of upgrades on it, including a trigger that anyone that shoots it will tell you is better then a glock or m&p. I prefer striker fired polymer pistols. The xd holds the title. The only one that might be better is the new Sig polymer series that just came out. it sounds to me that you dislike these guns for the wrong reasons. I own the xd 9 and the xd 45 tactical and have never had a problem. I've shot thousands of rounds through them and have never had a fail. Yea flock is a good gun but anyone that has shot both will tell you which one feels better in your hands and shoots better. xd every time

taylor .mitchell: Good point. I will say I am a Smith guy. however... After handling and shooting my xd. that I picked up for 300 lightly used I will say that I find it to be robust and of good quality. overpriced. yes when new. however I feel that it is just as capable as glock or smith

William schoenfeld: all the idiot xd fan boys in here complaining about a tongue piercing but no one is commenting on this dudes facts

joe gonzalez: Dude you hurts my feelings, I WASTED money on a .45 and two 9m Springfields..... LMAO ;.(

jacob diaz: Its capitalism your glock cost 250 for them to make it what did u pay? Its all good. America

Jon McClure: Paid $400 for my XD9 Mod2 SC. Where does this $600 figure come from?

Jimmy Holland: never paid over 400 for an xds. beats the he'll out of glocks if you as me. but opinions vary.

John Wizeman: OMG! The butt hurt on this video is out of this world. Guys he's not saying the gun is bad, just that he doesn't agree with how they handled the gun and I don't him, not only did they market it the way they did, but they also marked up the HS2000 $350 and a $250 gun became a $600 gun.

ChrisC30: I look at it like this.. Maybe you like Glock. Maybe you like Sig. Maybe you like Taurus, Rossi, or FN, or any other company, and maybe you don't. If the gun works, and your gripe about the gun isn't about how the gun functions, it doesn't matter to me. It's a tool, or a weapon. How it works should be the ONLY thing on my mind. Does it feed? Does it fail? Does it fit my hand? Does it give me problems reaching the controls? Does it let me do all I want to do with it? Can I get accessories and spare parts for it? Is it affordable, for what I want to pay and what I want to do with it? These are what matter most to me. Not who bought what company or licensed what name or stamped what seal or logo on which part. Because, in the end, you're not going to give a rat's ass about that petty drama, when you need the gun to send rounds into someone.

james swan: so a cheap plastic gun made in Austria that is not a economic superpower or powerful millitary or ant real world contributions can make the same cheap plastic gun,jack it's price up based on a good marketing strategy and that is ok. nothing inside a xd looks like a glock,take them apart and really look,if you think they are the same then you need new glasses. this video is just hypocrisy as usual. last I looked,croatia is not a third world country,it is a self sustainable country.

HikaritheGreat: The only thing that I disagree with on this video is the only reason why he doesn't like it because Springfield bought it and made improvements (maybe saying that loosely) to it and jacked up the price isn't really a reason to say it sucks. Most of the things I have been seeing is that it's a solid gun. I keep waiting for people to say the XD is prone to horrible malefunctions, but have yet to see something like that. I was actually just talking to a guy who said he went to a class with shooting and someone using it but didnt survive the first day. Keep in mind this is a class where the beat the crap out of the guns and the gun probably wasn't maintained well enough to take the abuse, but I have no intentions of throwing it on the ground, beating it on the wall, etc. I can respect this guys opinion, but don't say it "sucks" because of another company bought something and raised the price of the gun. That's just business. If you just left it at "why I don't like it because..." that would be better. I'm just giving my opinion on this video, not trying to hate so please understand that.

David Forsberg: On the streets the XD and Glocks are similar in prices. Both are great handguns and recommend either one. Shoot both find out which one fits you. Had a second gen Glock 19 and 17 thought I was good at grouping up to 20 yards. Then shot a XD tactical. Results were tighter groups and felt slightly better to me. For a few years I kept both brands and continued to see if the XD would keep up to the realibilty we know Glock are know for. No regrets for purchasing the XD. In fact when the mod 2 versions appeared, I purchased both a service and tactical version. Both have seen around 1000 rounds and yet they haven't failed me yet. Glock 17 and 19 did not see as much range time and sold them as I perfer the XD. Would I say Glock sucks? Nope it is I perfer the XD a bit better and find it fits me better.

Raging Realist: So this has nothing to do with the gun as a product, and it's functionality and durability. Just you being butthurt about Springfield not being the original company and they didn't "make the gun themselves".
Even if HS Produkt imported the guns themselves and sold them. my XD-9 SC is still worlds better than Glock in my opinion.
The gun works. the trigger is better than Glock. it's accurate. reliable. and durable.

usually if you watch "this gun sucks" video it's about the gun itself not doing what it's supposed to do.

Tactical Mustache 01: traded mine for a Glock,
didn't like the grip safety

Doopityderp: Get over it, anything that can save a life doesn't suck

Michael Blencowe: I shot glocks in competition for years. Even placed 4th in 2007 nationals in idpa and will say my xdm is far better than my glock. I mirror the last comment

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Why Springfield XD Sucks! 5 out of 5

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Why Springfield XD Sucks!