Cutting Helical Gears

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Mr Berger: Chris this is NOT the old school way of doing things, or the new way. No safety glasses, leaning over end gears and sticking your hand near the cutter as you look at the camera. Just wondering if there was anything else you could have chanced, oh yes the chip load on the cutter seems to be at the behest of your "experienced" crank arm as you climb cut then down cut. Any old school machinist would thump you with a crank handle for upcut/downcut ignoring cutter/material loading. I hope viewers dont use you as a role model.

MARK CASTILLO: according to them they did not supplied helix angle and lead,actually there is,but its sad to say they only made experiment on making helical gear.but on the other hand there manual machining knowledge are somewhat comprehensive.

Chris Russell: you tilt the cutter to match the helix angle of the gear so the profile is correct, yes indeed. IF the appropriate change gears for the LEAD of helix are available. if the lead required is in between available lead ratios, by ALSO swivelling the table to an angle calculated by trigenometry (ie, 60` will give HALF the lead, 45` is 1.4), then adding(orsubtracting) the angle from the cutter will bring it back in line with the helix angle, producing the correct profile, at a different lead. 

Anne Franksbrother: Tilting the head does not change the lead it only makes sure the profile of the cutter matches the groove. 

Chris Russell: this is the old school way of doing things. the dividing head is geared to the table lead screw at a certain ratio so to advance so many thou or mm per degree of rotation. as long as the maths is right, it cant fail! if the desired lead cant be obtained with available ratios, tilt the head and cutter over using trigenometry to find the desired lead... you have to use your head with this stuff! safety glasses? only idiots and people that tolerate working with idiots get stuff in their eyes.

jrstow86: Looks like the lathe is on auto scroll, not by hand...

jrstow86: Hmmm the obstruction of safety glasses almost made me lose a few fingers, I don't use them either. damned if you do, damned if you don't.

D1rtyraver: Good luck with the no-goggles approach. I hope it works out for you. Nice clip, though. Thanks.

TheManFromAlaska: Very Cool. I have not seen a set up like that before. Is it something that you guys put together in your shop?

DieselCrawler86: Old machines are great, they allow people to do things rather then punch them in on a key board. There is only one small thing that bothers me here. He is not wearing safety glasses. It only takes a second for that to toss a tooth even on plastic and you don't stand a chance.

caerleon87: Very very good!!!

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Cutting helical gears
Cutting helical gears
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Cutting helical gears