ALICE Pack Modification: Adding A Paracord Handle

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Danilo Donayre: Great idea, man! I decided to do this handle and now my ALICE pack works easily with this! Thanks, dude :D

Jay West: It's nice to have a handle on the pack. I made one for mine a while back. It has a whistle and is detachable for when you just want to wear it as a bracelet. Check it out in my channel. I'll be sharing this video. Godspeed

riselikethephoenix1: There is no reason not to attach it to the frame instead. Far more secure.

Dan Fraser: Do not use the plastic Molle carabiniers they will not take the weight. BOB in Uk sell small carabiniers that will work

azazelRising72: Outstanding mod!! I have been looking for a handle solution for some time, and I am now done. Thanks brother.

Jay West: Hey nice video and channel, I've subbed you and hope you go check out my channel, sub if there's something you like. I just made a great handle for my ALICE pack, I'll be uploading the video this morning. Godspeed

IntenseAngler: Awesome mod Will! I wouldn't have thought of that... looks MUCH more comfortable (and cool) to carry than the single strand of paracord. Well done tutorial as well Brother!

TheDaytonDevil: Great vid! GOD BLESS!

GunsKnivesSurvival: @adamador ha ha, That was a good time, huh?

GunsKnivesSurvival: @SurviveN2 Cool, I'll look forward to your version. Take care buddy.

GunsKnivesSurvival: @nativerobin Thanks for watching!

GunsKnivesSurvival: @USAJungleGym No prob. Thanks!

GunsKnivesSurvival: @boomer16323 I like the axe carry idea. I'll keep that in mind.

GunsKnivesSurvival: @noBuzzkillin Thanks, NBK!

GunsKnivesSurvival: @outdoorrat Thanks, buddy.

GunsKnivesSurvival: @BUZZKILL59able I had thought about that originally, to be honest. :) If I find some suitable carabiners, I just might do that.

BUZZKILL59able: May be possible to attach handle to frame with carabiners for easy removal. Good idea for any exterior frame pack.

noBuzzkillin: And great vid BTW.. ;)

noBuzzkillin: Cobra knots are great for handles. I made one for my Jumbo Versapack about a year ago and it awesome.

boomer16323: It's a good idea. Personally, I'd have just looped the underlaying/base cords directly on the frame. I believe that would make it sturdy enough to use for heavier long term carry. Plus you can use the loop to attach or carry things with, like an axe.

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ALICE Pack Modification: Adding a Paracord Handle 5 out of 5

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ALICE Pack Modification: Adding a Paracord Handle