How To Install .Packages Files (mods) For The Sims 3

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Madison Austin: does anyone know where the skins might be i cant seem to find them?

Halo Girl: I have a HP Pavilion I hope this video works.

4me1angel: omg thank you sososo much it works for me with a mac!!

Yennefer Vengenberg: mod not work to me :(


Emma VanderVelden: great it worked! So happy

The Sims 3 Animal Lover: This is helpful but it might not work I want the 24 sims mod so maybe this will work im going to try it in the morning

Brittany Sposes: I don't know what I'm doing wrong because I followed your exact instructions and it worked the first bit of mods I put in that were a ZIP file. Now I'm trying to add more mods that are downloaded as a ZIP file and they don't appear anywhere in the game even though i go through the steps to install it. The game starts and everything without the introduction just no new mods

Snowy's Gaming, Tips, Tricks, and More: The old version of winrar...

smakkel roblox: omg thxsm I thought this wasn't gonna work for me like  the others but it worked!

Emma: ik this might be a little late, but thank you so much for this video lol i was having so much trouble with trying to download the folder :))

The Aristocrat: This doesn't work, after my stupid dad deleted my documents folder, he freaked everything up, I had to reinstall the game and now the Electronics art folder goes to the Users's Documents folder, no longer goes to my pc documents folder, even when I copy paste the folder into the my pc Documents folder, it never works.

Rachael Doran: So I've done all of this correctly I'm sure of it but they are still not acknowledging them. Nothing shows up

TacoWolfFoxy Tolj: Does this work for the Studio Skin? Just with TSR instead of Mod The Sims?
Here's the link to Studio Skin, if your wondering:

Gale Latte: ive done everything except get winrar or whatever and it still dosnt work any advice

jata ptic: i have no freaking idea what im doing i cant even download

Mr. Funny: you dont need 7zip, you can use winrar :)

Lyric Love: um.. how come when I download a mod from the sit... it didnt show up as a zip file. its one of those blank pages with .rar at the end.....ugh!!!

Jsynni Dorsey: Does anyone know how to download sims 3 island paradise on windows 7 I know I'm so old but I got my regular sims game on it but idk how to get my other to download with the cd if anyone knows plz reply and tell me how too -thank you

CierräSimmś: i found out a way to download some mods
Step1: o to electronic arts, then sims 3, after that downloads
step2 : o to Sims resource and download some cc it has to have the sims 3 icon on it then copy it and paste it into your sims 3 downloads folder and you should have some cc in there but yea

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How to install .Packages files (mods) for The Sims 3 5 out of 5

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How to install .Packages files (mods)  for The Sims 3
How to install .Packages files (mods) for The Sims 3
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How to install Sims 3 mods (Mac) *BEST ONE*
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How to Install Mods & Custom Content into The Sims 3!
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How to install .Packages files (mods)  for The Sims 3