A Fun Reversible Handbag For You To Sew By Debbie Shore

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debbie shore: The fabric is Moda for those of you asking...

debbie shore: Tara so glad you like my book! There are two more due out later this year so I'll keep you posted! For those who aren't aware, it's called Half Yard Heaven, and launches in the States in April...

maxine clough: Hiya Debbie just thought I'd let you know that I bought your smocking books I have now just finished my first attempt and I surprised myself it came out very even and looked very professional I am now going to try and do one of your bags for my granddaughter which I know she will love. =.keep the tutorials coming many thanks maxine

Nishat Fatima: Pretty cool I like the idea,as Of best out of a Waste or recycling things

Celia Missau Pires: I loved I loved ,so thanks my friend Debbie 

Ethel Pepper: This may sound silly but could you give us a close up of what the "inside of the foot" is as a guide?

Suann Alexander: love this ! i think i can actually do this !! thank you !!

tara smith: Oh my god I have your book didn't realise it until I saw your heart decorations in the background recognised them straight away. Checked the book and they were the same looked at the name and it was you!!! Love the book made almost everything in it! :)

Sundari v: your instructions are so very clear. I am a beginner who has sewn only a pillow case. I was able to make your wonderful hangbag and it came out wonderful. I made this for my mother in law, she was so happy, surprised that I made them. please do more video..

Ralph or Gwenn Peery: Where do you buy your bolts or rolls of material?

Angela Redden: As a total sewing novice, I can't believe I just made my first ever bag and thanks to your video, it looks perfect! Thank you so much! Looking at my bag, I still find it hard to believe that I made it! :-)

Srinivasa char A V: thanks a lot. It is very helpful for the beginners to learn about making such a beautiful handbag. 

artistik1979: thanks!! Your daughter is so cute!! :)

Steve G: Wow. Lovely idea. And presented brilliantly. Thank you so much. 

Linda Hobart: Hi Debbie! Thanks for this tutorial for this lovely pleated bag! Is there a pattern to download and print anywhere, with the dimensions of the pieces?

Laura B: Excellent tutorial!! I'm so grateful! I just made my bag and it turned out very nice thanks to you! Here's a pic: http://postimg.org/image/gygumey5f/

adriana durand: I love your tutorial very easy going and I just did my first hand bag ever I just started to sew and this bag was so pretty and easy to do and let me tell you my bag looks so pretty know I want to make some more thanks

Dee Northcut: Thank you so much, this is the first bag I have ever made. You made the process easy and painless. I look forward to making something else with you.

Monia Cammalleri: I made my first handmade handbag after i saw your video "a simple handbag" and i had a great result!.....I'm now trying to make this one...i would llike to say thank you for all the tutorials that you have posted because they are really clear and easy to follow! Have a nice weekend ;)

veronica bautista: look what i want you to make me 

Ellen Helene Hovemoen Solli: very nice ! thank you for sheering

יפה שמחה: Thank you so much. Ive just finished my first ever bag using your easy step by step tutourial :) AND my sister is a fashion designer. but I am only 22 so I am too young to be a profesional fashion designer and she was pleasently surprised by my first bag I sew thanks to your video. by the fabrics she wanted to trow away. I was too pleasently surprised that I AM capable to sew so easily in such a remarkable way. it looks profesional. but the part at 22:01. can you do video about stiching by hand the bag in a pretty way? and if I want papilon on the bag. how to sew nice papilon for the bag? thank you a lot.

rackel hummel: Thank you for this tutorial. Rackel (Brasil)

Maureen Wilkins: Hi Debbie I have just spent a very pleasant time watching you make your bag, I did notice that your pin cushion was a bit wobble, if you put a lump of Blue-Tac underneath your problem will be solved. I love all of your designs, I want to do them all at once, not possible is it. Regards Mo Wilkins

sandra king: just made this and I love it - have made mine reversible so get two bags for the price of one - thank you for the tuition x

nssscrmyb: Your skill , design of Bag , selection of clothes , presentation ......everything is very, very .....best and inspiring . thank you very much .

Moniq407: I made my first tote with my own twist on the handles. Thank you for the inspiration.

Ramya Wijesundera: Thanks a lot. I can try one day

geetha guruswamy: Thanks a lot Ms Debbie Shore. I could finish my bag exactly the way your bag looks.

Anaiah H.: There's something wrong with the comment section

neeha glee: Good one !!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video! :-)

ohsodolloso: Thank you for sharing your excellant skills - I really want to try this project!

Moniq407: Thanks ur tutorial was great!

Anaiah H.: Every time I comment it goes into jumbles sometimes

iLuvPurple9: It's so nice...thanks for the ideas

Tina Giaramita: I've been teaching myself how to sew. You make it look very easy and I think I can actually do this. Really enjoyed watching this video - very clear instructions and very cute bag! Love how it's two bags in one! Will make cute gifts for my daughters and a couple of my friends. Thanks for the tutorial - can't wait to try this! :)

Cutiecry1D: can you make a tutorial on how to make a leather bag? please :D

StayingCrafty: Debbie, this tutorial is fantastic! I struggle with sewing at times and become easily confused so things take me longer than I'd like. You were so clear that I made this bag from start to finish, even adding a button closure and an inner pocket, in just a few hours. I LOVE my new bag, and I thank you for helping me to create it :) I posted it on my blog with a link to your fabulous tutorial. I can't put the link here, but if you want to see it my blog is linked in my profile.

debbie shore: I don't put captions or translations on my videos, try adjusting your settings.

Cloudhamster: hay thanks for this tutorial I just finished my bag and it looks awesome ^^

Charmaine Bournes: The sub titles are distracting and making me laugh. :-)

Tracy Buford: I JUST made this. U are probably the best tutorial person on the face of thia earth because I tried before using a pattern and failed. Your tutorial just helped make me my first bag.

Taha Iftikhar: i like the bag

alexfilma16: I just finished making this bag and am thoroughly pleased with it. You are really good a giving instructions and made it easy for me to follow. Thank you

Samantha Bryant: Do you have a pattern or the size of fabric you used? Or a written way to make this?...Thanks!

merripf: I have made a few bags, but have yet to try a lined one. Love the tutorial, nice clear explanations. Can't wait to have a go....thanks.

Tanya Tsybizova: Another amazing project!!! Never stop making new videos!!! Love it!!!

rraynee78: Thank you my dear..♥♥♥♥♥

shirley prado: what is---if you thought wanted since---I am still the same that's fine??????????? Where are the instructions for the purse

Charlotte Harper: thank you so much, I love the bag and am really happy with my finished item. you were so clear ♥♥

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
A fun reversible handbag for you to sew by Debbie Shore 4.8 out of 5

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A fun reversible handbag for you to sew by Debbie Shore
A fun reversible handbag for you to sew by Debbie Shore
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A fun reversible handbag for you to sew by Debbie Shore