Chicken Invaders 2 Full Clear

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Lee JiaCheng: Gedies92 How come your Chicken Invaders 2 is the full version but mine Chicken Invaders 2 is not the full version is Free Trial only, Lastly Where and When did you get this full Version of Chicken Invaders 2 games ? I also want it also well Can you Please reply mine message (Comments) once you come to Youtube website on your Google Chrome or internet explorer Thanks i appreciate it 

Ny Truong: what is the name of this song :D

yenni ma: this game is too easy ...... you have a good reactions :)

conan94797: the bad death in wave 110. I played it with NO DEATH!

cosmicalian: SPOILER he dies 6 times

NajemNick9: I came to 110 wave and death ;/

זיוה בן דוד: תשכך מזה זה אידיוטי

greengster51: in options you can change that to individual lives

minimorgan1998: You cool i cant get past the last level

Gedies92: Song is My Shooter by Groove Cutter

PaladinTwinknesz: @Gedies92 and thats exactly what ive been doing. everyone in my whole old primary school played it. i got some experience up my belt. i havent played for over 5 years, but my brother is downloading it tonight :D

MrTURKTANK: wow freak that im having even got past asteroid belt XD

xoxGeordie66xox: 8,567,250?? rookie level I presume? when i complete it on veteran level I score like 18,000,000+

michaelcecille1111: Waaaaait

Marcin Hermansdorfer: I didn't die on final showdown and I've beat the game with max firepower.

sophie vr: LOL

Alec McDonald: same here

Gedies92: Yes i die on Mothership 6 times sorry for missleading bit hard not to die on mothership :P

nubakka: The song ?

Kaksi657: no death? xD

DimitarTNT: I passed this game once, Damn great game however on save progress option i dont know why..

T-craft: You have deaths on final boss fight

Victor Zheng: That's balanced out by the fact that laser cannon has no spread in this game. It has slight spread in CI 3 and CI 4.

michaelcecille1111: what is

GooBoy1747: IAS (InterActionStudios) made the remastered edition of CI 2 better graphics etc. nica gameplay ^^

jaro2404: @gagagaga975 romance :D

Mindapwn: mothership freaked me >_<

Maria Bhattacharjee: you have complited asteroid belt

joshuapr999: Just try to max out the red power and use it there. It helps a lot.

jayden grech: RODDA SENT ME HERE

daron1234567890: Nice gameplay man :) 5/5

LubieeJJAJJOKERA: You stole the video from someone because I've seen something like this

G Dervi: Not perfect :) You didn't kill all the fallin' chickens. :)

axel gonzalez: this game is so old and one of the best in my opinion

Gedies92: @MrTURKTANK Haha ull get there :)

Gedies92: @daron1234567890 lol thanks man :)

Nikola Mitic: Song?

urosmitrov218: i kill the final boos the big egg. p.s. i kill the egg whit codes :D

Gedies92: @miniboss30 ahah if u play since primary skool its not too bad:P

ReindeersonSH: ah this is awesome... i got to level 90 using the red weapons without losing a life, then i crumbled :(

Marvel12321: No Argument there ! D;

gagagaga975: bad

Gedies92: Why would i want to steal such a lame video, this is my gameplay u dweeb

Gedies92: @dami3794 no need for the stupid cheats, makes the game boring and stupid.

Dheeman Ghoshal: hahaahahah i love this guy he makes a video of a time passing game.just t o get suscribers U'LL FAIL ON UR QUEST though i clicked on like :D

doomham100: name of song?

Gedies92: @gagagaga975 how is it bad?

Gedies92: ahah yeah happens to me too when i play two player, i lose on stage 110 hard to dodge lol

miniboss30: It's amost impossible 2 get past the mother hen ship, had to cheat 2 get 2 the end :(

rgattie: WOW He lied to.He did to die.

Chicken Invaders 2 full clear 3.9 out of 5

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Chicken Invaders 2 full clear