How To Make A 3 Color Paracord Bracelet

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C. Henderson: Great video. Just started doing this but couldn't figure out how to do the three colors. And burning the ends together is better than what my little book shows taping each end. Makes the bracelet fatter on one end.

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Super Mutynt: I was thinking about making tricolor bracelets for my school

Lindsey Scott: Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial that is easier to understand? Apparently I'm stupid; I just cannot figure this out.

Jan Fuger: Sorry, I grew up way before Mr. Rogers!

MYT CR8TiV: Thanks for sharing this tutorial ! A customer had ordered a 3-colored paracord bracelet and I've only made 2 colors so I needed a peek at how to do a 3-color. This helped a whole lot and it looks awesome on the 3-colored side !! One thing I love about Paracord bracelets is how it's reversible and each side is different.

JAHDillaZilla: Came for the instructions, stayed for the music. Was Snoopy dancing around during the filming of the vid? Great job!

Jan Fuger: OMG, I had to mute this so I didn't have to listen to that awful music.  It would have been better if you had explained it rather than putting the instructions up.

Nicholas Paccione: It would be good if you could explain how to do the bracelet while speaking the instructions and not using subtles to explain how to do this.

Bryan Resch: I get 100 feet of 550 paracord at Michael's Craft store with a 50% off coupon each week for $5. Can't beat that. I've got one hell of a stock going lol.

AzucaNegra16: Red, gold (yellow), and green=rasta colors.  Nice.

How to make a paracord bracelet: Cool tutorial!

JThundered: Grand Theft Auto III Soundtrack

Casper8206: Could you make a video showing how to do this 3 color using a 2 slot buckle instead of a 3 slot buckle?

Eric Moses: for this type of bracelet for a wrist size of 7.5, how many feet of cord would you need? ive been trying to look around and i cant really find out much.

ParacordPlanet: Yes, you are definitely able to do this with gutted paracord. The only difference it will make is that the braid will probably end up being tighter since the paracord will be thinner without the 'guts' in it. The bracelet will also be lighter. The inner strands are just what makes paracord strong and durable in a survival situation.

katie tull: Are you able to do this with gutted paracord ?

lonesumtee: Excellent vid. Best tutorial I've seen. This is great for team colors! Love the jazz BTW. I'm so sick of metal playing in the background of paracord vids.

Nick Vondy: Could u have picked some more annoying music?

appleseedfanatic: I believe for buckles without dual slots you feed the two through it then drap over it then put the middle color 1/2 inch sticking out then weave same way down. For speed just cut the parts sticking out and melt them to the others without shoving it around crap. Time is money

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How to Make a 3 Color Paracord Bracelet 5 out of 5

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