Silage 2011 Claas Rollant (HD)

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98inari: finnish power :D

bmwfanbirk1: die 355 ist doch spielzeug im Gegensatz zur 455. Da sind Welten dazwischen

bmwfanbirk1: Bin überrascht wie die Presse geht, gegenüber der 255 geht da ne ordentliche Menge mehr. Schluckvolumen ist super und die bedienung auch. hab nen 714 vario dran der hat ordentlich zu kämpfen ;)

balmesh: Ja, tatsächlich. Sie werden es lieben!

bmwfanbirk1: I have the Rollant 455 since one Week. Bin gespannt was da so geht.

balmesh: Nothing broken as far as I knew.

bmwfanbirk1: Was genau wurde kaput? Lager oder etwas anderes?

Rooosa88: Nice Vid. We tried a 455 Uniwrap, but the MPS roller did just hold for 250 bales , Heard anyone else with that problem? So our new baler is a 375 Uniwrap, before that it was a 355 and our first Uniwrap was a 255, The 355 was awsome we have a T151 Advance in front of it and it works excellent.

balmesh: To ozzieowz Thanks Steve - these Valtras are better than they look! Under-rated, I reckon.

ozzieowz: @fnh8340 Yes the baler does need 1000rpm ,the old 255 uniwrap worked in 540 rpm

balmesh: To endamc79 You're too kind! But I agree, it's worth the extra trouble.

Enda McDonagh: @balmesh the HD quality is the iceing on the cake

balmesh: To endamc79 Thanks Enda. I thought, when uploading, that it's one of the best I've done, technically.

Enda McDonagh: don't know how i missed this one Alan, top quality video and serious outfitt too, would give the McHale Fusion a run for its money. Think that baler comes with 25 knives, serious chopping.

AlzPembz: Thats some kit he has there awesome vid Alan 5/5..

balmesh: to edgey8D Thanks for the comment. Not complaining about the tractor, though - it coped very well. Mind you, having a soft spot for the MF colour . . . . . .

edgey8D: i've never used a baler/wrapper combo. That baler looks one hell of a piece of kit. Very very impressed. Would be nice to see a better tractor on the front of it though. A nice Massey perhaps? Good video, Alan.

balmesh: ozzieowz Thanks very much for that info.

ozzieowz: @FarmerDeutz brilliant tractors reliable , good traction being quite long and nice to drive

ozzieowz: @fnh8340 yes it does need 1000 rpm . the valtra has sigma power when needed up to 211 hp available , it is recommended at least 160 hp to drive it , our other valtra t160 was on it for a while last year and she did grunt abit when the bale was almost made . the T191 does not grunt at all even with all the pressures turned up and all 25 knifes in

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Silage 2011 Claas Rollant (HD) 5 out of 5

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Silage 2011 Claas Rollant (HD)