Messado Rings: A Brilliant, Magical Close-up Routine

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Strikerche: Am I the only one who noticed that this is the acoustic version of the song from the gaff system trailer ?

Lucean Unger: Awesome rings, just what's the song?

Gwizzz98: Cos if they don't, they should

Gwizzz98: Do you think that band follows him around to boost his swag levels?

Vinzmagicien: Please sell the song, thx

david blaine: is this ninja ring

ejq pearson: how long tell there back in stock

TheWayOfJeorje: I wonder what Morgan Freeman does in his spare time...

Jimmy Troya: damn...he's good

Lucky88Strike: I think the song is specialy composed for this video, and only for this ( just what i thinking), because its so smooth, that everyone wants to use it, and then you would say in the future, this video was not the first one......................................... and dont forget who create and craft! all in memories

doyoubelieve: Can you do a soundtrack compilation??

Marca M para Magia: You should release a Soundtrack compilation of your videos. I simply love this music.

Reese Ross: That's my dog.....awesome!!!

Xiao Liang: whats the name of the song? its so good and well coordinated with the video~!

Fabian Ledönk: I think im gonna purchase it soon, but do i need Big Hands for those flourishes like in this AWESOME Trailer?? :-)

magic3736: Also he has swag :)

Rya S: Love the rings... a refreshing look at something that is almost as old as magic itself, and the man is talented (no question about that) but PLEASE can we have less of a f**king trailer for the tricks and get to the point already? I am pretty sick and tired of waiting for half the clip before we come to what the trick / cards/ gimmick / effect etc is about.

Reduxy: I do this rings a lot and all these moves are not new. The new moves he invented are not worth the 40 dollar price tag. But if your a beginner to the rings all these moves are a must learn! Especially since you get his routine. If i saw this 5 years ago I would have bought it. If your new to the rings this will be a great by. Him selling his routine is worth the 40. 

MauPau Bautista: Song? 

magic3736: Thats a classic trick Got to love it :)

Влад Вэнго: Могёт чувак)))просто ахуенно!!

Mike Nguyen: Gentleman style

Lazare Londaridze: music name? Everything is AWESOME 

d-_-b: welcome to ellusionist! more b-roll, less magic.

Chi Zhau Han: He really does has his own style. 

Kenny Clauwaert: This trailer really is a piece of art. In love with the music, nice job Ellusionist

Glenn Hazen: Can you make a download link for the audio please? I really like the song... A real piece of art this video, I know what I want for christmass :)

PaulTheillusionist: The definition of taking a classic trick and making it perfect. That was so amazing it's unreal.

Mohammed Hejazi: I have a question that i can't find anywhere! The DVD and ring bundle, I'm panning on purchasing it, but how many rings come with it ? 

Oscar Hiram: Dear Santa...

ireal307: Nice and with the song complete harmony

His Yag: It is not a close up trick And this tricks and flourishes are awesome

Lin Yu Syuan: whats the name of the song ??

Kyahm Ross: whats the track for this?

TheCricketer15: Might get this, have never done any rings routine before. Looks pretty sweet! 

Antoine Cazeres: Un des plus beaux tours de close up que j'ai jamais vu. Quel est le titre de la musique?

BogdanC: flourishing with rings?this is totally the next step

BlueLT7: This is beautiful.

Tobias Ibelings: Name of the song?

Kenny Gibson: Hey ellusionist I bought linking rings and they are dope but what is the song used 

Jay Czz: Beautiful! 

die7011: New York Babe

NoLifeVirginWhoWatches TooMuchPorn: Cuba Gooding Jr is pretty good at magic

Erik BlackwellMagic: just ordered.. pretty dope

Vinco: sliiick. looks awesome.

Jason Morales: Is this any better than any other linking ring routine? For the DVD and ring combo your looking to spend around $80. The only plus I see at the moment is portability would like to see more reviews on product before I would consider it.

TheBicycleMaster99: this is some pimped, refreshed chinese ring magic....great!

Ghilas M.: A Close-Up Miracle ! 

Olar Andrei: that was awesome !!!

Messado Rings: A brilliant, magical close-up routine 4.9 out of 5

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Messado Rings: A brilliant. magical close-up routine
Messado Rings: A brilliant. magical close-up routine
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Messado Rings: A brilliant, magical close-up routine