DayZ Review: Good Game

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FamousOnChains: 2:21 dat laugher

This is Pointless: i love almost anything zombie related but just can not get into this because of the terribly complicated controls of arma 2... :(

S0MiK: If u have been watching them

S0MiK: They done war thunder

Adrian Abramczyk: War thunder

Grumpy Leprechaun: please review infestation survivor stories.

Kntrytnt: The church scene is sooo satisfying :P

Game Addict Penguin: I am not black, neither am I a racist as how does me pointing out the use of "african american" as being possibly in your comment make me a racist myself ?, surely it would suggests the polar opposite. Also I'm not accusing you of being racist.

Polymath: ok... either youre black and think everything is an insult, or youre racist. freak, man i used the word african american just like i would use the word he, it has the same freaking meaning t me

Game Addict Penguin: well yes I'm serious, because that word you used is very offensive and has racist meanings

Polymath: freak u man ar eu srious? Just said it cuz it was the first word that popped, that's it.

Game Addict Penguin: In what way is he a "african american"?

Polymath: oh man i cant imagine what the 1st guy that ever played dayz went trough. In a world where Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil are the prime zombie survivr games, the african american must've thought like every building was entrable and there was a shi ton of food and supplies around every corner. Then i found the truth.... yeah

Think Like A Car: Spawned in know where??? U spawned in where u died

Think Like A Car: freaking noobs

MeatPopsycle: ...which is slow....really slow.'s awesome.

HonestToCritic: I get how crazy realitic this game can be and how its survival at its harshest but it looks way too fustraiting. And players r dics and im sure there r people playin this game just to piss off other players. Id recomend state of decay on xbox live instead. It looks and plays great and its realistic in just the right way to maximize fun and minimize fustraition. Its not online but if players support this one. The devs said theyd make an online sequal so download the demo or buy it for just 20 bks

Darth Dick: She is hot

Sean Carmichael: did any really want some sniper to just shoot one of them in the head 7:40

Jonathan J: I wish they released something like this to the consoles. Im getting a little bit bored of COD, Halo and BF3 :(

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DayZ Review: Good Game 5 out of 5

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DayZ Review: Good Game