DIY Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift Demo And Review

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Michele Xoxo: The silicone pads work and stick better if you cut the excess top part but leave a little on with the curve! The pads usually stick better that way because it’s not as long and not lifting from eyelid if you open your eye!

Kristen King: If you want better results if eye shields aren’t working use eyelash curler then put products into lashes

Evelynn Olvera: I can not get the silicone pads to stick to my eye no matter what glue I use and I also can’t use the white rods either because it gets deformed once I take it out of the package and my eyelashes are too long to stick onto the rod. I also did one eye and it did nothing for me..maybe I didn’t put enough perming solution but I have no idea . I also used a different kit than this one but the silicone rods are more smaller than the ones shown in the video and they do not cover my entire eye.

R: Excuse your face? Why, what's wrong with it? Looks fine to me...

Jo Jo: I recently did a diy lash perm at home and it’s so much harder than I.T looks!!!! 😩😩😩 def worth the money u will save but I.T will take some practice if ur doing I.T on ur own eye

Baby G: I just got my kit today ! Ordered the same one , going to use it later

not using: I just bought this exact kit.. Now I know how to use it thx to u 😉

greeleyestateslove: i have never seen you before and hate when beautiful, lovely looking people say "sorry excuse my no makeup face."

Tiffany Jager: how do you get your lashes to stick up into the pink one? I applied the glue and i still couldnt get them to stick very well

Apply Lightly: I got the same kit and my kit smelled really strong and made me a little scared to use it. Surprisingly no one mentioned it in the reviews so I'm just trying to find out if I got a bad batch. Did your glue smell really strong and solution A smell like nair?

Jessica Grace Maria: this was a great video to watch! I can't wait for my kit to come I'm the mail. It was also very good to see you use both styles. I'll definitely be using the pink ones in my kit. Thanks heaps!! 😊

Andrea Morales: I bought this kit. Use the pink rods it will curl your lashes evenly. My first time I used the white because they were easier to stick on and my lashes were curled at different levels. Also the pink is more protective I happen to get some of the perming solution on my eye because the white rod was very small. I had a burned puffy eye lid this stuff is not to mess with! Use pink rod for more protective and better results!

Chloe Venegas: castor oil is good, it's just very thick, it's best to use at bedtime. castor oil actually helps stimulate lash growth. Vaseline is a great one though! And it's inexpensive and can be used for other things too!

Angela Vlogs: I just tried to perm my lashes...let me tell you - it didn't work AT ALL!! Now I am watching some videos how to do it correctly ;)

MomGotnailsbyStepha: Yay 😊 im glad I found did a great job explaining 👍🏻

Chloe Venegas: I'm actually a lash lift professional and I must tell you, to please please hydrate your lashes especially with this brand!! It's sad to see companies selling products that can be damaging to people that don't have any training without informing of serious effects if you get that in your eye #1 or lash damage from the chemicals. over time the peroxide will dry out your lashes and if not hydrated properly you will notice breakage, sparse lashes from abnormal lash shedding & that's because of this "perm". . QUALITY is extremely important as we only have one set of eyes and our lashes will remain healthy as long as we take care of them.

bjorkmje: ok so after the glue when you put the first solution on, how do you keep them from slipping off the applicator? the solution totally took all the glue off. helpppp

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ADiosChicago: Thank you for the video.

Lourdes Paredes: thanks so much

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DIY Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift demo and review 5 out of 5

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DIY Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift demo and review
DIY Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift demo and review
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DIY Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift demo and review