DIY Tinted Brow Gel

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TheRockinbem: I'm glad I've watched this. Been wanting to try the anastasia. I've had a wax for awhile that's been sitting around and shadow. Total cost $2 ^. ^

CARICIA PEREZ: Does it make your eyebrows dark naturally or no

Noleen Errington: do you put the eye shadow in when its melted ?x

Lauren Appleby: Can you use coconut oil???

WWWAESOMENESS: I love this video!!

BlondeGlitters: I really like this! I did something similar to this if you are interested :) DIY - Tinted Brow Gel

Denise Keithler: Do you have an online tutrorial on how to apply the gel?

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson: Thank you! I like it too =)

Lucrece von Kasm: Great video and I love your moto!

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson: It will probably be too mushy.

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson: Aww thank you!

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson: Thanks Kyra! I'm glad you were able to try this out.

Kyra Staudt: I LOVE this video! I can FINALLY make my own eyebrow tint, and not have to buy it for like $20! Yay! thanks so much! Oh an BTW, glass is microwave safe! Just so you know! ;)

Enni Day: you are so adorable, I'm going to try this soon, but I wonder which lip balm will do., thanks for sharing

Beth L: So you're questioning why you subscribed to her because of one video? No offense but I think that's kinda silly.

Mandi: Can u use vasaline?

yehet boy: what's the song used?

coffeeprincess709: glass can be microwaved and this is more of a tinted brow wax rather than gel.

eveparker101: you are very very beautiful but you need some bronzer to dfine your cheeks cuz your eyes and lips and skin are awsome and also dark lipstick trust me you are beautiful like realy beautiful

fifahenry: Do you have any videos where you apply it? I'd like to see what it looks like on you, it looks quite light!

DIY Tinted Brow Gel 5 out of 5

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DIY -  Tinted Brow Gel
DIY - Tinted Brow Gel
DIY Tinted Brow Gel
DIY Tinted Brow Gel
DIY Tinted Brow Gel // eliciadevera ♥
DIY Tinted Brow Gel // eliciadevera ♥
DIY EYEBROW TINTED GEL - beautywithgeline
DIY EYEBROW TINTED GEL - beautywithgeline
DIY: Tinted Brow Gel !!
DIY: Tinted Brow Gel !!

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DIY Tinted Brow Gel