Unboxing The Savage Model 10 FP-SR Tactical Rifle

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leonardimas1: great rifle, but becomes a Magazine with 10 rounds for this model 10?

agnzls19: Judging by your t-shirt I think you are the perfect person to ask this: Which would you prefer; the Remington 700 SPS Varmint or this Savage 10FP-SR? I've narrowed my choices down to these two. Semper Fi Devil.

kasperx01: hey man is the area between the bottom bolts a piece of metal(metal plate) or is it just plastic

TacticalAdv: @AppalachianFreedom Thanks, I have another vid Im editing right now, just monkeying around with the factory stock....I appreciate the support

FogCityTactical: Nice vid

TacticalAdv: Its a hell of a gun for the money!

milspec28: Great deal for this. Buy this chuck the stock and order a A5. Have fun with it then Re-barrel. The great thing about Savage. I have this one and the factory 5R. Both in A5's and shoot these more than my 700's. Love me some Salvage

ARMEDLOCATION: @TacticalAdv thx it will be a one of a kind savage and let me tell you get the choate tactical stock its a dream come true for savage stocks

TacticalAdv: yep mine came with the brake. They can be converted to accept a magazine, just search around for savage bottom metal. Its not hard to do. I have worked up some loads but I a very careful about giving out that info due to potential liability but thanks for asking

Circadin: What angle is the bolt lift? easy to clear scope ocular housing?

TacticalAdv: excellant, probably the best out of the box rifle I have ever shot

ARMEDLOCATION: @TacticalAdv yeah thats a great stock too

TacticalAdv: @MrSurgicalPrecision For the most part the bolt handle will work for me though I do kinda have the itch for an aftermarket. I am actually looking forward to making vids with this gun mainly because you really dont see a whole bunch of them out there. I will most likely be hitting you up for some thoughts as I go through the series wiht this rifle.

IWIHANC: That recoil pad is no joke, i have a Savage 111 fcns in .30-06 and it shoots smoother then any 308 or 30-06 that i ever shot

TacticalAdv: @MrSurgicalPrecision Dude, I would love to. Ill pm ya later on and we can work out some details

xfatexfatalx: slayer!

TacticalAdv: @willwood487 Thanks man its good to be back!

Karl2070: Does this have an over sized bolt handle ?

ortocolm: what do the bolt centers measure on the stock? 4.4?

TacticalAdv: @ARMEDLOCATION Greaaaatttttt.....no videos. My videos pale in comparison to yours.....I guess Ill have to up my game. In all honesty I can wait to see some vids about that from you.

Dave k: These are $596 at my Ohio dealer. Needs a better stock though. Plastic seems too cheap.

Surgical Precision: Hey you can get the tactical bolt handle from the 110 BA that should fit on your rifle for like $85 or so. It's longer and knurled. Looks great, you can't beat a Savage for a solid, accurate rifle and a great value. Good to see you back man, can't wait to see the videos on this one. I've got a lot of experience building Savages so it will be interesting to see what you do.

ohoh00007: Looks good, I like the Bull Barrel and that you chose that one with the threads. I hear ya about getting back on the 'Horse'... My saddles ready, just waiting myself for horse(offer letter to arrive)... Take care, and looking forward to see you smiling after checking your targets.... Cheers.

TacticalAdv: @ohoh00007 Thanks!

ThaiTan Corner: I own the older model without accu trigger i wonder if I could take the 110 switch over to the 10 fp, got a Sheppard scope on it right now

TacticalAdv: @zunedog31 symantics....lol

Ben Hen: love how savage makes a rifle that is more accurate right out of the box than rifles that are many times twice the price. i love mine, great reveiw

nottelingu: the savage model 10 are the law inforcement rifles hey? I'm ordering the 10 fcp 223 with accstock cant wait I'l alreay have a tikka 308 and cz 22lr, check me vids out if u have time mate. top vid and top rifle mate cant wait to get mine

1wolfe1: Where did you buy this from I would like to purchase the same one.

af22raptor23503: Very nice rifle! Savage is a very undervalued company since they give you allot for the money and they can compete with other brands costing 2 and sometimes 3 times the cost. Best BANG for the Buck in my opinion!

mastersniper13: i just got a 111 in 300wm

Josh McClintock: i enjoy playing with my stuff to.

loren hall: can u get this model with a removable mag

TacticalAdv: A few companies make them. Just google search Savage bottom metal

lynette1953: i love this song :) ,jon

zunedog31: not reeeeeeealy an unboxing >.>

Weaponeer: thanks for posting this to the website. nice video... The savage makes a great budget tactical rifle (my 110e is shooting under 0.25 inch groups with factory ammo) so I'm happy with savage.

INFOWARSDOTCOM: No worries. I'll figure out a recipe. My AR10 is the same twist and I bet the results will be close. Searched "bottom metal" and found something on Brownell's (260 bucks and another 90 for a magazine...ouch) Thanks for the answers.

Cfreedom45: is the barrel free floated? how do the seems feel on the stock?

TacticalAdv: @MrAsundstrom I hear ya, when I went to pick up thi rifle I was actually going to pick up an SPS tactical. This just ended up having more of what I wanted for the same price point. Hopefully it will perform for me

kxxbkjfjabslfja: I was thinking about getting this rifle....how is the accuracy?

INFOWARSDOTCOM: I have one of these on order and am very excited. Did you say yours CAME with a muzzle brake? Mine doesn't seem to offer one. I also want to convert it to accept a 10rnd mag. Is that hard, and have you done it? Have you worked up any load recipes for it?Thanks in advance.

willwood487: Glad to see you back man! cant wait to see what you do with her!

TacticalAdv: @gunsmith93 the length measured from the butt of the stock to the trigger

TacticalAdv: free float....stck sucks bad

superassassin47: whats the difference between the regular model 10 fp and the fp-sr?

Haris Mulahasic: mount a nikko stirling scope there really good

MrAsundstrom: sick rifle man.. i have the Remington 700 tactical, but that savage was a close runner up

Karl2070: Oh jeeze. I answered my own question. Just had to finish watching video. I,m gonna get on of these in a .308.

Dave k: These are $596 at my Ohio dealer.

Unboxing the Savage Model 10 FP-SR Tactical Rifle 4.9 out of 5

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Unboxing the Savage Model 10 FP-SR Tactical Rifle
Unboxing the Savage Model 10 FP-SR Tactical Rifle

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Unboxing the Savage Model 10 FP-SR Tactical Rifle