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Darren Hennsey: ask linda daily where you can buy them

Darren Hennsey: iam a big boy now  

Ghostdinosawur: those have the same manufacturer as the CVS brand briefs

The blind redneck: Would you say these are comparable to a depends or tranquility in terms of thickness?

Jennifer Beck: ............

DiAPERiDOL: All body-worn 'Blue-Strip' products feel horrible!! Like wearing sandpaper, especially when wet, and they all eventually get wet!!

We've thoroughly tested Prevail's entire line of incontinence products, from Prevail's adult briefs, protective underwear and bladder control pads from both retail and institutional lines, and on the whole, Prevail categorically fails to meet even the minimum standards of quality for equivalent European brands, on all fronts. In fact, Prevail's entire lineup suffers from the same 'cost-cutting' measures similar to current USA-made Attends and USA-made Tena products, featuring no inner-leg leak barriers, no standing leak-cuffs or leak-guards, tapes that break, don't stick or simply fall apart, thinner pulp and less overall fluff, inferior construction lacking in features, cheap feeling low-grade materials and that uncomfortable 'blue-strip' or 'white-strip' center panel, which is a porous plastic laminate mesh 'dri-layer' that always separates, bunches up, rubs the skin and sticks to you like wet scratchy sandpaper and more, all dramatically reducing user comfort, leak-free confidence and I daresay, use and enjoyment for active consumers.

Unfortunately, Prevail has become a 'regulated monopoly,' and now currently dominates US institutional, nursing care, hospital, state and Federal aide contracts and shelf space at most retail drugstores and supermarkets. Prevail relies on the fact that American consumers don't know any better, or simply aren't aware that more comfortable, more absorbent and higher quality incontinence products exist for the active incontinence sufferer, so they wind up buying Prevail because it is the only product in front of them at stores, and more often than not, the only brand made available through their insured supplier. Such are the monopolistic marketing practices intentionally exploited by Prevail, practices that unfairly skew brand penetration numbers, sales and marketing data, and creates a false sense of consumer awareness that plays in its favor.

As the saying goes, "The rich get richer!" popularity figures based on Prevail's sales volumes are a misrepresentation of reality, consumers' don't buy Prevail products because they love or trust the brand, they buy Prevail because little else is accessible for them to purchase, whether obtained through insurance, purchased from an online medical supply house, a supermarket or retail drugstore, or by prescription from a urologist or their HMO.

When 'accessibility' determines 'product availability,' whatever product saturates the market, is the product that can sets the universal standard by which all brands compare, so long as that brand remains most-accessible, like Prevail is in the US, that product's quality standard, high or low, maintains control over the globally accepted standard. As such, wherever Prevail employs cuts corners, further reduces quality or cheapens its products even more, others brands follow suit, the same can go in reverse for higher quality and newer product innovations, but to a much lesser degree. Dominating the US market with low-quality products as the universal standard, has allowed Prevail to flood America with higher-cost, lower-grade incontinence products, which further allows itself to dominate the incontinence sector through exclusive Federal supply-chain contracts with medical insurance, institutional  suppliers, Veteran's hospitals, HMO's and vast, untold numbers of young and old Medicare/Medicaid recipients, eventually squeezing out unequivocally superior brands like Abena, Molicare and Tranquility, and setting a presidence of 'low-quality disposables' and 'thinner is better' mindset as the industry-wide defacto-standard on all made-for-US products. Not only has Prevail's tactics proved a detriment to the quality of incontinence products in America, it has also paved the way for previously-superior brands like Attends-USA and Tena-USA to directly copy their methodology of cut-corners, diminished quality control and overall lowering of standards to an all time abysmal new low, a diminished level of inferior-quality neither brand could get away with in markets outside of the US (Europe, Asia, South America et al.)

The company that makes Prevail, "First Quality," is a misnomer, it's the exact reverse of what the name implies. Any sub-par, low-grade brand like Prevail that is granted the ability (dare I say responsibility) to define product quality on a nationwide scale, and establish impetus for standards on feature-sets for large, voiceless consumer demographics, should never choose whatever makes them the most amount of money, and that is exactly what Prevail has done. Follow the money and you'll find the culprits 'Why?" so many US-made incontinence products are now categorically inferior to their identical-brand name counterparts sold in every nation outside of the US.

Luckily, consumers are getting frustrated over lower-quality products as the only option available to them, thanks in part to monopolies of shelf-space by inferior US-brands like Prevail among others. It appears the growing dissatisfaction among US-consumers has caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the premium European incontinence sector, who are starting to look across the ocean at several key areas for massive growth. The adult incontinence market still has plenty of room to grow in places like the USA, where inferior products maintain a veritable choke-hold over retail space, more and more seniors are living longer and staying active, while more and more younger Americans are being diagnosed for a variety of chronic incontinence conditions, it's from these underserved populations that European manufactures see an untapped market, and huge dollar signs. Based on rising consumer dissatisfaction in America, and steadily rising levels of direct-to-consumer import sales of European incontinence products, it's no wonder US manufacturers haven't capitalized on this. The fact remains, more and more incontinence sufferers are leading normal, physically active lives, they are willing and able to pay top dollar for high quality products, which they order online. With such a windfall, European manufacturers hope to fill the voids created by the saturation of low-tier US-made products primarily designed, marketed and sold for use by infirmed, bed-ridden elderly, or for nursing home residents.

Prevail's tradition of low-quality, thinner and cheaper, no-frills adult incontinence products, equals more frequent 'diaper changes,' which means more total units sold, increased volume penetration that looks good on-paper, leading to higher sales volumes, more contracts based, more product moved out the door, and higher profits, a downward cycle of reduced quality traded for higher margins, and a trend that only hurts consumers because it allows the lowest-quality denominator to flood the market, diminishing accessibility to far more absorbent, higher quality "premium brands" which are the retail standards everywhere else in the world.

Although higher-priced per unit, with Prevail, cost doesn't determine better value, it's actually the reverse. Prevail, as a US-made brand name, mostly consists of inferior, lower-tier, lower-value incontinence products which lack even the most basic design, quality and material construction essentials so commonly found in brands made and sold to markets in Europe, Asia and South America, and why we highly discourage people from PREVAIL-BRAND PRODUCTS, all the worse-for-wear, lacking most in comfort, quality and usable features for leak prevention and bladder/bowel incontinence of any level or kind.

In summary, Prevail's entire line of adult incontinence products are at-best, grossly outdated and sub-par quality compared to any other brand manufactured and sold OUTSIDE of the US, and just goes to show that market dominance is not necessarily a reflection superior quality, but rather by profit motive, consumer comfort be damned!

NOTE: What is said and true about Prevail's products, can also be applied to USA-made Attends-brand, and USA-made Tena-brand products, with some variation on market penetration and retail availability to Prevail. Both Attends & Tena make inferior products for the US retail and institutional market, and like Prevail, both brands appear less concerned about user needs (comfort, absorbancy, features) and more concerned about cost-cutting, reductions of quality and non-woven materials used, and providing less overall, dollar-for-dollar value on any product made for the US market-only. In markets outside of the US however, both Tena & Attends shine, they are value-rich, top-notch premium brands enjoyed by consumers around the world, featuring all the 'bells & whistles' of comfort, absorbancy and leak-proof protection and performance one could want. In America, Attends & Tena brands are identical to Prevail, cheaply made, sub par on absorbency, and grossly overpriced.

Jeremiah Waye: I whear diapers all my life my brother and can't not get anny help to get them

Dave S: I love your reviews. I had some prostate problems and had to wear diapers for a short time. It was helpful to see what different diapers look like... thanks.

diaperman89: Amazon has them.

SJ Frank: Where do you get them?

diaperman89: I will put them on my list.. Thanks.

john caldwell: do a video on the tena slip diaper form the UK.if u go to bambino diapers u can buy a sample to try out.they are plastic backing.

jacob Coulter: Why do you still wear diapers

john caldwell: im sorry to tell u this.the green part beside the leg gathers or call leak guards".because leak guards keep pee form comeing out the diaper.the bule diaper has the old bule color like the vintage huggiess.bule for boys and pink for girls".i remember

john caldwell: they should have put leak guards beside the leg gathers on the inside of the diaper.pampers and baby diapers has leak guards on the inside of the diaper to keep the pee form leaking out"

diaperman89: Thank you for the info. Sometimes it hard to keep up with the manufacturer's. I will see if I can find some of the newer versions and do another review...... at some point.

Joe Buscher JR: The newer diapers have two lines for the wetness indicator and the diaper is a darker blue. First quality change their diapers about eight months ago. The diapers you got have to be over a year old may want to look at the lot number and contact first quality.

Joe Buscher JR: The diapers that you were testing our old the newer one stick butter

Roy Toomey: I have to disagree with you on that comment - diaper rash creams & baby/talcum power on the hands can contaminate the tapes. You need to clean your hands after using them, so that tapes on the diaper can stick.

crashman898989: Thanks for the info and compared to some others the First Quality diapers look like they fit you well.I am on the short side and they don't fit me as well.

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First Quality adult diaper briefs look 5 out of 5

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First Quality adult diaper briefs look