First Quality Adult Diaper Briefs Look

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J P F: In the thumb nail it looks like your wearing a full diaper

Darren Hennsey: ask linda daily where you can buy them

Darren Hennsey: iam a big boy now  

Ghostdinosawur: those have the same manufacturer as the CVS brand briefs

The blind redneck: Would you say these are comparable to a depends or tranquility in terms of thickness?

Jennifer Beck: ............

Jeremiah Waye: I whear diapers all my life my brother and can't not get anny help to get them

Dave S: I love your reviews. I had some prostate problems and had to wear diapers for a short time. It was helpful to see what different diapers look like... thanks.

diaperman89: Amazon has them.

SJ Frank: Where do you get them?

diaperman89: I will put them on my list.. Thanks.

john caldwell: do a video on the tena slip diaper form the UK.if u go to bambino diapers u can buy a sample to try out.they are plastic backing.

jacob Coulter: Why do you still wear diapers

john caldwell: im sorry to tell u this.the green part beside the leg gathers or call leak guards".because leak guards keep pee form comeing out the diaper.the bule diaper has the old bule color like the vintage huggiess.bule for boys and pink for girls".i remember

john caldwell: they should have put leak guards beside the leg gathers on the inside of the diaper.pampers and baby diapers has leak guards on the inside of the diaper to keep the pee form leaking out"

diaperman89: Thank you for the info. Sometimes it hard to keep up with the manufacturer's. I will see if I can find some of the newer versions and do another review...... at some point.

Joe Buscher JR: The newer diapers have two lines for the wetness indicator and the diaper is a darker blue. First quality change their diapers about eight months ago. The diapers you got have to be over a year old may want to look at the lot number and contact first quality.

Joe Buscher JR: The diapers that you were testing our old the newer one stick butter

Roy Toomey: I have to disagree with you on that comment - diaper rash creams & baby/talcum power on the hands can contaminate the tapes. You need to clean your hands after using them, so that tapes on the diaper can stick.

crashman898989: Thanks for the info and compared to some others the First Quality diapers look like they fit you well.I am on the short side and they don't fit me as well.

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First Quality adult diaper briefs look 5 out of 5

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First Quality adult diaper briefs look