Heater A/C Control Panel Replacement

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Jose Gonzalez: I have a 1998 Tahoe replaced blower motor changed resistor and the driver side door blend actuator door and I still can't get air to blow out my vents

Chris Murphy: Thanks man. Fun video . . . and helpful!

tom ballein: enjoyed your video I will be replacing mine soon

Ronnie Norwood: Hey would you happen to have another one of those you would sell for a 96 z71 I can't find one here at all

Travis Valentine: I have a 03 gmc Sonoma the heat blows out good everywhere. Except for the defroster. how can I fix this ?

miguel vera: Hey bro I have a 95 gmc Sierra and my heater and ac went out it doesn't turn on anymore it was working just fine but now when I turn it on no power or nothing comes thru no air blows thru do you know what it could be thanks in advance. 

James Thomas: could i do the same with my 96 chevy suburban

Lelsie Mcleod: you make it look easy i have a 04 and i need to do this

jreyman: I just pull the panel forward and disconnect the wiring on the backside. no need to dismantle everything on the dash bezel. just disconnect the plugs to remove it. No need to worry about the clips, either. The dash bezel will hold the HVAC panel and radio in place, if you break the clips. I'm going to have to get another HVAC panel. My fan speed controller only works in two positions Low and High. There is no off or the two middle speeds. ['97 C2500 Silverado]

Gammie Munoz: My 2006 trailblazer has an issue with the control panel fan button. It only works on setting 1, 2, and 3. The air and heat seem to blow just fine on those but 4 and 5 do not work at all. Any suggestions?

renehernandezrt17: I am only getting air out of my floor vents and defroster. when i switch over to the dash vents i get no air. Is that my A/C Control module?

Andrew Ayers: I love your videos guy. My AC selector switch just failed on me this morning (fan is stuck on), so now I am looking for a new panel, and I wanted to see if it was gonna be a butt kicker to fix. Doesn't look like it. Maybe I'll replace the radio while I'm in there; dunno (nothing wrong with it, just want a better radio). Is it best to get these panels from a junk yard, because I'm looking a rock auto and seeing it new (oem) for $100.00. Not crazy expensive, but if it could be had cheaper, that'd be nice...

Darren87aero: holy crap! you lost alot of weight!! 

Leonard Hogan: I got a ? My ac was working perfectly then all of a sudden the ac button stop working and the circulation button stop working so now it doesn't blow cold no more and it doesn't blow the heater any more and it only blows from the defroster for the windshield what can this be do I need to change the climate control panel.

Lil Mama's World: I got a question. The control panel in my 95 Tahoe works fine BUT the knob for fan control cracked & fell off. I've glued it back on a few different times and it would stay on & work fine for 7-9 months at a time but with the AZ heat nothing is permanent. A few days ago my boyfriend was driving the Tahoe & the damn knob fell off & now we can't find it. His nails are hard so he can dig in to adjust the fan but I can't & I usually get stuck with the fan at whatever speed he left it. I've seen on Amazon & a few other sites where they sell a 3 pack of assorted replacement knobs.  I've take the dash apart before to replace the radio but I can't figure out how to replace the knob in the control panel. Any ideas or suggestions???

Mario Resendes: my tabs on the side of my heater control are busted but they stay in just fine with the molding after its all back together.

Ella Allen: I have a 2002 pontiac aztek and i got pissed offf and smashed the control knob. Do you think it might have melted any other wires to the blower moter resistor thing ? you video was the only one out of hundreds that showed me exactly what I wanted and needed

Jacqueline Davidson: Thanks for the video. This blonde is having to do a rewire of the 1 of the fan switch in -45 because there is none at the wreckers that work. At least I know now that I really can't break anything LOL.

chitowncaddy: How do you do the blower motor? I wany to do the resistor and motor on my 99 escalade

Everett Larson: like your sense of humor. thanks from the northeast

Heater A/C Control Panel Replacement 5 out of 5

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Heater A/C Control Panel Replacement
Heater A/C Control Panel Replacement
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Heater A/C Control Panel Replacement