Converting Your Percussion Cap To 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark)

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Master Tracker: Maybe a good idea to leave the hammer on half rooster position while walking ?
Good video and thanks for the info Dave .

Van Ferrell: You people don't get it, in a survival situation there are no rules

Joe Faucon: You should also suggest to coat the threads of the nipple with a muzzleloader anti-sieze for ease of removal. While this video was posted 3 years ago, I find the quality of certain rifles and smoothbores on the used market to be "get what you pay for". A basic Modern In lines are not much more expensive then a good second hand piece. Not to mention you get a weapon more suited to use conical bullets with their inherit accuracy for the novice and ease of cleaning (ok slightly easier).

Jeep Man: I never have any issues with number 11 caps or Pyrodex. You just have to load correctly. This system would be good for people that can not pay attention to details.

King Eric XV: Real nice video, planning on buying a set of Lyman percussion pistols but was unsure since i wanted to use black powder substitutes for it. Now that i know about Mag-Spark, makes the choice between Lyman's and CVA Optima allot easier.

huntryx1: Does the hotter primer hurt accuracy?

UNITED POLICE STATES OF AMERICA: Will this work for a percussion revolver? My first one, an 1858 repro, comes on the big, brown, truck, tomorrow!

The Airborn Phallic Ejacubomber: Will this work with the traditions deerhunter? Please help.

TheTrakker: I commented on this last year and bought one for my CVA .50 cal Frontier. It has worked flawlessly since then. I just bought another one today for a spare in case the cap were to get lost. I load it up, and set it to half rooster. Totally safe, and secure, and always reliable. Same as any of Dave's recommendations. Fact is, I watch Dave's videos for that reason. He is a reliable source of knowledge. Thanks Dave!

Tony Edwards: It's a great product I use it on my CVA Hawken with a .490 rb and .15 th patch on top of 65 grns of Blackhorn 209 BP substitute, works great shoots every time !! 

Fritz Duquesne: "If God meant us to use caplocks, he would would've spread caps all over the ground as he did with flint" 

TheTrakker: Dave, Just found this video. Awesome set up! i have a CVA percussion .50 that I bought at a gun show a few years back. The #11 primers have not always been reliable for me. I'm going to go with this for this season and see how it goes. Many thanks for all you do for us! You and the family are always in our prayers bro! Take Care

adrolab27: Very cool, but, My question is this. Just like a regular shell or casing,you would have to replace the primer/cap before every shot? I suppose it makes sence. very versatile, but what is your average reload rate? I would like to get into a muzzle loading only rule for myself. (P.S. Two years ago I went to Fly only fishing. and I catch more fish now than I ever did with spinning reels.) Sorry, I made this a hard question to answer. Basically, Reload rate, over the more modern muzzle loaders?

Mike A Drover: Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Very interesting, I will be checking out their webpage. ~M~

kcatto21: I have been using the mag spark type ignition system for about 10yrs with my old CVA and thompson sidelocks.... they are amazingly bullet proof and I can always switch back to the no11 if i need to.... I have used them for so long i kinda forgot about them, I got mine from dixie gun works....

piggly72: northstar west is a good site to check for good smoothbores

Poodle Shooter: Neat idea but i don't know if i'm sold on it yet. Seems like to much to lose, If you drop a cap not a big deal but you drop the firing pin thing your screwed.

FUreplygirl: so now I would have to unscrew the cap and place the primers... which seems to be more difficult eg. with cold hands. Plus you run a high risk of losing the firing pin cap... I think I would still prefer the caps.

RUD12C: I like the way you think. Cool vid

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Converting Your Percussion Cap to 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark) 5 out of 5

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Converting Your Percussion Cap to 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark)