Converting Your Percussion Cap To 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark)

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AVerylargePotatoOnATrainWithAManOnTop coley: Will this work with the traditions deerhunter? Please help.

TheTrakker: I commented on this last year and bought one for my CVA .50 cal Frontier. It has worked flawlessly since then. I just bought another one today for a spare in case the cap were to get lost. I load it up, and set it to half rooster. Totally safe, and secure, and always reliable. Same as any of Dave's recommendations. Fact is, I watch Dave's videos for that reason. He is a reliable source of knowledge. Thanks Dave!

Tony Edwards: It's a great product I use it on my CVA Hawken with a .490 rb and .15 th patch on top of 65 grns of Blackhorn 209 BP substitute, works great shoots every time !! 

Prus. Curassier: "If God meant us to use caplocks, he would would've spread caps all over the ground as he did with flint" 

Rich Doherty: I have a problem with delayed ignition in my caplock rifle. I am using musket caps and loose ff pyrodex. I will give this conversion a try to see if it helps.

SurvivalHunter88: Was hopeing for this vid =) 209 primers are waterproof =) Thank you Dave

John Rebel: This looks like a home run

Kellett781: Love it Dave! Anything to make muzzle loaders more versatile is a good thing.

mi.recluse: great little gizmo ! off topic they have a square mag block and striker with a pencil sharpener in it for twigs.

Jean's Survival: Good to see you back here!

wildernessoutfitters: They are in no way as waterproof or hot burning and will not ignite many powders NEAR as well as a 209-I am not about chance when I fire my Guns I want a Bang when I pull the trigger it may be the last chance you have-Just Say'en, Again Common man vs. Common sense-

MrMikejackie: Not about speed! It's about taking your time and making those shots counts. Great product! Spring turkey hunting in New York can get rainy and wet!

Simplemansnature: Sorry Dave, I misunderstood at 6:02. I see now, you had already fired the shot. But I thought you were speaking generally though. Sorry.

zombietinder: Nice vid Dave. Too bad those 209 primers are illegal to use when hunting in the State of Washington. Our primers must be exposed to the elements per state law - the next best option for us muzzle stuffers in WA is the musket cap, they work almost as well as the 209.

RamblinAround: Great video Dave...hadn't seen those before.

Johan Eliasson: I have no idea what you are alking about, but like it anyways!

Survive Without: great find

homeinthewhiteoaks: They make a 209 adapter for the old H&R Huntsman muzzleloaders also, the larger firing pins ignite the 209 just fine. Used a pair of them since the middle 80's. Untill the new stainless models came out 5-10 years ago and purchased a pair of them to semi-retire the old guns.

dk0403: I see lots of parts getting lost with cold fingers. Id rather loose a couple caps instead of an important part of my ignition system.

wildernessoutfitters: I never left-

agbrown111: Is there a way to lower the hammer with a live primer in the well and a cap on, or does the hammer have to stay a half rooster?

IMef: Nice, but I would have a jeweler put a swivel and chain so i wouldn’t lose the top part.

Poodle Shooter: Neat idea but i don't know if i'm sold on it yet. Seems like to much to lose, If you drop a cap not a big deal but you drop the firing pin thing your screwed.

waterchildtera: ive used those a few of my guns have them no flash at the hammer like a cap

Vx777infonet: Just wondering the cost ratio this primer cap vs. other? Also I see on site they say enclosed combustion no frags?! That seems a good point for those not wearing safety glasses, I try to wear sun or safety glass most all the time I even got yellow glasses on my dash right now for dark and storms, Metal & wood face and eyes is a good motivator to wear something as way of optics even if clear glass. I also add hearing protection, nothing like ringing 24/7 for months wondering if it will ever stop

TheGrayman1234: Cool. Very nice.

Tim Thomason: while i find that device ingenious, and it does have its uses.I think it might be a little too labor intensive compared to a standard cap ignition system. keep the vids coming.

jack morgan: Versatility can mean eating game or going home hungry.

wildernessoutfitters: How about it has been Winter until last weekend bro-Patience I have a full fishing series already and will be adding to it this year-

TheTrakker: Dave, Just found this video. Awesome set up! i have a CVA percussion .50 that I bought at a gun show a few years back. The #11 primers have not always been reliable for me. I'm going to go with this for this season and see how it goes. Many thanks for all you do for us! You and the family are always in our prayers bro! Take Care

michael baudinet: how much more time does it take you to load the round having to screw the top off and back on every time?

TheSupertwit: great video

masterplomo1: hi Dave greatings from México, do you make any fire arm? or improvise any fire arm? I look you make carttidges, sling bow etc but any fire arm?

olegrayheadedfart: That's EXATLY like my old shotgun! I would like to add, for waterproofing my rifle, works for shotgun as well, I put a balloon over the muzzle and drip wax from candle around percussion cap to water proof it, works great for me

whisperingdeath308: dave you have to screw it and unscrew it every time? Seems there has to be a better way!

wildernessoutfitters: Depends on what you call Common Man SB FL's are spendy

Maddawwg45: dave i also remember see a larger type percussion cap looked like a top hat but i cannot remember what number percussion caps there were but there hotter then #11 but not as hot as the 209's do u know to which im refering ?

Simplemansnature: Dave, that is a cool set up. Good to know that it is safe to have the hammer down on that system. Wonder if anyone has ever tried to make a closed ferrocerium spark ignition system, either for a muzzle loader, or for shotguns?

LearningAllWeCan: I agree seams like one more small item to have to be very careful to not lose and hard to use with cold hands, other than that great idea.

Jeff Gurney: Dave, I like the idea of having something that is more water proof for my percussion cap gun. Seems like a simple fix assuring that you will get a bang when you need one. Great information and thanks for sharing it with all of us.

brandon mitchell: a couple ideas for common man tools and historicle tools may be a small or medium brass telescope you could put in your haversack and a jeff white knife! the knives are on ebay for really cheap

camerl2009: cool but something very common man is with real BP plastic ring caps can be cut into singles and used they work ok frommy limited testing in my pinfire

cottonjeff: if the firing pin is pushed up do you have to walk around with your piece roostered ? it also looks easy to lose the firing pin part.

wildernessoutfitters: Size of the grains

Arthur Edwards: I have two muzzleloading shotguns. One is a H&R Huntsman inline like the rifle Dave reviewed a while back. The other is an Interarms Cape gun which is really a single shot English style percussion 12 ga, I found it on Gun and all in all that gun cost me almost 400 bucks. But I love it and it's sudden death for wingshooting with in 25 yards.

TacticalMedical: you actually did at 6:10 but i understand what you meant u just wasnt clear enough

Jørn Jacobsen: The antique 1893 Turkish Mauser is not limited to 8x57 as it can be re-barrelled with small ring Mauser barrels such as these examples, 6.5x55, 7x57, the rare .308 barrel that I have, and others. One can add a scope, a composite stock, and soon it bears no resemblance to it roots expect for the action, yet it would still be considered an antique.... However left in it's original configuration, the widely available 8x57 or 8mm round is excellent for anything up to elk.

akn7able: what are the diffrences between ffg,fffg rs, and p powder subs???

wildernessoutfitters: No more time really than a normal percussion cap

FUreplygirl: so now I would have to unscrew the cap and place the primers... which seems to be more difficult eg. with cold hands. Plus you run a high risk of losing the firing pin cap... I think I would still prefer the caps.

Converting Your Percussion Cap to 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark) 4.9 out of 5

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Converting Your Percussion Cap to 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark)
Converting Your Percussion Cap to 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark)
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Converting Your Percussion Cap to 209 SG Primer Ignition (Mag Spark)