Vibration Exercise - WholeBody Vibration Plate Fitness Video

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kirsty cunningham: got one coming next week cant wait to try it out :)

Vibration Exercise Machine Information: I thought the same thing before I was educated on how vibration exercise machines actually work. I recommend you read some research then actually get on one before you try to dismiss it. This technology is being used worldwide by top trainers, chiropractors, therapists, doctors and Professional sports teams including NFL, NBA, NHL and Olympic teams. There are over 1200 medical research reports on whole-body vibration for you to review when you have time. Go to pubmed (.com) and do a search.

karrah cathrina flores: Hi. What is Im only doing this every sunday, would it be still effective?

Gill H: Agree with exercise machine1. These machines work.

Vibration Exercise Machine Information: Once you get on one of these wholebody vibration machines you will get it right away. It is a really great workout that gets your heart pumping fast. Vibration has a lot of other positive effects on the body also like it builds bone density, raises your HGH levels and speeds up your metabolism, just to name a few. there are now over 1200 independant medical research reports on vibration exercise machines. You can get a link to them on the VibraSlim website under "Research".

Vibration Exercise Machine Information: Common misconception. The machines from the 60's were a band that went around your waist and shook your fat. That has no positive effect. Vibration Exercise machines work by using your body weight and vibrating from the ground up. The machine amplifies your body weight with the vibration motion and repeats the action up to 30 times a second. So your muscles are doing very small and very fast repetitions, which is why you do not need to do a 60 minute workout and it only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

glisten789: will this help me lose weight (like a 1 1/2 stone)

muttr: I think I just found my new fetish-if i could just get enough money to buy one

hawtjam: you have to be careful with your body posture while using it. Could be bad for your knees otherwise. other than that, I think it's useful but not the only exercising technique. at least for me :)

mc11kenna: Looks fun.

NicoleNicanyNicole: @ss333333ss Or just don't go to the higher settings. Our one goes too high, but you can feel it, and after 10 minutes it HURTS, so just don't go as high.

NicoleNicanyNicole: @ss333333ss Some of them, that are the cheaper, knock off vibrating platforms have settings that go too high and can have adverse affects on the joints and cartilage. Make sure you test any before you buy and look at reviews and recommendations online. If money isn't an issue, ask a physio or a local gym that has them what brand they use.

Vibration Exercise Machine Information: I have never heard of anything like that, in fact these machines are used for medical rehab after surgeries and even NFL players use them. There is tons of research reports all over the web. you can also go to - vibrationusa dott com and see some there.

K.K. Chui: i wonder if this machine will put too much pressure on the knee caps and cartilage may be worn out more quickly. Where can we find out more about the side effects of this vibrator?

Vibration Exercise Machine Information: You are correct. NO program will work unless you change your diet. If you eat bad foods and lots of calories you will stay the same. But if you do and use vibration exercise, you can lose up to 4 times as much fat as with regular exercise. You can read the report done on this by searching "Congress on Obesity vibration exercise". Very impressive results.

Imelda Jane: I work in an office, and we all chipped in to get one of these, use it on our breaks! Now I say it's good for toning, but seriously people if you are getting this to think you're gonna lose alot of weight don't bother, if that was this case we'd all be thin, we'd hope on this and lose loads of weight! Everyone knows how to lose weight, it's damn simple, eat more healthy, and a bit of exercise, it's getting your head around doing it, we're always looking for mircles, it ain't gonna happen!

Vibration Exercise Machine Information: Research has shown that doing more than 10 -15 minutes of Vibration Exercise is not more effective. I'm not sure about how many calories, it would depend on how hard you are working out and what exactly you are doing. More importantly Vibration fitness does a lot more than just burn calories, it speeds up metabolism, raises HGH levels, detoxifies the lymphatic system, tones and more. There is a great flash movie showing the results of a fat reduction study at "vibrationusa dott com"

sarah: how many calories does this burn every time u use it and why cant u go over 10-15 minutes?

Vibration Exercise Machine Information: Not at all. The vibration comes from your feet up so they will have no effect whatsoever.

T: can this be used wearing neoprene shorts? will that cause the body not to vibrate completely?

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Vibration Exercise - WholeBody Vibration Plate Fitness Video 5 out of 5

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Vibration Exercise - WholeBody Vibration Plate Fitness Video