How To Make Tony Stark Ironman Arc Reactor

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rahul chawla: Arc reactor is based on extremely advanced technology its not easy to make but it is possible 

Joona W Silomäki: Did I see a loudspeaker on that thing?

Martin H.: nike will be proud to have some free advertisment ;). Any Iron Man project is just awsome

Shubham Patel: From where you get that central part??? Give me full detail about it my friend?? please

rdloco: So how can i use that to fly? 

alan bowman: would you ever build one to sell

Kira Izuru: Tony was able to build this, a cave!!!

Raymond Yuen: Iron man...runs on batteries...

tummala manohara krishna: wow

ChengHan Wu: Not just any box of scraps... these scraps u are referring to are bombs and missiles... potentially kill u.... therefore he was risking his life to take apart scraps to make this.....

Hardcore Gaming: fake

2CoastCustoms: Beautiful rt bro!

josue4youbyU: Hi! oh mr. kamakani would you say me all the names of the materials please

jameserum: So will it power my armor?

BlackStarEOP: Awesome job!

ToothCakeClinic: Thats freaking badass..

Kamakani De Dely: Thanks. I did. I just didnt make a vid on it.

thundercomputer01: hahahahahahhahah nice one

Kamakani De Dely: bout 3 inches

mi95: I want to be you when I grow up.

cmillen118: what's the diameter?

Leon Kao: wicked

varuterrs: what's the name of this music man ???

Kyaa~!: Do you make these for sell?

Skating Vegies: so are you

rommel dwayne reodica: sir kamakani i would like to talk about this arc reactor pls email me at this or pls leave a email address so i can ask something

VinceCgto: This is way better :

Andrew Carroll: How much did all the bits and pieces cost? I'd love to spend some time making my own and use it as a desk lamp

Jatin Patel: How much

Dee Roy: and what not

otporan: big bang theory

Kamakani De Dely: Thanks everyone with the comments. I appreciate them all.

Donnie Moon: i live in garden grove if i pay you could you make me one that i can ware on my shirt?

TCBYEAHCUZ: In reality the iron man chest piece is just a copy from the tokomak fusion reactor that is being built right now in southern france except its the size of my house and costs 100 billion dollars to make using focused fusion techniques you can flow current directly from the fusion process and the only fuel you need is water.

porscheman998: Batteries? You mean it's not a real arc reactor? Ripoff.

jimmie steele: Can I have it

Kamakani De Dely: thanks

John Meador: What not

dan smith: and, now the suit...

Arunav Dey: Yeah bro. This ain't Tony.

spartanmc95: 5:33 the audio dude listen to it lol, its in the background

Danial Zulkifli: How do you wired the leds? Could you make a tutorial please! :)

Jacob Teel: how much for a wherable arc,and both hands +blueprint's? email me at when and if you do and i will email back my phonenumber so we can talk prices

lame video producer: nice. but i like the version that it can make electric it self

tochXboycer: 2 part is how to make a hole in our chest right?

xXAllRoundProXx: You can follow the in-site links under resources and that site has guides to creating the whole suit. Good Luck


sharkcoy: Where's the center led?

How to make Tony Stark Ironman Arc Reactor 4.7 out of 5

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How to make Tony Stark Ironman Arc Reactor