Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Legendary Black Rangers Mode Transformation 1 (1080p HD)

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Power Rangers (prsamuraicast): Customize your message

Erik Martinez Flores: Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Legendary Black Rangers Mode Transformat...: https://youtu.be/SnrtYIvvqJ4

Chaos_Knight: Anyone else hear the Tricerzord's cry from Dino Thunder at the end? Yes it is the wrong ranger, but it sure is nostalgic.

Pandhu Lakshana: T

klaux guzman: QwertyuyiiopaasdfghkllllllllopppppplllXcxzx cvbnmma£€¤€\¤~\

Bobo Magroto: Still don't get how Ninja's are water based aliens that show no ninja like themes while Pirates are Super Mega... what the hey, Saban?

Marvin Baxley: "And give 'em a black guy!"

Yellow RPM Ranger: Noah turns into Tommy yay !!!

JoKnightGaming: did yellow say " lets give them a black guy" its funny but raisist

Armando Uvalle: Np 

Brian Le: Annafrozen

Anonymously Person: Japanese forest, that's the Gokaiger footage.

Michel Lo Conte: 🍐.

Aditi Patel: Huzzah

Michel Lo Conte: Non 

ShadeSlayer1911: The voices remind me why I don't watch this season.

Manuel Orozco: I loved Tommy in black

TruOne2: "LEGENDARY african american RANGER MODE!" *Morpher doesn't work* *Didn't pay bill*

onisahman: Okay, while it's nice to include the all black rangers in the trio, too bad they didn't include the fight scene, even though this was from the Magiranger dedication episode from Gokaiger. Anyway, it would have been original if Red and Green got to change into MM Black and Black Overdrive Rangers.

shadowboy8456: Ironic thing about the female ranger morphing into RPM Black. in the Sentai of RPM (GO-Onger) the black ranger is acutally female

Deka Red: so...was that racist too?

Aa A: Fantastic video

J.R Ranger18: Black is cool

mister assas black: donde quedo el mmpr black ?

LCNighthawk: Black dino thunder! I can´t wait to see Tommy here :)

Josh Vitiello: Wow Emma really loves using RPM Black ranger morph.

Sri Charan: the best cartoon

TheGloryXros: This was cool...too bad we didnt get to see them actually fight w/ those powers, though...

Kashmir Blu: Anyone notice the Dino thunder morph had a black sabba in it like the white ranger or am I tripping 

Gear Shift: Everyone knows Black Ranger is the best Ranger. XD 

Paul Ferugheli: Black. Ranger. Mode. Engaged. And happy engagement day. breadwinner!

Black Dino Ranger: Wow, Noah tranforms into my ranger form. I wish I could hear him say "Dinothunder Power Up !!!". 

wallyson alves: da ora

Paul Lott: It's a bit of a handwave, but the reason why they can access all Ranger powers including ones from different times and universes is because the Morphing Grid persists across all time and space.

Anderson Duarte de Menezes: Gokaiger^^

Big Deano: Im starting to think that any and all mmpr and zeo suits are being deliberately left out in order to give them a special reveal later on, which I get completely (so gosei can say along the lines of "these powers were given to teenagers by zordon himself, and are true legendary powers"), but still would be nice to see them pop up at one point.

Paul Kauders: about time they used tommy

Hotshot Studios: And this episode they gave the baddies a black eye

Lindsey Senpai: I'm waiting for Legendary Pink Ranger mode XD

Paul Ferugheli: Legendary Ranger mode. Black. Asamenee...Google Black! Google Buh-lack! (henshins into black hero!) Osh-o joystick!

Nate Rivers: They did a roll call. I'll take it.

Dawnelldo2: Always bet on black. 

S.F. Yodamaster: First tommy morph of the season and it's the one I grew up with!!!!

Rex Shiba: Those 21 seconds they were just awesome.

john cena: There where never a black alien ranger

CADPgamer: Man the names of the rangers are such a mouthful. Why hasn't anyone thought up of simpler and/or shorter names for them? :V

Yellow RPM Ranger: So ok, they've done all red and black, I hope they do in other colors such as yellow, blue, etc....

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Legendary Black Rangers Mode Transformation 1 (1080p HD) 4.4 out of 5

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Legendary Black Rangers Mode Transformation 1 (1080p HD)