Straight Talk Data FIX

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Teresa Eldred: i cant get my android to cut on at all. i charged it like normal woke up no power. and when i tried to turn it on no power....I cant get any power. Help please

Nathan Richards: 0:33 "he had me crap down my phone"
(me too buddy, me too)

anyway, I had all the problems that you did, and ive been on the phone, yada yda...anyway i just turned my wifi off and then turned on airplane mode, than turned airplane mode off again. and now everything is back to normal. hope this helps aat least someone out there (i have an iphone 5)

Tammy Barnes: this is the second month in a row that my " unlimited data " has been shut down with no help from straight talk. I have been a loyal customer for years. I'm very frustrated. Is it time to find a new carrier. Any suggestions?

Xxchain LionXx: I've been having problems with my LG sunrise they said i should send it back and I should get an email from FED EX to. send it to them been about a week 6 days actually

Gonzalo Miranda: Tengo problemas se alacaído mi celular

Alex Mahone: why the freak do you have an iphone 3?

jacobcecelia: Straight talk used to be great...but's horrible.  The customer service is ridiculous, almost criminal.  My bank account was debited 10 days earlier than it was supposed to be by their mistake.  I even received a confirmation text from Straight talk confirming when my monthly fee would be debited, and it was still taken out 10 days earlier than it was supposed to.  I still have the message and offered to send them a screen shot, and they told me it wasn't their problem, and that they could not refund my money.  They said there must be an error in the system that caused it to debit earlier, but that it wasn't "their" fault the system had made an error.  The same "system" sent me an auto-generated reminder text with the correct date of withdraw, but it still came out of my account 10 days sooner. I spoke with every possible person I could, and was still told that it wasn't their problem and they didn't have the ability to refund, only debit.  I have had three phones completely malfunction after spending over an hour on the phone "trouble shooting."  I was given the same phone in return, (Samsung Galaxy 2) the first two times, but the third time they said I couldn't get that phone and was given a ZTE Merit, which is in no way comparable to what I had originally.  In order to receive a new phone, I had to send my broken one back first.  So, I was without a phone each time for at least 2 weeks, and my account was never credited for those days I had already paid for and didn't have a phone.  Now the "unlimited' data is not unlimited.  You need to change your settings every time you want to send or receive pictures messages, wait for it to connect to 3G then wait for the messages to download.  I didn't ever have to do that before with my Galaxy.  I questioned straight talk and they told me it wasn't a phone issue, that  its because I don't have unlimited data, and that's the only way for them to monitor my data is by turning off my WiFi. Well...why do you call it unlimited data then??  I've been enrolled in the same "unlimited" plan for over a year and now all of a sudden, it's not unlimited????Yes, the monthly payment is nice, but Im starting to think it's not worth it anymore.  Especially when you have to pay for the phone up front, and you can't guarantee you'll have it long enough before you have to buy a new one.   I am currently shopping around to other no contract phone carriers.  Don't waste your money!!!

j0nathanxl: Dont'r bother with STRAIGHT TALK. The customer service is the absolute WORST EVER. They can speak but do not understand English.

I had a person read verbatim a page apparently from his customer service book/screen FOUR TIMES! The page had absolutely noting to do with my problem. The sent an Android APN for my Iphone an my phone still doesn't work properly and they expect you to just pay for service you are not getting. TWO MONTHS and still cant send or receive a photo OR setup my outlook mail account. THEY WONT LAST LONG...!

Galen Mccallum: Using zte, my usage has been throttled 2 weeks into my month plan and I have not streamed more than a gig of data, im at a crawl and cannot watch videos because they take a few minutes to load the first percent of a 5 minute clip. Was hoping for a better description, why make a video on how to fix this problem with a vague desc???

girtha1: Can you send, receive Picts after remove home? Doing mms fixes and not working to let me send receive Picts on iPhone 4s straight talk AT&T network. Any ideas? I get internet

drewie8897: Straight talk now has a 2.5gb high speed data limit.

Darby ́s Shaved Ice Grill: Hey

Johnny OnTheSpot: If your using a iphone there's your problem right there.

BlackRebel4Life: Any advice for my LG optimus dynamic? My internet has not worked.

Paolo3346: Hi, I'm not spamming, would any of you be willing to check out my video I just posted? I think I discovered a new native way to get Cellular Data & MMS without jailbreaking or unlocking. It doesn't hurt to check it out! I'm looking for people to test it. It's a file that updates the CarrierBundle and I inputted the StraightTalk settings instead of AT&T settings so it should work. :)

MrBillybobsoutdoorz: unlimted should be unlimted

MrBillybobsoutdoorz: contact fox news new york...shameshameshame. this is false advertising they are targeting people who are trying to save money and ripping us off..

h sause: Straight talk really sux, just try looking at one video on youtube and they throttle you back to dial up speeds. I'm switching over to tmobile's $30 mo. unlimited data where they don't have all these restrictions and say you violated certain terms and conditions. If we all banded together we could put straight talk out of business!

Travis McGee: 651...thank you. You spoke for so many of us, she and Straight Talk are a bunch of bullcrap.

Straight Talk Data FIX 5 out of 5

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Straight Talk Data FIX
Straight Talk Data FIX
Straight talk iPhone Data Fix!
Straight talk iPhone Data Fix!
Straight talk data and mms fix on iphone 4s (AT&T iOS 7)
Straight talk data and mms fix on iphone 4s (AT&T iOS 7)
UPDATED FOR IPHONE 6 AND 6+ !! MMS and Data fix for Straight Talk for iPhone 6+/6/5S/5/4S/4
UPDATED FOR IPHONE 6 AND 6+ !! MMS and Data fix for Straight Talk for iPhone 6+/6/5S/5/4S/4
How to fix iPhone 5 straight talk data & MMS
How to fix iPhone 5 straight talk data & MMS

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Straight Talk Data FIX