Arctic Fox Hair Color Vs. Manic Panic Hair Dye Review

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orange juice: thank you for just getting straight to the video. you kept me interested and happy while watching. lots of youtubers have a very long into to videos like these.

Nadesha Alves: Does anyone know if phantom green will show on dark brown hair?

Wakara101: i have medium brown long thick hair. tried manic panic once. made my hair dark brown with a hint on purple in certain light at the roots. every day i would have to wash my neck because it would be purple. it got in the collar of all my clothing. it lasted a week before the hint of purple was gone. they have cute colors but i would never use again. waste of money because it takes 2 tubs and doesn't last long. i had better results with a drug store brand of bright red dye.

Delusia: Manic Panic has been around so long for a reason

Liz Is Trash: Because I have curly hair all I use is natural products, It's almost summer and I live in Florida, I am a natural blonde and I would like to try Arctic Fox I've dyed my hair before but not with this brand! How long do you think it will last?

Kates Decena: same here!!! when i got the package i can already smell the phantom green!

fortheloveof fish: I live in Florida and if you dont know it rains a lot. Any for sure bleed free products? or should I just wear darker shirts lol?

Ashley Curry: I agree with manic panic's bleeding. I currently have purple haze in my hair and every morning when I wake up I have to wipe the purple tint off of my face and forehead with a makeup wipe. I love the colors, but maybe I'll give Arctic fox a try next time :)

Rachel Lee: Omg your dog is adorable

hipretty: Manic panic never left traces anywhere on me, but what I did have was more saturation on one side like you are showing and quick fading. Is Arctic Fox Hair Color available at Sallys?

Kimmi: Did you use the Manic Panic Amplified Dye range? I have used the hot hot pink and haven't had any bleeding or colour transfer. I would be nervous to go out in the rain with it tho. lol.

SWEETHEART STACEY: I am 15 and want to dye em blue, much like the darkest shade of blue. would my hairs get any damage after dyeing

Fox Lover: Nahla is adorable and thx for the information im dying my hair today!!


JiminBTS_Trash: manic panic only stayed 1 week on my hair

SincerelyYoursKeri: Next time you use manic panic try bleaching your hair. The lady who did my hair purple for me told me that if you are dying your hair an unnatural color than it needs to be bleached so the color will take to it better.

xmissxandristx: When I used MP in high school, I always wrapped it in plastic and heated it a ton with a blow dryer. Then it would only bleed a little when I washed it, and not when I sweated, etc. And I am a super sweaty person. Perhaps the heat would seal it a little, kind of like how ironing or putting something in the drying after using Rit dye sets the dye.

PearlsBeforeSwine: I don't have that problem with Manic Panic staining my pillows or anything. it does come out in the shower though. I'm thinking of going back to a natural black color

jak4847: I used to have a problem with manic panic coming out on everything and I found that online they tell you how to seal in the color, it's something like a mixture of vinegar and water like 1:1 ratio I think it's on their website but it helped it to stop getting on me when I sweat and stuff,and helped the color stay in for almost a whole month longer, I also used to use like the whole jar of manic and now I just use enough to saturate my hair but I do it on already damp hair instead of completely dry. I buy mine from Sally beauty and they're about 9 dollars a jar but I recently found that Walmart sells them online for about 8 dollars a jar. I love the colors and it's my go to brand, i also really love how it conditions the hair, like after I put the dye in my hair it gets softer

Zoey Reip: I do competitive cheer, I dont think I'm buying manic panic

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Arctic Fox Hair Color vs. Manic Panic Hair Dye Review 5 out of 5

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Arctic Fox Hair Color vs. Manic Panic Hair Dye Review
Arctic Fox Hair Color vs. Manic Panic Hair Dye Review
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Arctic Fox Hair Color vs. Manic Panic Hair Dye Review