New Addition To SAR Family: The Colt 1908 Hammerless .25 Caliber

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SeibRazib1972: These are great guns... I recently acquired one, SN52,xxx. Makes the date it was made in 1911!! The thing was filthy, but a little clean up and light oil and it's GTG. Amazing how a little pistol that's over 100 years old still performs great. John Browning, genius. Funny thing about these little guys are the original magazine's are expensive, like $100+ expensive. The magazine's to look for are the "2 tone" ones. This is my new pocket pistol, even smaller than my Sig p938. Not as powerful, but it's all about shot placement right? Keep on buying guns people, and buy a gun for someone you love and care about. Train and use your head, and train some more!

Edmilso Fialho: gostei de mais. agora quero saber onde vende ?

Why Not Gordon?: did he say that glock did a dovetail safety?.... because im im pretty sure glocks have no external safety unless you count 3rd and 4th gen triggers...

JC545X39: I love that European style mag release for pocket guns. I wish Colt would make something like this again. I would buy it.

Jim Bailey: Sweet. Looking at one to buy that is a 1925 version and in pretty good condition. A little pitting on the left side, but not the right side, strange it would only be on one side. Love the way it comes apart. I will have to do that when I look at the gun again before buying. Any idea on the value of these guns? Thanks for the super video. :)

richerd cranium: if your going to shoot from fifteen feet why go with a two handed stance... you should shoot with one hand 

whitesites: Why does Colt Not make these anymore? Its a good looking gun.

NoctuámKnight: so short, yet so amazing

Georgia Dog man: Nice

veritasfiles: That's a great little gun, and I'm really glad you're gonna hold on to it. Something to pass on to your daughter. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing that with us Steve. Take care!

hoodstarx1: i noticed that the barrel looked weird aound the muzzle is that some sort of compensator?

Adrianne Hulvey: Reviewed a few vids on this weapon but yours was most accurate on disassemble and reassemble. Thank you!

MegaBeerwolf: Wear eyes and ears whenever shooting firearms. No exceptions.

BroPaul: No jams! -- Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Steve!

michael hector: @gagwee i shot a 44magnum with no war protection so y do you need it at all?

Harry Ruger-Six: It looked like you did the disassembly with the hammer roostered as your firing pin spring was all bound up and flew off the back of the receiver. I have one of these and did the same thing a few times before I found out you are suppose to take it down with the hammer in the un-roostered position which means of course pulling the trigger... after making sure the gun is unloaded. Your firing pin spring assembly will then slide of with the receiver with ease! Great Vid!

jcarloz1252: I know a pasen shop that is selling this gun for 250 but no magazine

alfonsocitynj: cainkane ill buy it drop me a line

Fredy Estevez: tks good video

RunsWitGuns: that is awesome

keskinler3455: Oh yeah

gunsnwater: @747pro come on 68 for brady??? you are an idiot. brady was shot blocking reagan from the chump who shot them both. brady was a huge gun collector but had to go along with his wife to the dark side or else she wouldnt wipe his butt or feed him. and that was the 80s gca68 was in response to jfk bobby and king and gca33 was thanks to bootleg gangsters in the 20s and the tommy guns they like to spray around.

Zac Miller: That's a nice piece. I have one with a July 31, 1917 patent date at the end of the list with a 292xxx serial #.

unbrkblctzn: Nice little pistol. Could really hear the trigger reset on your first round!

Fjs8854: I can pick up my 1880's Smith and Wesson and fire it no problem, would have no doubt on it to put my life on it.

1mrgasgas1: COOOOLLLL

TheRiggenbach: @hoodstarx1 no it's just fluted. kinda like some rifles

CPHannigan: Not for this gun. You'd need to be dressed in a nice pinstriped suit, clean cut, and look real classy for this gun's era.

JohnFGoforth: I guess a lot of people don't understand that when you have a 2 inch barrel it's a lot louder. Like a 22 Short is fairly quiet when you shoot it from a rifle, but put it in a pocket pistol, and it's a different story.

505ROLLIN: No serial numbers means it was used to put in work

mafiafreak101: those thing are so laud dude there is no way you could shoot that with out hearing protection

Ron Carpenter: About 5 years ago when i became interested in shooting, striker fired guns were the newest and hottest guns on the market. As I watched the breakdown of the vestpocket 25, it was amazing how much the fire control system looked like a new "striker" gun. Even more amazing is John Browning thought these ideas up for the first time in his imagination, drew them on paper, then went to the machine shop. Today, every semi auto I've seen is an improved Browning design, if you can improve perfection.

Draigan Wheeler: [X] Told [ ] Not Told

OMie Ginah: SARSILMAZ ****

isamtator: I wear ear protection for every caliber, except the .22 short rifle, it hardly makes any sound at all.

sirchewtrain: Yay range and table top review.... Gj bro!!!!

Fly'inbrian: I hope it wast cleaned with a wire brush.

Migs4000: The .25 automatic is surprisingly loud for it's small size. Everyone yells at me when I pop mine off and don't tell them to put on their hearing protection.

Drezin86: Cleaning? Isn't that a big no-no?

John Buynone: I have one exactly like it. It used to belong to my step grandmoth and she didn't take care of it. To get it in firing condition took a lot of work. Her son my stepdad died and now I have it. I'm thinking of selling it.

George Flowers: dat date on the gun jan 25 is my bday

RouletteTactical: Great video! Thumbs up for wearing Ear protection.

do0d42: i like how you decided to say that you don't use ear protection for a freakin .22 LR like its so loud, listen if the man wants to protect his hearing thats his decision, and who are you to call his choice ridiculous. Maybe you should think before you decide to call someone out on THEIR choice.

richardnoseknows: pants, for a .25 outside? i shot a taurus .500 s&w outside and didn't need any pants so why do you?

deairrius mcclain: is it powerful? y u was shoothing paper u could have shot bottels of water it would have been cool on vid

Tim Huffman: Your video was fantastic and so very informative! Thank you so much!

Ryder Westcoast: thats beautiful

MrRashBone: Nice piece. I have an Astra 200 "Firecat" that I got from my Grandad so I can kind of relate. Nice piece of history.

bigrob911: Thanks for sharing this pistol. I know it means alot to you( I know my grandfathers old guns mean the world to me. they will always have a place in my safe.)

forddipper: automatic colt pistol

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New addition to SAR Family: The Colt 1908 Hammerless .25 Caliber 4.8 out of 5

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New addition to SAR Family: The Colt 1908 Hammerless .25 Caliber
New addition to SAR Family: The Colt 1908 Hammerless .25 Caliber
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New addition to SAR Family: The Colt 1908 Hammerless .25 Caliber