Italian Vetterli Rifle 10.4mm

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Michael Fornasero: Great vid(s)! I just bought a 10mm Italian Vetterli Rifle 1883 - 10.35×47mmR and I'm wondering where I can buy the ammo for this beautiful gun? Any info would be appreciated. Are you making it?

Andreas191280: I have this Italian Vetterli rifle and the Swiss Vetterli. Why can I not use the same bullets in both? It works well in my Swiss, but the bolt will not close on the case in my Italian Vetterli.

WalnutCreekRifleClub: The 6.5 is more common than the original 10.4 mm. They may be fired using redued loads. Cast bullets are great.

BLOODTHORN13: I have a 1890 Tarino that has been changed to the 6.5

1233atm: i own one of these. a Vetterli 70/87/16 can you tell me how common these ones are?

WalnutCreekRifleClub: @petelafata I believe that Fiocchi of Italy makes the ammo, or you can buy brass from Buffalo Arms or Ballard Rifle Co. I make my own from 8mm Lebel cases. I use Hornady .430" diameter swaged lead bullets. I had the neck of the chamber modified by reaming it to allow using normal bullets rather than heel type, as it was originally used with. It is very accurate, giving goups under two inches at 100 yards off the bench with issue iron sights.

Pete Lafata: were can i purchase Italian Vetterli Model 1870/87/15 10.4mm ammo?

Avatar1154: @WalnutCreekRifleClub aha, thank you very much.

WalnutCreekRifleClub: @Avatar1154 The reason wads or filler are used is to keep the small powder charge close to the head of the case for good ignition. I have done so, but have have experienced case head separation, and no longer use filler or wads. I do however, raise the muzzle to allow gravity to settle the charge at the head. No problems and good results. These old rifles can be surprisingly accurate.

Avatar1154: aha, thank you. so you are using smokelless powder and some pieces of paper or cardboards or cotton to fill up the empty space between smokelles powder and bullets to prevent so called blowby effect? because smokelles powder takes less space than bp and there is the risk of blowby if there is some empty space in the cartrige?

WalnutCreekRifleClub: @Avatar1154 It is smokeless but it is a small charge, which doesn't develop enough pressure to even blow the case out to conform to the chamber. It clocks about 1000 fps.

Avatar1154: are you using smokeless powder??? it was designed for BP originally. is it safe to use smokeless one?

WalnutCreekRifleClub: @123nicefellow123 I don't know but I suppose it would be okay. More to the point, why bother? My experience with cast bullets has shown me that around 1000 fps gives great accuracy and is good for target shooting. Unless you want to hunt with it, then juice it up a bit.

123nicefellow123: Would 1800 fps be too much for vetterli 1870/87/15?

WalnutCreekRifleClub: @123nicefellow123 I have to load them one at a time into the mag, or one at a time to fire, and there aren't any charging animals, so I figure macht nichts.

123nicefellow123: Why don't you use the mag?

mugofdoom: He means the rifles converted to 6.5mm Carcano by the Italians in WW1, it isn't a good idea to fire those unless you can find extremely low power ammunition. Even then most wouldn't advise it. The 87 models that are chambered for 10.4mm are perfectly safe to fire.

WalnutCreekRifleClub: These rifles are perfectly safe to fire as long as the limits are respected. They were designed for black powder and smokeless loads must be kept on the gentle side. I use 17.0 grains of Alliant 2400 with Hornady 240 grain .430 diameter swaged lead bullets. They are pleasant to shoot and accurate.

JohnnyOfast: I've got the same rifle in outstanding condition. One of the online Rifle mags suggested not firing the 1870/87/15 something about barrels blowing apart.

WalnutCreekRifleClub: The cases are formed from 8mm Lebel, and trimmed to length. The chamber neck was reamed to permit using standard .430 diameter .44 caliber bullets.

Italian Vetterli Rifle 10.4mm 5 out of 5

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Italian Vetterli Rifle 10.4mm