Italian Vetterli Rifle 10.4mm

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Michael Fornasero: Great vid(s)! I just bought a 10mm Italian Vetterli Rifle 1883 - 10.35×47mmR and I'm wondering where I can buy the ammo for this beautiful gun? Any info would be appreciated. Are you making it?

Andreas191280: I have this Italian Vetterli rifle and the Swiss Vetterli. Why can I not use the same bullets in both? It works well in my Swiss, but the bolt will not close on the case in my Italian Vetterli.

BLOODTHORN13: I have a 1890 Tarino that has been changed to the 6.5

Pete Lafata: were can i purchase Italian Vetterli Model 1870/87/15 10.4mm ammo?

123nicefellow123: Would 1800 fps be too much for vetterli 1870/87/15?

123nicefellow123: Why don't you use the mag?

mugofdoom: He means the rifles converted to 6.5mm Carcano by the Italians in WW1, it isn't a good idea to fire those unless you can find extremely low power ammunition. Even then most wouldn't advise it. The 87 models that are chambered for 10.4mm are perfectly safe to fire.

JohnnyOfast: I've got the same rifle in outstanding condition. One of the online Rifle mags suggested not firing the 1870/87/15 something about barrels blowing apart.

Koletyn Kenney: Where do you get the ammo for that rifle.

jlund100 .John Lund: i feel sorry for u, u only got 70 veiws
Italian Vetterli Rifle 10.4mm 5 out of 5

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Italian Vetterli Rifle 10.4mm