Teak Trolling Motor Mount And Canoe Outriggers

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Robert Riddle: just dont get the outriggers

Puddle Jumper Fishing: Nice!!!

Overland Florida: Nice view of the Sunshine Skyway!

Florida Dad: Where in Florida are you folks at? I'm just about to move to Apollo Beach and am looking at doing the same thing. The Skyway shot in the background suggests we may be neighbors soon. Very slick set up you have there! Thank you for the inspiration.

UnlimitedGravityy: How did you make the outriggers?

fasignal: The seats are configured for one and two man use ,when only one man is in the canoe use the seat more to center but sit facing what you think is backwards

Fish Finder: Need to move the battery to the front

Alexander Gomez: Great Idea...

Charles Belville: Nice set up... i have this same boat. Have yet to take it out. I want to get a trolling motor and outriggers, but my question is do you have to register it with your state even though the motor is electric instead of combustion? I did see a florida sticker on the side. Not sure what that is for.

Gary Etheridge: That's so cool!

carlos 1: Where did you get engine from ?

Masi Toafili: looks like the skyway in the back ground..

South West Florida Aerial: lots of free time,,,,,, stupid

South West Florida Aerial: cant believe the lengths people go to, to make things work,,,, why not just buy the correct boat,?    ridiculous

chris mouchet: The lazy way... I like it

Tommy Boy: What brand of Canoe is it? Interesting out rigger setup? Here is my canoe powered by a trolling motor also https://sites.google.com/site/serenitysolarcanoe/

Goth Pop TV: The stern of your vessel is REALLY LOW!

Outdoorsman_78: Great idea. I think i will copy that mount. I like the out riggers as well. Great set up, might wanna move the battery up front to help with the weigh distribution. Well done!

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Teak Trolling Motor Mount and Canoe Outriggers 5 out of 5

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Perfect trolling motor for small boats, canoes, kayaks - Minn Kota Endura MAX 45
Kayak trolling motor with outriggers
Kayak trolling motor with outriggers
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Crane Creek Kayaks-canoe Styrigger
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Canoe Outrigger, Homemade
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Trolling motor canoe

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Teak Trolling Motor Mount and  Canoe Outriggers