Most Powerful Antenna!

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Neil Champagne: 'Most powerful antenna, but no hydro!'

My Apartment On Wheels: This guy is very crazy, he thinks he is a great scientist who invented nothing.

RatCatcher: Just a regular directional antenna pointed towards a broadcast area. Dont expect to receive much except TV and FM with that long rg6 and F type connectors.

Kenna Moore: I have the same tv

Kiko Arias: Rita gandera

Kiko Arias: Rita gandera

Hột Vịt Lộn: how can you say this the most powerful antenna?

Lyle douglas: Another loser in life

Giovanni Duran: Lol that TV tho 😂, was expecting HDTV this guy from the 50's nothing about high definition antennas what so ever...hmm nice try.

Silas Kuemmerle: hats off to old hardware, with modern antennas, I can get 0 channels

Tarek Br: I wish i could make more than one deslike, my pickle can take more than 12 channels. 

kuzumisama: Good God.  Didn't have any old bedsprings or toad guts?

Tomasina Covell: Crazy loon, non-tech idiot!  What's he doing with a dish and LNB for as passive antenna for his TeeWee and no Hydro?  LOL

James Varela: Most powerful TV Antenna is the Winegard 8200 series which has a range of 65 miles. All others claiming to have range of 150 miles are junk.

sonyman2112: 12 channels?Really!I ger 15 with a foamboard and aluminum foil paper antenna i got off youtube.And the thing is in my closet with the door closed

Venom101002: Maybe next time you make a video, you could turn the volume down on the tv.

TheMereanaEffect: Old people... always messing up technology...
My toilet paper roll can take more channels.

CMF Gaming (ChampagneGaming): What year is this guy living in? 1932? I was under the impression he was going to say that you could get cable TV signals with the antenna, but 12 local channels? Get the freak out of here!

Braulio E. Figueroa B.: GOOD

Larry M: most powerful antenna gives you 12 channels? GMAFB I live in a small Kansas town and get over 40 HD channels over the air.

Most Powerful Antenna! 5 out of 5

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Most Powerful Antenna!
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Most Powerful Antenna!