New York City Sour Diesel Marijuana Cannabis Seeds

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Rick Taylor: 32% THC

MANTECKA Yay: Brooklyn

Conan theBarbarian1: This guy is AWESOME! ..your channel ROcks..

DrownedCarcass88: puffin on some NYC diesel from my local collective! for a sativa-dominant stain this is some fire.

Rick Blair: need better line

jayden johnson: Hey brothas,i got available medical marijuana of several strain weather "indica or sativa" strains,both organic & hydro like blueberry yum yum, sour diesel,girl scout cookies,pineapple express,blue dream,afghan kush, alaskan thunderfreak,sour diesel,Alien Kush,etc..if u got interest then just text:(408) 634-7570 or with fast delivery. discrete delivery available with FedEX,USPS, UPS and EMS.Tracking numbers and reference available.

richard caldwell: Hello guys, I got available very strong and potent medical marijuana strains both organic and hydros like the girl scout cookies, purple kush, blue dream, sour diesel,pineapple express,banana kush etc..If u got interest just text:(408) 634-7570.Our packaging is very discrete,with very fast and express delivery avaialable with USPS,UPS,FedEX,EMS.Tracking numbers & references available.

ricky mills: Love my sour

marie lopez: We are efficient and reliable supplies of beautiful frosty light green nugs Medical marijuana, strong smell. large nugs a little fluffy long high OG Kush AK-47 Bubba kush Sour Diesel Blueberry Purple Haze Purple kush master kush blue berry kush Blue Dream Green Crack Whithe widow afghan kush and other flowers. Priority given to our purchasers.Send Email to ( ) and we will get back to you with all the requirement to buy our meds!!

ricky mills: Going to ny this weekend

Reagan Rodman: was-sup fellas, I bring to the table some of the best and top grade strains of medical marijuana like Blueberry yum yum,Blue god (for Cancerous patients),Blue dream etc.. as well as some very potent Pain,sex,diet,and anxiety pills. If u got interest, just text (408) 484-7128.I also got LSD available and at very affordable prices with Fast delivery.Discrete packaging,Express delivery available with UPS,FedEX,EMS.Track numbers and references available.

williams jerry: Hello to all my cancer patients and weed lovers check this out *White Widow.Purple Kush. Pride of Amsterdam.Snow White.Strawberry Cough. *Sour Kush... *Bubba Kush... *Purple Haze... *Russian kush... *Himalayan Gold.*O? G Kush..*Sour Diesel.AK-47 a.k.a Special-K.*Great White Shark.Bonana Kush.*White Widow X Northern Lights? #5.Bubblegum Kush.California Orange Bud.Purple Skunk:Sour Mist:*Super Haze:.White Russia:.White Widow.Jack Dream. Text (323) 431-8381 or

Cheerios11992: what were you thinking?

buster20010: Go back to your crack unless you have the same kind of garden he has then you can't duplicate what he is saying.

Ontario Hashish: lol ahahah ya right

Jose euro: lol

Jose euro: your channel is cool...

Slab Murphy: ECSD is not the same as the NYD

Slab Murphy: He has MS

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New York City Sour Diesel Marijuana Cannabis Seeds 5 out of 5

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New York City Sour Diesel Marijuana Cannabis Seeds