How To Open And Fix Asus Tablet

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Renee Leblanc: I need help on my tablet I have to mine screen open like 7 of them please help

Samurai Khan: I have a Asus Transformer T300 Chi & the wifi stopped working. Is it possible to replace the card? Are they plugin or soldered to the board - do you know? Thanx

pobanutd: How to do that on asus transformer tft101?? last time I fixed it by just pushing that video or something plug but now it seems that plug is fine and there is no display. Please help me. My exams starts after 4 days.

Knight Solaire: how about fixing a power port that only works while the cable is forced at an angle

Norene Olivares: there is some stuff caught underneath the screen. when u take it apart how do u remove the screen without breaking it?

megadeth22885: hey, i have a TF700T with a problem with the onboard storage where it cant boot the operating system, is there any kind of locking or security measures involved with the software and hardware or could i just buy a replacement motherboard and swap it in to fix it?

Rebekah A: Sadly didn't help mine, touch screen still isn't working... :(

MAHESH PATIL: asus tablet pc doesnot support sim

MAHESH PATIL: tablet doesnot read sim

bil Jeschke: Thanks a lot for this video.  My wife's stopped working after the cats got ahold of it, but the HDMI out worked and I saw that the touch screen was still working when connected to the TV.
I found the loose connection inside and pushed the cable back in place and the screen came back on.  She even let me flash a new 5.1 KatKiss ROM on it, and it works even better now.

frances stripling: I need to replace my USB plug cable in the TF700T. It will not keep the male plug in place, thus causing the data on my external hard drive to unplug during file usage.

Mayowa Olopade: Hi. Please can someone upload a video showing how to replace the digitizer on an ASUS Fonepad FEC170g dual sim....mine is cracked and the touchscreen doesn't work in some places. However the LCd underneath is fine. Asus wants to charge me more than half what I paid for the tablet to fix the screen. HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP PLSSSSSSS

Emma Twamley: Thank you for this video ❤️❤️❤️ You're an absolute star!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

magiczhen57: Ok, here's my problem. I opened the tablet, couldn't find the cable for the screen but somehow it got fixed. Close it again. Now mic doesn't work when I plug in my headphones. Only when I plug 'e-mail in. I swear I didn't touch anything else. What could have caused this?

pointlessCRAYtv: thank you! i dropped mine and the screen went black and i though it was done for good. Now it works again.

Cherish Grace: but mine is the memo asus pad and smaller than the one in the video. not the same. i dont know which one is the cable please help :(

Cherish Grace: wht if the cable is loose? because i dropped it again. please help

Chester Adonis Espiritusanto: EXCELLENTE , buenisimo, gracias

Patrick Krance: you are freakin awesome thank you so much for sharing this video

tigergal426: I got a question what happens when an asus tablet get a drop of water on it n doesnt turn on plus being frozen before the off thing happend??

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How to Open and Fix Asus Tablet 5 out of 5

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How to Open and Fix Asus Tablet
How to Open and Fix Asus Tablet
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How to Open and Fix Asus Tablet